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This afternoon, while walking the dog, I saw rain change to our first potentially significant snow fall! I sense the first “real” snow is just around the corner. The temptation with cold temperatures and several inches of snow on the ground is to stay indoors until Memorial Day! Hark! Something else is just around the corner but this doesn’t make us want to stay indoors by ourselves. We are called to leave the warmth of our homes and gather in the warmth of Christ’s love as a community. The season of Advent is just around the corner.
Advent marks the beginning of a new church year. Advent is a time of preparation as we await the coming of the Christ child.
Outside the temperatures drop and the snow falls. Inside the church we hear the stories of Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, and Zechariah and we sing hymns of preparation and celebration of the coming birth. Everywhere we go we see brightly colored lights and hear the traditional carols celebrating the birth of Jesus.
Outside the church we are told to consume, purchase, and hand over all our credit cards. Inside the church we are told of the coming of the One who will bring the presence of God in a way we have never imagined, who will love us beyond our ability to imagine.
Outside the church we push and shove frantically trying to get to the best sales, trying to be first in line for Black Friday that now starts some time around Halloween. Inside the church we wait while messengers prepare the way of the Lord so that we may receive the greatest gift of all.
Outside the church we look for the best product at the lowest cost. Inside the church we celebrate the coming of the ultimate gift of love embodied in a tiny infant born in a small town to a poor couple who, later in life, will pay the highest price for us.
Outside the church we redeem coupons for trinkets. Inside the church our loving Creator redeems our lives.
As the temperature drops and the snow banks climb high, where would you rather be?
Peace and Grace,
Notes From the Music Corner . .  .
KUDOOS go out to two young people this month. First, congratulations to McKayla Mertz who was awarded the 2020 Jeris Waldvogel scholarship on November 14. She was brave enough to ‘dust off’ her bell ringing experiences from elementary school to volunteer to ring with Ebenezer Brass that day. It was a rather bittersweet event as it was the first presentation with Don Waldvogel missing, however, Connie (his widow) had prayed for some intervention from him. Low and behold, someone sitting near Connie discovered a program from Don’s memorial service in a hymnal, so Don was ‘present’! Karen Cmejla gave a brief history of Ebenezer Brass and made the heartfelt presentation. It was very special to have Jeris’ daughter, Amy present to add her congratulations. McKayla is the daughter of Gary and Terri Jo Mertz. At present she is attending Fox Valley Tech.

The second commendation goes to Claudia Brown who has been selected to ring with the National Honors Handbell Ensemble in Orlando, FL. Claudia auditioned for this group and was selected to ring in 2019. This year is very special for her to be among 30 chosen teenage ringers from all over the United States to perform on Sunday, November 28 at Epcot Center to celebrate Disney World’s 50th anniversary. The group will have 3 days of intense rehearsals using 7 octaves (Ebenezer Brass has 4 octaves!) of handbells and 6 octaves of chimes. Ebenezer Brass usually plays level 1 or 2 music, possibly stretching to 3. The Honors Ensemble is playing mainly level 4 and 5 – very challenging!  The Ensemble is under the direction of Kevin McChesney, known around the world for composing, arranging, and directing bell music. Thank you to Karen Cmejla for being a staunch mentor for Claudia throughout her bell ringing.

Karen, Claudia, and Ann Arbuckle (formerly rang with Ebenezer Brass) are ringing with Silver Lake Music Conservatory Handbell Ensemble under the direction of Sandra Eithun. Sandra is a highly respected musician, bell composer, arranger, and director from this area. They will be performing at the Silver Lake Conservatory on December 5 at 2 PM. You certainly may want to take in this amazing performance!

In the November Eagle it was printed that Ebenezer Brass was tentatively planning a Christmas concert for December 12th. Due to uncertainty and available practice times for ringers the afternoon concert was dropped, however, the bells will have much to offer during the regular worship on December 12th. We look forward to applauding and appreciating all their hard work and hours of practice on December 12th

Comments on the back of the November 14 bulletin shed light on Hannah bursting into song when she found she was to have a son, Samuel (1 Samuel 2). Her song inspired Mary, the mother of Jesus, to burst into a song of hope (Luke 1:46-55). This brings us to the topic of music during Advent. There is always a desire to sing familiar Christmas songs as soon as Advent begins, however, it is vital to go through this period to prepare and anticipate the blessed event of Jesus birth. It is important to absorb the texts of the Advent songs as a way of preparing our hearts and minds for all the joys of the Christmas season and music.

