CDC Core Intervention #6: CVC Reduction
It is a constant battle in every clinic nationwide, the pressure to reduce the number of CVCs. Remember this is a team effort the whole IDT should be involved in. Take dedicated time to discuss the clinic’s progress and barriers in your monthly QAPI meeting.

Organize your team with a visual tracking tool like the one provided by the National Forum of ESRD Networks:
The Grievance Process: What to Expect
The ESRD Network’s case review responsibilities include investigating and resolving grievances filed with the Network. We work with providers to understand the root cause of the grievance and implement a solution. The steps that lead to resolution may be simple and specific to the person submitting the grievance, or a need may exist for systemic change to correct the issue for the benefit of all patients within a dialysis facility.

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February Important Dates
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New Online Learning System
All project participants are now using the new online learning system to support their project success. If you are a project facility, you can view your monthly tasks for the year, kickoff recordings, project task calendar, resources and more!
Dialysis Now Streaming Live 
Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, a new law allows Home Dialysis patients after their first three months at home to be covered by Medicare when they communicate with their nephrologist via telehealth (an audio-visual internet link). For a summary of the new law, including a list of advantages and disadvantages, see .
Are You Hip to QIP?
CMS will base your 2020 reimbursement on data collected in 2018. The Preview Period to look at your data comes up once a year in late summer. Be prepared and know on what you will be measured:  Standardized Readmission Ratio (SRR) .

Your facility wants a low rate of unplanned hospital admissions that occur within 30 days of the previous discharge. CMS excludes facilities with fewer than 11 hospital discharges in 2018 from this measure.

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Appointment with Data Team
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