What can be said when the past has been erased, the present is ever changing and the future is uncertain?? One certainty is that God is present. All the music plans for the Easter season, for confirmation and Mother's Day have fallen by the wayside but, hopefully, will resurface at a different time, perhaps in a very robust manner. 

It was so uplifting to have the Easter worship and subsequent worship services at the drive-in! I felt such joy after the Easter service that I stopped at church, propped the fellowship door open, and played “Christ the Lord Has Risen” and “The Day of Resurrection” with full volume on the organ so the whole world could hear! It was delightful to have Pastor, his daughter and another congregation member peek in to concur with the musical message. Following the meaningful April 19 drive-in worship, my soul wanted to again be released in music. When I stopped at church, the council members were arriving for their monthly meeting in the Fellowship Hall where they could stay distanced. That meant I could not turn the organ volume up as I had the week before. The Holy Spirit guided me to play songs I usually use for communion – "Here I Am Lord," "Dona Nobis Pacem," "Make Me a Channel of Your Peace," "Open My Eyes," "Precious Lord Take My Hand," etc. I would really like to share that musical message, but for now and for the uncertain future, about all I can do is prop the door open for anyone going by to hear!

Oh what a glorious day it will be when we can all gather back in the sanctuary. For now, keep praying for good health for ourselves, our community, nation and world, and for all the workers providing health care services and other necessities.