Isn't it time to have a simple eye?
This Brooklyn sale got over 500 visitors in one day!
Estate Liquidations
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...( aka: OMG! We have to get rid of this stuff at a good price)

Karen & Albert can help.

We will give you an honest assessment of the best method to sell your treasures.
Our hour long (or more) consultation will give you:   

1) A true sense of the worth of your treasures in the market;

2) The best vehicle or combination of vehicles for liquidating your house contents;  

3) A blueprint to use if you want to go it alone (heaven forbid!) over a long period of time.
We conduct tag sales yard and garage sales and, of course, estate sales!

We maintain an list of over 500 clients who are actively searching for antique and vintage items just like yours. And we will connect those active searchers with you and your treasures...
and voilá! Another satisfied seller and buyer.

Call or email us to schedule your 
in depth consultation 
begin your adventure to liquidate, simplify and prioritize your future!
Karen & Albert / way beyond vintage

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Surpassing expectations with a giving heart...

Karen & Albert / way beyond vintage has been in business for over 30 years. We are a husband and wife team that loves and lives a vintage/design/artistic life. Call us for a consultation! You'll be glad you did.  OR  (516) 728-7504