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The water lapped at my kayak, and was still enough to reflect the bright blue sky and puffy white clouds above. I was in one of my special places, taking some time on a summer weekend to soak in the peace of nature.
We've been busy getting ready for our upcoming Lands & Legacy Celebration and Sage-Grouse Stewardship Days that are just around the corner, and I knew that taking a bit of time to replenish my soul this last weekend was just what the doctor would, or should, order.
I returned home a bit sunburned, with tired arms, and so deeply happy. I hope that I can remember this feeling of peace, and take more time in nature no matter how busy things are.
I hope that you are filling up the last days of summer with fun and restorative outings. Have you visited any special places or embarked on fun outings lately? If so, feel free to reply to this email - we're always collecting Eastern Sierra stories and I'd love to hear yours!

Kay Ogden,  Executive Director
Friday, September 6 and Saturday, September 7, 9 a.m.  
Come help us and the Bureau of Land Management for two back-to-back Stewardship Days, as we team up to care for land where our Bi-State sage-grouse live. To volunteer or for more information, contact marie@eslt.org or 760-873-4554.  
Saturday, September 21, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.  
Come help us restore the health of our Sierra Nevada waterways! Join our local Stewardship Day in connection with this great statewide volunteer event. To volunteer or for more information, contact marie@eslt.org or 760-873-4554.  
We're Helping Bi-State Sage-Grouse. Join us!                             
© Tatiana Gettelman
Stewardship Manager Sara Kokkelenberg shares the projects we undertake to help this species.  This September, you can help.
Bi-State sage-grouse on the border of California and Nevada are a loved species in the Eastern Sierra.  But due to habitat loss, these birds are at risk of decline. 

Sage-grouse live on many of our conservation easements, and over the years, we've taken part in different stewardship projects to improve their habitat on the Eastside. These projects include... 
Growing, Growing, Gardens!                             
Let's check in on this year's beautiful pollinator gardens. They'll be certified this September!
Marie, our Education Coordinator and AmeriCorps Member, has been scheduling check-ups with local gardeners all summer long to help them through the certification process. 

She's been having a ton of fun, and she's seen it all! At one garden, she'll play with little kids as they splash around in an oversize bird bath. At another garden, she'll be encouraged to taste all kinds of onions and vegetables.

After seeing all these successful gardens, Marie has some new little tricks to help you beautify yours!
Biking with Butterflies                             
© Sara Dykman
This woman rode her bicycle 10,201 miles to follow butterfly migration. Here's what she found .
"The nuanced relationship between humans, butterflies, and our shared home kept testing my wildest imagination, kept leaving me overwhelmed. Dizzy. In love."

Updates From Our Community
Another Year of Service!
We're excited to announce that our stellar Education Coordinator and AmeriCorps Member Marie Ring will be serving for another year with us through the Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership Program!

Marie moved here from Maine and has fallen in love with the Eastern Sierra. She has grown immensely in her role here at ESLT, and we're so grateful that she'll continue to share her skills and joyful attitude with us and our community here on the Eastside.
The ESLT family is growing!
Get ready world, for a fearless young adventurer! Our past Communications Director, Marguerite Merritt, has a new family member.

"Welcome to the wide, wild world, Lily Katherine Marritt!! Born August 1, 2019. We are so blessed - and so completely in love." @Jacksonville, Oregon. 
-Marguerite and Josh.

Marguerite, we're thinking of you! May the coming months be full of joy for your family.


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