March Patient Education: Treatment Options
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Erin Baumann, LMSW
Patient Services Director
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Danielle Andrews, M PH
Community Outreach Coordinator 
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New Resources:

March  2019
Dear All Network 2 SMEs and PAC Members, 
Thank you for volunteering to be Network 2's SMEs or a PAC Member, you all make our community outreach possible. In this e-mail we would like to share with you all, resources explaining all of the dialysis treatment options.  Please go through each resource and share it with your ESRD peers and caregivers.
  • Kidney Failure: What are my treatment choices?: provides patients with a brief overview of all available dialysis treatment options.
  • Is Home Dialysis Right for you?: gives patients an in-depth analysis of Home-Dialysis, the different types and the different treatment time frames.  As well as a glossary, and frequently asked questions.
  • Do You Know All of Your Treatment Options? Peritoneal Dialysisa discussion of peritoneal dialysis, and a list of questions to consider in determining whether PD is a viable treatment option.
  • Is a kidney transplant right for me? Your guide to the transplant process:  provides patients with in-depth information about receiving a kidney transplant. It explicitly explains the things they should expect before making treatment decisions. 
The resources are available in the left column under New Resources. Please review them and share them with your ESRD peers as you deem appropriate. 


Danielle Andrews
Community Outreach Coordinator