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January 12, 2022
ETFO and Teacher unions demand safe reopening of schools

This week, the Ford government left ETFO and teacher unions to hear about the planned return to in-person learning on social media without consultation with ETFO, ETFO issued a media release in response saying: The lack of direct confirmation is both disheartening and troubling, especially since ETFO members have been on the front lines throughout the pandemic, and have valid concerns about their safety and that of students.

You can read the press release here.

A joint statement from ETFO and Teacher unions followed, noting that the Ford government’s series of belated half-measures and unfulfilled promises jeopardize the ability for schools to reopen and stay open, especially as the Omicron variant continues to pose significant risks to our communities.

You can read the joint statement here.
SAPP Update 
ETFO has had success with our lobbying efforts on the requirement to complete the Ontario College of Teachers Sexual Abuse and Prevention Program. The government has now confirmed the following news: 
  1. That they have filed for a regulatory amendment to extend the deadline for completion of the Sexual Abuse Prevention Program until September 15, 2022. 
  2. That the Ministry intends to provide half of a Ministry Professional Development day prior to the start of 2022 school year to allow time for the Sexual Abuse Prevention Program training for permanent and Long Term Occasional staff. 
  3. That the Ministry is preparing a memo to the sector to address the issue of the Professional Development days and it will include this directive to school boards. 
The government recently confirmed that the Sexual Abuse Prevention Program training is not “mandatory” for existing members and will not result in decertification. For current members who do not complete the training, a notation of incomplete will be made by the College but they will continue to be identified as a member “in good standing.” 
Only new applicants to the Ontario College of Teachers after January 1 will be required to complete the training. 
ETFO expects to hear more information about this requirement from the College of Early Childhood Educators in the very near future and will share this as it becomes available. 
How to Talk about Public Education as an Election Issue 

ETFO members know that the results of the June 2022 provincial election will affect their work in public education.

Electing a government that values public education and works to build better schools is essential for students, families, and ETFO members. It can be challenging to have conversations about what’s needed in our public schools, so ETFO has put together a Tip Sheet to help you hold effective conversations with friends, family, and colleagues about what is needed to ensure a strong public education system in Ontario. 

Download the PDF of the Tip Sheet here, or download the word document here. To watch the video on effective conversations click here.

Check the ETFO Ontario Provincial election resource page regularly for new Tip Sheets, Fact Sheets, and videos. 

In this month’s COVID-19 FAQ, you will find information on: health and safety; remote learning; virtual classroom expectations; assessment and reporting; health and safety inspections; and federal benefits.   

Read the newest FAQ here
ETFO Awards 2021-2022 

The ETFO 2021-2022 Awards deadline is quickly approaching!  
Nomination deadline for ETFO Awards is February 1.  

Please visit for the full listing of all ETFO awards.  For more information, please contact Sonia Ellis-Seguin
Violence in Schools? Report it!
Violence in schools continues to be a concern for ETFO members. When you experience violence at work – a threat, an attempt, or actual workplace violence – you are required to report it.
Many experience “reporting fatigue,” and some have been discouraged from making reports. Remember that when you report, you are providing the information your Joint and Health and Safety Committee needs to advocate for a safer workplace for all.
To help understand what the reporting requirements are for an incident, use this flowchart.
2021-2022 Climate Change & Education Survey is extended to February 11

Calling all educators, parents, students and members of the general public: Learning for a Sustainable Future needs to hear your voice on the importance of climate change education in Canada!
Learning for a Sustainable Future has launched a nationwide survey to assess Canadians’ perceptions and understanding of climate change and how the education system should respond. The survey will take about 15-20 minutes to complete and your answers will remain confidential and anonymous. The results will be used to develop recommendations to governments, school districts and educators to help Canadian youth address climate change. The 2021-2022 survey is being conducted with support from Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Canadian Teachers’ FederationLeger, the largest Canadian owned market research company, is providing data collection and analysis.
You can access the survey here.
Addressing Antisemitism

Part of ETFO's mission is to be a positive influence for change at a societal level. An important way we can do that is by learning, sharing, and educating to stop all forms of hate, including antisemitism.

Antisemitism can take many forms, ranging from individual acts of discrimination, physical violence, vandalism, and hatred to more organized and systematic efforts to destroy entire communities and genocide. This longstanding form of creed-based prejudice and discrimination continues in Ontario today. 

Resources to help you address and eliminate antisemitism are available on  
Professional Learning Events
ETFO Intermediate Conference 2022

Reimagine the Intermediate Grades – How to Create a Learning Culture with Adolescents
The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario is hosting the 2022 Reimagine the Intermediate Grades Conference. The overarching theme for the conference is meant to recognize the diverse nature and needs of our intermediate students and Teachers while supporting them during these challenging times.

This virtual event will be held February 25 and 26, 2022 on Zoom.
Download the flyer for more details.
The registration deadline is January 17, 2022 at 5 p.m.

Register here.
Become a Women in Action Facilitator
Are you interested in supporting women to engage in a leadership journey? Have experience with adult facilitation and want to join the Women in Action facilitator team?

Apply to be a member facilitator with this ETFO women’s program. 

To select women identified members, the Selection Committee will review application responses and consider equity representation.

 Applications are due on February 1, 2022. 

Apply here.  
Engaging Learners Through Trauma
Informed Practice

ETFO invites women members to register for a one-day professional learning opportunity led by Right To Play. This virtual session will explore trauma-informed practices and experiential play-based learning to support educators in their instructional practice.

Registration has been extended to January 14, 2022.

Download the flyer for more details.
Member Services
Teacher Long Term Disability Plan Information Update:
2022 Rates will be held for the Long Term Disability benefits offered by the Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan 

 The ETFO Long Term Disability renewal rate for teachers will remain the same as of March 01, 2022. There will be no contribution increase required for 2022 year and there are no plan changes being made to the Long Term Disability benefit. 
Does my home insurance cover items in storage? 

Whether you’re in the middle of a move, downsizing, hanging on to a loved one’s belongings, or just looking to free up some space at home, you might find yourself storing items in an offsite storage unit. Whatever the reason, the items you’ve chosen to store are likely important to you. That’s why it’s equally important to know that your precious belongings have the proper coverage to repair or replace them if they were damaged or stolen while in storage. 
Read more
Educator Blogs

  • In The Unspecified Parts of a Lesson Plan, Melissa Turnbull wonders what would happen to her planning and teaching if she added notes into my plans like “remind students they are important” or “remind students to be safe this weekend.” 

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