For several months, the council put out a plea to organize a chancel choir which would have been wonderful. While that did not come to be, the entire congregation is to be congratulated for joyously singing the hymns. Just keep making a joyful noise and sing praises to the God of Glory!
A Special Thank You From Pastor....
Thank you to the Church Councils for their actions seeing us through the COVID-19 crises. It has been a difficult time to serve. They have had to make many significant decisions concerning closing church, re-opening church, when to wear masks, and when to resume singing. Their courage and wisdom, brought about through prayer and study, have helped keep our congregations safe.
Thank You,
Member Envelope Information
There have been some questions about the delay in getting new offering envelopes after you have used the last from your previous batch. Let me try to explain the process. As our offerings are counted and deposited at the bank, the envelopes those offerings came in are forwarded to Nikki in the office. She uses the information on the envelope to credit each members’ account for their giving statements. Pre-COVID our tellers would make a weekly deposit, but since the number of people attending in-person worship has been reduced, so have the offering envelopes turned in each week, and therefore, the tellers have changed to a once-a-month deposit schedule. That means that Nikki is handling the envelopes only once each month and this has, perhaps, created a gap in time before your new ones appear. We are sorry if this has caused any inconvenience, but we want you to know that if you give Nikki a call or leave a note for her in the office, she will be more than happy to print your new envelopes as you need them.

Jeris Waldvogel Scholarship Makes the News
A special side note from Connie Waldvogel: When Kari Meyers opened her Hymnal, to sing the first hymn, there was the "Bulletin" from Don's memorial service SIX MONTHS AGO! On the way to worship service, I had 'asked' my husband to 'show me a sign', he'd be there, for Jeris' Scholarship winner.  Kari was sitting in same pew as me, and handed the "Bulletin" to me...to share with other Church family. It was a true 'miracle', indeed:) This is so much like Don, and how he would 'show me such a special sign'...his "Spirit" is with me 24/7.
EUCC Ushering Schedule
Below is the upcoming ushering schedule; please note that the church office does not find a replacement, but we are happy to help you get in contact with possible subs! Please let the office know when any changes are made.

December 5: Council
December 12: Mark
December 19: Kelly
December 24: Council
December 25: Shirley

January 2: Council

For questions on ushering duties please click here.
Reader Schedule
Below is the upcoming reader schedule for this month. If you have any conflicts, please let Pastor know right away.

December 5: Aiden
December 12: Carson
December 19: Christmas Program
December 24: Pastor Mike
December 25: Pastor Mike

January 2: Caleb
Attendance Safety
The Church Council would like people to remember that we want to see them in church but we need everyone to be mindful of safety for themselves and the safety of others. The Council wants you to have a nice Holiday Season with family and friends so keeping yourself and everyone safe from any virus is imperative. . Masks are still optional but also recommended because it is cold season, and if you’re not feeling well, they suggest that you please stay home. You can listen to the service on FM 95.5 (within a block of church) or watch it live on Ebenezer’s Facebook Page. We wish you all a wonderful season.

Thank you.

Church Council  
Christmas Service Times

  • Friday, December 24, 2021 Candlelight Christmas Eve Worship Service with Communion- 4p

  • Saturday, December 25, 2021 Christmas Day Worship Service with Communion 9a

  • There are NO SERVICES Sunday, September 26, 2021
Bathroom Renovations
We are currently in the process of getting bids to renovate the downstairs bathrooms. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to those who have donated already!
Christmas Fund Offering
We will be accepting donations for the Christmas Fund Offering on December 19th. If you need more information on what this offering is for, attached is a link explaining the offering below. Thank you for your generosity.

Mission Project for 2021
Just a reminder that the Mission Education Committee has selected Harbor House as their Mission Project for 2021. Listed below are the items they are in need of. (More information on Harbor House and its purpose was included in the November “Eagle”.)  

New twin-sized sheet sets
Bath towels
Adult-sized tie-blankets (twin size--38”W x 75”L)
(can also be fleece sewn blankets)
Activity/craft kits for children
Heating pads
Hair dryers
Bathroom cleaner
Dryer sheets
Disinfecting wipes
13 gal. kitchen bags
33 gal. trash bags

Items can be dropped off at Ebenezer UCC during regular office hours (Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 a.m.- 2:30 p.m.) and placed under the Mission Project tree in the Narthex from December 1, 2021- January 3, 2022. Cash or check donations can also be mailed to the church office at 44 W. Washington Street, Chilton, WI 53014. Checks can be made payable to Ebenezer UCC/Missions. 

Thank you for supporting this Mission Project for 2021.  

Mission Education Committee

Year End Offerings
All 2021 offerings must be in to the church no later than Sunday, December 30 to be credited to tax year 2021. All offerings received after the 30th will be credited to 2022.
Eagle Articles
Eagle articles are due December 21st. Please have them in at that time. We like to get them out to members before the end of the month. Thank you for your help on this.
Annual Reports
Please start handing in your information for the annual report as soon as you can. The Annual Meeting comes up quickly after the holidays. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Member News
Please say a special prayer for the Reichwald and Kloehn Families.


