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Pastor’s Corner

There are times in the life of the church when people are the most needed resource. Yes, every Sunday we receive the offering because money is a needed gift to pay the bills and enable the church to do its ministry. However, there are times when we need more than simply putting money in the plate and even more than offering prayers for the church. We have arrived at one of those times.
The church council has three openings, three opportunities, for people to serve. To be eligible to serve on the council you simply need to be a member of the church. The gifts that the council needs are people who are interested in the life of the church. You do not need to be a biblical scholar, an expert in Robert’s Rules of Order, an accountant, or any other specialized talent. Are you afraid that you will sit through the first meeting and have no idea what is going on…or maybe even sit through SEVERAL meetings and not know what is happening? Relax that is normal, really, it is normal to feel lost for the first several meetings of any organization. This feeling begins to disappear with each meeting you attend and one day you realize you not only know what is happening you have an idea of how to make a difference.
I realize that the past two years have been difficult for the church and to have served on the Council has required patience, faith, and a good deal of grace. Those qualities are always needed but the church has been blessed throughout those times and now the lessons have been learned and we are ready to move into a time of renewal and growth. This coming year will see the church continuing to recover from COVID-19. The church will also continue to experience growth in attendance and in financial security allowing for new ministries in Chilton and in the wider world.
I look forward to working with the Council as Ebenezer moves into God’s future confident in the knowledge of God’s love for Ebenezer and for Chilton and its surrounding communities.
Peace and grace,
Notes From the Music Corner . .  .
Thank you to Ebenezer Brass for providing most of the music for December 12 worship. While they did not have an elaborate afternoon concert the worship music was greatly appreciated. They will participate in the Christmas Eve worship service, so we look forward to the bells resounding! Thank you to Karen Cmejla for providing the prelude music on the bell tree for Christmas Day worship.
While many of the hymns that we sang during Advent were not very familiar, they helped prepare and set the tone for the joyous music of Christmas. Both the 4PM Christmas Eve worship and the Christmas Day worship will be filled with the familiar carols of proclaiming Christ’s birth. It is wonderful to have congregation singing together. Following are some benefits of singing:
*Singing strengthens the immune system
*Singing is a workout
*Singing improves your posture
* Singing helps with sleep
 *Singing is a natural antidepressant
 *Singing can widen your circle of friends
 *Singing boosts your confidence
 *Singing increases your ability to appreciate other singers!
So sing the wealth of Christmas songs with joy! 
Mission and Education Committee
The Mission Committee would like to report that we took in $805 for our recent Bakeless Bake Sale which we held instead of The Cookie Walk.

This money will all go to OUR CHURCHES' WIDER MISSION. Thank you to all who donated!

Janet, Jeanne, Ruth and Karen
A Special Thank You...
THANK YOU to Kelly Brown and all the folks that prepared and distributed the EUCC goodie bags on December 18! The creative, thoughtful contents warmed the hearts of all who received them. While she uses profits from scrip to fund them it takes a great deal of planning and work to put all of them together. The cheerful greeting that came as they were delivered made the contents even more special! 

Thank you to Kelly and 'crew'!
Wired Word
We extend a warm invitation to all who are looking for a Bible Study that touches people in their daily lives. We meet Tuesday mornings from 10:00 to about 11:00 am.
Each week is a different topic in the news presented with a faith perspective. This allows us to see the world through the eyes of faithful disciples. The scriptures to be discussed are presented in the readings providing a basis for discussion and thought.
Each class is filled with relaxed lively discussions, laughter, remembrances, and new understandings of the scared scriptures.

 In order to give the discussion topic some forethought, a copy of it may be picked up from the narthex table on the Sunday prior to Tuesday's gathering or you may request it to be e-mailed from the office.
We hope to see you on Tuesday mornings.
Member Envelope Information
It has come to our attention that the members of the last two confirmation classes (those confirmed this past March (class of 2020) and May (class of 2021) did not receive their first set of offering envelopes. It has been the practice of Ebenezer to hand these out the day our youth are confirmed. If you would like to have envelopes assigned for your son or daughter, please contact Nikki in the office. She is also happy to provide additional envelopes to any church member if your current supply is depleted.

EUCC Ushering Schedule
Below is the upcoming ushering schedule; please note that the church office does not find a replacement, but we are happy to help you get in contact with possible subs! Please let the office know when any changes are made.

January 2: Council
January 9: Andy
January 16 : Ralph
January 23: Zach
January 30: Ken

February 6: Council

For questions on ushering duties please click here.
Reader Schedule
Below is the upcoming reader schedule for this month. If you have any conflicts, please let Pastor know right away.

January 2: Caleb
January 9: Pastor Mike
January 16 : Mason
January 23: Spencer
January 30: Aiden

February 6: Carson
Bathroom Renovations
We are currently in the process of getting bids to renovate the downstairs bathrooms. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to those who have donated already!
Christmas Fund Offering
Thank you to all of you that were able to donate to this special offering.
A special thank you to the Women’s Guild for their donation to Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM) and for their thoughtfulness in sending Thanksgiving and Christmas cards out to congregation members. It is very much appreciated.

