Hopefully, you have submitted a list of your favorite hymns to be included in the sing-alongs that will precede July worship services (begin about 8:30). Paper slips were included in the bulletins on June 17 and June 24 for members to write their favorite hymns and place in the offering plates. Suggestions may continue to be made all during July. Remember, they may be from the hymnal or just old or new favorite selections.  

We thank Michael Bratz for playing the prelude on June 24. We’ll look forward to hearing him again. 

On July 15, Mark Shubert will participate in worship with various instrumental recorders. The recorder was an early form of a flute and comes in various sizes. He will offer special music but also accompany hymn singing.  

Ebenezer Brass handbell choir was warmly received when they rang at Peace UCC in Brillion on June 10. Despite all the extra effort, it is rewarding to share all their dedicated practicing. 

As was noted in last month’s Eagle, Claudia Brown and Karen Cmejla will be attending the Handbell Musicians of America National Seminar in Grand Rapids, Michigan July 14 – 21. It is anticipated to be an ambitious, informative adventure. Claudia will be part of the Distinctly Teen group that will do a concert on Saturday, July 21. Karen has some very ‘challenging’ sessions that will certainly expand her ringing skills. We wish them well and perhaps can hear about their ‘adventure’ in next month’s Eagle!

A special tribute needs to go out to Joyce Goeldi upon her passing on June 3. Joyce was a vibrant member of the Chancel Choir for many years where she enjoyed singing duets in addition to the Choir. She enjoyed the many years she rang and travelled with the handbell choir. Her joyful energy was a positive addition to both groups. It was always uplifting when her and her family (son, Jeff, wife Deb and children) attended worship, as they formed their own ‘choir’ – soprano, alto, (Joyce sometimes sang tenor) and bass. May Joyce’s spirit sing/ring on!