If you are unable to make it to service, you are welcome to view the service Live on Facebook. As a reminder, you can always tune into 95.5 within a block of the church during the service!
Scrip: If you are in need of Scrip, please let Kelly know. If you are interested in re-loadable cards and direct pay to avoid contact, there is a small fee for credit card charge and bank withdrawal.

Kelly Brown
Thank you to the Dexter Sattler family for the donation of the poinsettias in church!
Ann ~ Arlene ~ Audra ~ Audrey ~ Da ’Monique ~Da’Nisha ~ Dean Diana ~ Kari ~ Pastor Sue Rebecca ~ Janice ~ Rod ~ Steve Tod ~ Tony ~ Vern ~ Dennis~ Carl and Jean

Due to privacy laws, last names cannot be printed on the prayer list because the Eagle goes on the church website which can be viewed by anyone on the Internet. 

If you want someone added or removed, please contact the church office.
Thank you.
Administrative Assistant - Nikki:
(920) 849-4331
Office Hours:
Monday: 9-2:30p
Wednesday: 9-2:30p

Pastor Michael Safford - Kennedy:
Cell: (920) 286-1956
Monday: 9-12p
Tuesday: 9-4p
Wednesday 1-3p
Thursday 9-12p

The office phone messages are checked during office hours; if you have a pastoral emergency, please contact Pastor Mike at (920) 286-1956 or via email.

If you have a non-emergency, send the office an email or leave a voicemail.
Beverly Baltz 12/1
Mark Rusch 12/1
Dennis Winkler 12/1
Glen Pingel 12/2
Tyler Giebel 12/3
Chelsa Schneider 12/3
Rita Pingel 12/5
Kerry Duchow 12/6
Judy Kurscheidt 12/6
Kristi Schnell 12/6
Nick Kuhn 12/8
Noel Kuhn 12/8
Ryan Pierquet 12/9
Christopher Marx 12/14
Jeanne Keuler 12/15
Brian Adamietz 12/19
Heidi Pringle 12/20
Janet Andrews 12/21
Norman Pautz 12/21
Tricia Roehrig 12/25
Logan Platner 12/28
Riley Roehrig 12/30
Dean Papendieck 12/31

May God bless your years and may you continue to bless Ebenezer!
  • Mission Project Begins: December 1
  • Men's Group Breakfast: 8:30a on December 9 at 7 Angels!
  • Women's Guild Breakfast 9a on December 9 NOTE DATE CHANGE at 7 Angels!
  • Wired Word is on Tuesdays at 10a.
  • Confirmation Classes are on Wednesday nights at 5:30p.
  • December 19: Council Meeting 11a.
  • Christmas Program: December 19
  • Eagle Newsletter: Articles are due December 21.
  • December 24: Christmas Eve Service 4p.
  • December 25: Christmas Day Service with Communion 9a

Ebenezer Church Council
Meeting Minutes: November 21, 2021
Meeting called to order by Zach at 11a.m. 
Prayer lead by Joan
Present: President Zach Platner, Vice President Ken Lisowe, Treasurer Dean Papendieck, Secretary Stacey Vernon, Joan Woelfel, Pastor Mike
Motion for approval of Agenda and Last Months Minutes by Joan, 2nd by Dean
Motion by Joan and seconded by Stacey to approve the Treasurer’s Report.
Treasurer’s Report: 
October Revenue: $12,16.73
October Expenses: $14,821.76
October Checkbook Balance: $53,338.32
October Money Market Acct: $251,712.00
October Cash Equity: $64,859.57
October Cambridge Investment: $68,480.69
Minister’s Report:
Visitation Log- Ellie Papendieck is helping with arranging visits with shut-ins. Her visits have been very positive. 
Committee reports:
Christian Ed/Music
Pastor-Congregation Relations Committee
Old/Continuing Business:
  • Downstairs bathrooms: Reviewing revised estimate and will look into another estimate.  
  • Pastor Health Insurance Increase: tabled 
  • COVID-19 update: REMINDER TO STAY HOME IF YOU ARE FEELING ILL. Highly encouraging masking at church as the holidays approach. 
New Business: 
  • Printer for the office- Motion to approve the 60-month lease to own printer by Ken, 2nd by Joan.
  • Stained Glass Repair- Zach will call around, checking with Abler from Kiel. 
  •  Additional council members are needed. 
Other Business
Next Regular Council Meeting: Next regular council meeting will be December 19, 2021. 
Motion to adjourn by Ken, 2nd by Joan at 12:05 p.m. 

Minutes submitted by Stacey Freund
Approved by Council via Email
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