Church Council
Eagle Articles
Eagle articles are due January 18. Please have them in at that time. We like to get them out to members before the end of the month. Thank you for your help on this.
Annual Reports/Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the Congregation will be held January 23 during the service time. Please set aside this day to offer your presence, ideas, and prayers for the church, the Council, and all its members.
If you are responsible for an organization that needs to submit an annual report for the congregation, please submit your report to the church office via e-mail or directly to the church office no later than January 4, 2022, so we may begin our work for the annual meeting.
Pastor Mike

If you are unable to make it to service, you are welcome to view the service Live on Facebook. As a reminder, you can always tune into 95.5 within a block of the church during the service!
Scrip: If you are in need of Scrip, please let Kelly know. If you are interested in re-loadable cards and direct pay to avoid contact, there is a small fee for credit card charge and bank withdrawal.

Kelly Brown
Arlene ~ Audra ~ Audrey
 Da ’Monique ~Da’Nisha ~ Dean Diana ~ Kari ~ Pastor Sue Rebecca ~ Janice ~ Rod ~ Steve Tim~ Tod ~ Tony ~ Vern
Dennis~ Carl and Jean

Due to privacy laws, last names cannot be printed on the prayer list because the Eagle goes on the church website which can be viewed by anyone on the Internet. 

If you want someone added or removed, please contact the church office.
Thank you.
Administrative Assistant - Nikki:
(920) 849-4331
Administrative Hours:
Monday: 9-2:30p
Wednesday: 9-2:30p

Please note: Nikki is not always in the office and often works from home but the phones are forwarded to her. You may contact her via email at ebenezeroffice@yahoo.com during these hours as well.

Pastor Michael Safford - Kennedy:
Cell: (920) 286-1956
Monday: 9-12p
Tuesday: 9-4p
Wednesday 1-3p
Thursday 9-12p

The office phone messages are checked during office hours; if you have a pastoral emergency, please contact Pastor Mike at (920) 286-1956 or via email.

If you have a non-emergency, send the office an email or leave a voicemail.
Denton Aebischer 1/2
Linda Dorn 1/6
Carolyn Platner 1/6
Janice Kloehn 1/8
Stacey Vernon 1/13
Tiffany Porsche 1/22
Herb Woelfel 1/23
Natalie Adamietz 1/31
Claudia Brown 1/31

May God bless your years and may you continue to bless Ebenezer!
  • Mission Project Ends: January 3
  • Men's Group Breakfast: 8:30a on January 13 at 7 Angels!
  • Women's Guild Breakfast 9a on January 20 at 7 Angels!
  • Wired Word is on Tuesdays at 10a.
  • Confirmation Classes are on Wednesday nights at 5:30p.
  • Bell Choir Practices are on Wednesday nights at 6:30p
  • January 23: Annual Meeting will be part of the worship service.
  • Eagle Newsletter: Articles are due January 18..

Ebenezer Church Council
Meeting Minutes: December 19, 2021
Meeting called to order at 11:07a.m. 
Prayer by Joan
Present: President Zach Platner, Vice President Ken Lisowe, Treasurer Dean Papendieck, Secretary Stacey Vernon, Joan Woelfel, Pastor Mike
Motion for approval of agenda and Last Months Minutes by Ken, 2nd by Joan (all in favor)
Motion by Ken and seconded by Joan to approve Treasurer Report. (All in favor)
Treasurer’s Report: 
November Revenue: $11,253.88
November Expenses: $6,209.56
November Checkbook Balance: $58,382.64
November Money Market Acct: $251,744.07
November Cash Equity: $62,525.98
November Cambridge Investment: $71,159.51
Review Reports
Approve Bill List
OCWM donation will be $2,500 Motion by Joan, 2nd by Stacey (all in favor)
Ministers Report:
Visitation Log
Committee reports:
Christian Ed/Music
Pastor-Congregation Relations Committee
Old/Continuing Business:
  •  Downstairs bathrooms: Estimate coming in January 2022 
  • Pastor Health Insurance Increase: Unsure of the exact increase yet
  •  Keeping past confirmands involved 
  • Stained glass repair: Estimate/inspection coming from Abler's Art Glass in January 2022.
New Business: 
  • Annual meeting Date will be during service on January 23rd, 2022. Council member pictures to be this date. 
  • Masks: During Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services; Masks will be given during screening process. Motion by Dean, 2nd by Ken. (all in favor)
  • Annual meeting deadline for Articles is January 4th.
  • Budget meeting will be January 2nd, following service.
Other Business
Next Regular Council Meeting: Next regular council meeting will be following service on January 23rd, 2022 
Motion to adjourn by Ken, 2nd by Joan at 12:25pm (all in favor) 

Minutes submitted by Stacey Freund
Approved by Council via Email
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