ETFO ELHT COVID-19 Update #2 - May 8, 2020

Dear ETFO ELHT Plan Members,

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, the ETFO Employee Life and Health Trust (ELHT) continues to work closely with OTIP, our plan administrator, to make proactive and responsible decisions that are grounded in care for our members and the long-term sustainability of our benefits plan.

OTIP Benefits Services continues to provide member assistance from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the majority of OTIP staff working from home.

We understand the COVID-19 pandemic is creating uncertainty and challenges for some of our members. As always - and especially during these difficult times - our plan members are our top priority.

Supporting our members
The ETFO ELHT has responded to some of these challenges by supporting plan members in the following ways:
  • Temporarily turning off the limit on the number of pharmacy dispensing fees per 12- month period for maintenance medication to ensure members continue to have access to the medications they need without incurring the full cost of the additional dispensing fees during this time. For more info about this temporary change to dispensing fees, click here.
  • Making exceptions to allow for the completion of procedures that could not be completed due to the withdrawal of services by various practitioners (e.g. dental procedures previously scheduled or started by members prior to retiring June 30, eligible LTOs, Overage Dependants/ OADs turning 21 or 25). For more info about cancelled appointments, visit the FAQs.
  • Educating members on the list of virtual practitioner appointments that continue to be accepted for coverage under the plan.

Please contact OTIP Benefits Services at 1-866-783-6847 if you have any questions about claims, coverage or enrolment.

Information on COVID-19 and coverage
The ETFO ELHT and OTIP have compiled information to help keep members informed. We thank you for your continued support and understanding during this uncertain time.

Please visit for up-to-date information on common questions related to coverage provided by the ETFO ELHT Benefits Plan and COVID-19. In addition, this communication was posted in the News section of the ETFO ELHT website on May 7th, along with FAQs related to COVID-19.  

All questions regarding coverage, enrolment, and claims should be directed to OTIP at 1-866-783-6847. Questions about this notice can be directed to the ETFO ELHT Benefits Coordinator at .

Stay healthy and safe.
ETFO ELHT Board of Trustees

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