Eastern Sierra Land Trust   ◊   February 2019 E-Newsletter

Eastern Sierra Land Trust

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."     - Helen Keller

As we celebrated the close of 2018 and the beginning of a new year, we asked supporters: "Do you  believe?" I think that the resounding answer is "YES!" My email was filled with stories that  shared a common thread: a deep appreciation for the quiet and peace of  nature, and the practice of passing that appreciation on to someone you love.
As our world gets faster and noisier, the time we spend with those we care about and the time we spend in nature becomes more and more special.
That's just one of the reasons that we are working together to make sure there is land open for us - so that we can always surround ourselves with the sounds of nature. And these special lands are not just for us, but are also home to many magnificent animals and birds.
The job is big. And with you by our side, 2019 will be another stellar year for local conservation. We're working hard on several land projects that we're hoping to shepherd across the finish line. We have excursions planned for kids of all ages to get out on the land for fun, exploration and learning. And we continue to work with our partners here in the Eastern Sierra to protect water, land and homes for sage-grouse, mule deer and many more. Thank you for being a part of this work that is so important to all of us.
Please keep sharing your stories - they bring inspiration and hope! Together, we will make it happen. Together, we can do so much.
Here's to a new year of adventure, peace and solace.

With deep gratitude,
Kay Ogden,  Executive Director
Get out your calendars!
mule deer tour participants
We are planning a lot of fun outings this year, and we would love for you to join us. 
Whether you want to get your family outside for a day of stewardship on our beautiful Black Lake Preserve, or help your garden flourish at our pollinator workshop , we have something perfect in store for you. The 2019 calendar kicks off on March 2 nd with our Mule  Deer Migration Corridor Field Trip
Journeying with the Round Valley Mule Deer
The deer are now migrating to their summer range, and they face unique challenges along their way.

Each year, a mule deer doe teaches her fawns to make the long journey from their winter range on the valley floor to their summer range in the High Sierra meadows, and then back again in the cooler season. As they migrate, they face challenges like weather, wildfire and development, while navigating a narrow bottleneck in their migration corridor and a crossing of the busy Highway 395.

ESLT has worked with local landowners to protect 269 acres of private land in the Swall Meadows area to ensure a safer passage for the mule deer on their twice-a-year journey.
Meet who's new to ESLT
Welcome, Kristen Stipanov, our new 
Communications Coordinator
Kristen brings a background in journalism, photography, and nonprofit work to her new role at ESLT, along with an abiding love for the region. Kristen will be handling our communications, graphic design  and social media. Outside of the office, Kristen enjoys cycling, climbing, backpacking and mule-gazing.
Wanted: Your Winter Photos!
As the grandeur of this season unfolds, we are holding a contest to showcase your dramatic images of winter landscape.
Please share your images from this 2018-2019 season between now and March 12th by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram, or by emailing them to kristen@eslt.org. We will announce the winning three photographs in our next e-newsletter. Have fun, stay dry and enjoy the view!
Eastern Sierra Land Trust works with willing landowners to protect vital lands in the Eastern Sierra region for their scenic, agricultural, natural, recreational, historic, and watershed values.

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