August 2019
Quality Improvement
CDC Core Intervention #1: Using NHSN
Surveillance and monitoring of infections using NHSN can be time-consuming if your SAMS User isn’t prepared. Have your facility’s SAMS user refresh their annual NHSN competency. Attest to the Network once you’re done and claim your free CEUs!

Are you Hip to QIP?
CMS will base your reimbursement for 2020 on data collected in 2018. The Preview Period for reviewing your potential deduction closed on Friday August 23. One of the measures on QIP is the Standardized Infection Ratio (SIR) of Bloodstream Infections (BSI) – CMS is tracking your BSI rates. This is measured by dividing the number of new positive blood culture events based on blood cultures drawn as an outpatient or within 1 calendar day after a hospital admission by the expected number of infections in maintenance in-center hemodialysis patients treated in the outpatient hemodialysis unit on the first 2 working days of the month.  The Network can help with your questions about QIP.
Patient Services
Staff to Patient Communication
Did you know that the number one reason patients and care partners call the Network to file a grievance is to report concerns with staff professionalism and poor communication skills? Working with individuals with chronic illness can often times be challenging, but ensuring that we as the care providers remain compassionate, kind and professional is of the utmost importance. Be aware of your tone and your body language. Think before you speak and avoid conflict by always coming from a solution focused perspective.

Here is a great resource from our friends at the Renal Support Network that can help you improve how you work with your patients:  

Patient Newsletters
Please visit our website to download and share the latest version of our Patient Newsletter with the patients and care partners in your clinic.
Question: I need to make a correction on a submitted 2728 or 2746, what do I do?
Answer: The Help Desk, not the Network, can assist you with making the correction: 1-866-288-8912 QNETSupport-ESRD.Resource@HCQIS.ORG

Facility Contact Information
Maintaining accurate facility information is crucial when it comes time for the Network to select facilities for Quality Improvement Activities (QIAs).
  • Facilities that do not have correct information about their CMS-certified services listed in CROWNWeb could end up on QIAs in which they could not make any progress.
  • Staff who are no longer at the facility may continue to receive your facility-specific AND patient-specific information if the Network is not notified to remove them as a contact.
  • Similarly, new facility staff members will not receive any important and time-sensitive emails from the Network if we are not aware of them being added to your team.
Be sure to submit all Facility and Personnel Updates to your Network as soon as possible so that the communication between ESRD Network and facility continues uninterrupted.

Want one-on-one CROWNWeb phone support from the Network?

Emergency Preparedness
Interruption in Service
Please notify the Network anytime you have an interruption in service using this form:
Make sure to let us know if you need any assistance.  

New Resource
The Kidney Community Emergency Response Coalition (KCER) is pleased to announce its new resource, Emergency Disconnect Procedure for In-Center Hemodialysis Patients.

The one-page instruction sheet shows in-center hemodialysis patients how to disconnect from dialysis during an emergency situation in three steps.  We encourage you to use this tool to help educate your patients about emergency procedures and to have it available chair side as a guide should an actual emergency occur.

KCER Newsletter
We would also like to encourage you to sign up for the KCER Newsletter. To do so please visit the KCER website:
Changes in Facility Personnel
When your facility has staff join or leave your team, be sure to notify the Network so we know who to reach out to at the facility for important information including: emergency preparedness, new resources for facilities and patients, upcoming events and deadlines, MAH password changes, CROWNWeb cleanup, and other outreach efforts.
Upcoming Events!
Please visit our website Events Calendar for up-to-date information on kidney-related events happening in our community.

Know of an event that we don't have listed? Please let us know and we will get that posted right away.
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