March 2020 ESLT News
Remember to breathe. Drink water. Get some fresh air. Call and tell a family member or friend that you love them and are thinking of them.

Dear ESLT family and friends,

I hope this note finds you healthy and doing well, and that you are taking care of yourselves. Our world is changing in so many ways, and so quickly. And it seems like it's changing every few minutes.

And in other ways, things remain the same.

While we closed the ESLT office on Monday, we remain deeply committed to protecting this amazing region. Forever. For us, our kids, our grandkids and their grandkids, and of course for the wildlife that call this land home.

Until further notice, your ESLT staff is all working from home, learning how to stay connected through our computer screens and phones. You can still reach us via email and the office phone number, and we'll do our best to get back to you in a timely manner. Thank you for your patience and ongoing support - we're continuously adjusting to this dynamic situation, and doing our best to help our staff, board of directors, supporters, and community members stay safe while still trying to be connected.

We've cancelled our March events and will keep you updated about our April events. In the meantime, we're hoping to launch some fun and heartwarming online gatherings and webinars. Stay tuned!

We're talking through the challenges together. I think that's one of the biggest things for us to remember right now: we are in this together. And together, we will get through this. We are still here, still doing the important work of protecting land and open space. And we still hope to have some exciting news this summer to share.

Feel free to call or send notes of support, and we'll keep you posted on happenings here in the magical Eastern Sierra. For now, I hope that you can find some time in nature close to your home to replenish your soul and spirit. And remember to breathe...
With health and warmth,

Executive Director, ESLT

A Note About Our Events and COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Precautions

We've postponed our upcoming event A Taste of the Land with Ruth and Roger MacFarlane at Bleu Handcrafted Foods. We' ll keep you updated via email and on our website and social media about the status of future events.
Meanwhile, we're brainstorming exciting new virtual gatherings and resources to keep you and your family learning, entertained, and safe. Coming soon: stimulating live classes, nature scavenger hunts, pollinator garden activity books, new gardening resources, and more!

To protect the health and safety of our staff, board of directors, and community, our team is working remotely for the coming weeks. Our office will be closed to the public, but we will still be working to protect this incredible region. We wish everyone health and peace, and we welcome you to reach out anytime. R ead the full letter to our community here. 

Wildlife photographer Noppadol Paothong blew an Eastside audience away last month with his stunning images of greater sage-grouse. Check out his photography and read about this important, quirky bird.

Meet Bishop-based Barbwire Beef, owned by Barb Bartlett and made possible through your support of ESLT. Barb sources her beef from one of our protected places, Sinnamon Meadows, and delivers it to doors across the Eastside. Learn more and contact her today!
Thank you for being a part of the ESLT family. With the help of landowners, volunteers, members, and supporters like you, we're ensuring a bright future for the Eastern Sierra.

With care,
Kay, Amanda, Carissa, Heather, Kristen, Marie, Sara, Sus, and our Board of Directors