May 2019
Need to Know: Changes in Facility Personnel
When your facility has staff join or leave your team, be sure to notify the Network so we know who to reach out to at the facility for important information including: emergency preparedness, new resources for facilities and patients, upcoming events and deadlines, MAH password changes, CROWNWeb cleanup, and other outreach efforts. You can find the Facility Personnel Update Form button on our website .
Network 18 Quality Conference, July 15 – Registration Coming Soon!
HealthInsight and Qualis Health are now Comagine Health
Qualis Health and HealthInsight have merged into one organization. We are now Comagine Health. Your ESRD Network staff is the same. You can learn more about our name change at .
CDC Core Intervention #4: Staff Education

 Save some time and have your staff watch this video from the CDC for staff training and competency. The CDC also provides free CEUs through the CDC Train site at

Preventing Bloodstream Infections in Outpatient Hemodialysis video:

Access to Care
The Network’s responsibilities include investigating and resolving grievances filed with the Network, and addressing access to care cases. CMS views the investigation and resolution as an opportunity to focus on meeting the needs of ESRD patients, as well as an opportunity to create change by listening to and learning from the patient and/or care partner perspective. Additionally, the Conditions for Coverage require that both the Network and the State Survey Agency be notified of involuntary discharges and transfers. Contact with the Network should occur for any situation where the patient is considered ‘at risk’ for involuntary discharge.

Involuntary Discharge Guidance, including Medical Director Responsibilities for Managing Involuntary Discharges, is located here:
Are You Hip to QIP?
CMS will base your reimbursement for 2020 on data collected in 2018. The 2019 Preview Period to look at your data comes up once a year in late summer. Be prepared and know what you will be measured on. Ultrafiltration Reporting Measure: CMS is tracking reporting of ultrafiltration elements in CROWNWeb (Kt/V, pre/post-weights, minutes of dialysis, and number of sessions). They exclude clinics open on/after 7/1/2018 and those with a census <11. They include ESRD patients >18 receiving ICHD. The formula for calculating UFR is: UFR = [(((Δ wt kg) *1000)/ (delivered time/60))/post wt kg].

Appointment with Data Team
Want one-on-one CROWNWeb phone support from the Network?

Upcoming Events!
P lease visit our website Events Calendar for up-to-date information on kidney-related events happening in our community.

Know of an event that we don't have listed? Please let us know and we will get that posted right away.
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