February 14, 2021
Best Week Ever
Broadway Bar and Grill
is definitely having the
Best Week Ever
after seeing the new door installment that Campbell Wood Designs did for them this week!
Beautiful work!
Word on the Street
Evelyn Cowsert at the Mill Inn Restaurant downtown wants everyone to know that they're going to start closing at 2:00pm everyday, including weekends.
New Hours: 6AM-2PM
Open everyday but Tuesday's
Downtown • 10 Hwy & KC Ave.
ESSD 2021-22 Calendar
The calendar for the 2021-2022 has been released from the school district.

ES Hospital Newsletter
The Excelsior Springs Hospital released their February newsletter this week that includes a State of the Hospital from CEO Kristen DeHart.

Weekly Updates from the City Manager
For some time Molly McGovern, our City Manager, has been providing updates through a weekly newsletter!

This week's issue mentions
COVID vaccines, new Fire Chief, council agenda, and ES Community Center update.

Caption Contest
Congrats to
Kathy Twitchell
for being this week's Caption Contest winners with the following caption for this picture:

"Maybe if I drink another one I will see what the refs were calling!"

Winners get a free drink from
The Mug Coffeehouse!

You can play every Tuesday at 8:00am in the Excelsior Springs Area News, Events, and Daily Deals Facebook Group!

Weekly Survey Results
Photo taken by Kevin Morgan
Excelsior Newsletter Archives
Happy Valentine's Day, Excelsior Springs! Stay Warm!