Pastor’s Corner
Confirmation Sunday is May 6. We will be confirming six young folks: Patrick Marx, Noah Brown, Breanna Cook, Skyler Goerl, Teagan Sabish and Bobby Van Beek. These students have met each week for the past two school years to study, discuss and apply the lessons of the Bible. We have overcome two years of the flu and snowstorms! While learning about the Old and New Testaments, the stories contained within each, and the histories of the two testaments and how we read them and understand them in today’s world, we managed to have fun. No class would be complete without me running my hands through my rapidly thinning hair as we searched for the right words and themes to stories. Sometimes an off-handed comment would send all of us into laughter. A game of hangman would engage everyone in the search for the name of a Biblical character. I will miss these young people; I have come to love them.

Usually, I require each student to prepare a project before being confirmed. This year I changed the requirement, and instead had the entire class prepare and lead a worship service. I have heard MANY compliments from people about the April 8 service. The confirmands created and led the entire service based upon the story of Noah’s Ark. I sat in the balcony during this service so I would have a new perspective on worship. I offer my praise for each member of the class who was able to participate. You did an excellent job with worship!

When we return for class in September, if the Shared Ministry has been approved by Ebenezer and St. John, we may combine the second-year classes from each church and rotate the meeting place for the classes. We might also do this for the first-year classes. Watch for further information!

To each confirmand, I offer my blessings as you move into full church membership. I will miss you and I look forward to seeing you participate in the life of the church.

Peace and grace,
As Summer Approaches ...
As we move into May with summer beckoning us to return to our favorite vacation spots and outdoor activities, we mark the end of our school year. Sunday School has been a bright spot for the life of the church as it has been for countless years.

Our thanks go to Shirley Lisowe and her band of wonderful teachers who sacrifice so much to teach the youth every Sunday from September through May.

Our Bible studies have been fun and illuminating with challenges each week. We will return in full strength in September.

  • Last Confirmation Class was Monday, April 23
  • Last Tuesday for The Wired Word is Tuesday, May 8
  • Last Thursday for Bible study is Thursday, May 10
  • Last Sunday of Sunday School is Sunday, May 13
Summer Offerings
Summer is approaching with its schedule of family vacations. The call of time at the cabin, lounging on a beach, or the yearly road trip to one of our wonderful national parks makes us want to pack our bags right now! I understand these feelings.

Church attendance typically falls off a bit during the summer because of these family vacations, but we need to remain faithful in our other spiritual disciplines. Daily prayer, daily Bible reading, daily living as a disciple and offering God our faithful financial giving are all practices which we need to exercise faithfully year-round if we are to be good disciples of Christ.

Please remember to send your financial offerings to the church when you are going to be gone on a Sunday. Remember to ask Pastor Mike for daily readings for your vacation.

Being a growing, maturing disciple is a rewarding experience. Let’s continue the faith practices throughout the summer.
  • April 30 & May 1: Office Closed
  • May 6: Confirmation Sunday
  • May 8: Last Wired Word before Summer Break
  • May 10: Last Confirmation for Adults Class before Summer Break
  • May 13: Last Day of Sunday School
  • May 20: Strengthen the Church Offering
  • May 28: Office Closed
  • May 29: Summer Office Hours Begin
ChurchTrac Software
Ebenezer has purchased a software that will allow the office to better record member giving, keep an accurate directory, manage invoices, create an online calendar, and more!

With this new software comes the ability for all EUCC members listed in the directory to update their personal (and family) profile AND view their giving statement at ANY time!

To do this, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter the email address listed in the EUCC directory (aka the one that you got this newsletter sent to!)
  3. First time visitors, click 'I do not have a passcode'
  4. You will see a number pop up for you to type in (SAVE that number!)
  5. An email will be sent to you asking for your code - enter the number you got from step 4
  6. You should be in!

If you have any troubles with this process, please contact Jackie .
Notes from the Music Corner ...
A huge thank you goes to Claudia Brown, Noah Brown and Patrick Marx for heralding in Easter worship with the instrumental selection, "Morning Has Broken." Thank you also to Stephanie Adamietz and Claudia Brown for the bell tree descant to "Christ the Lord Has Risen." It certainly added to the congregational singing this joyous Easter song. We appreciate everyone’s added effort. 

As part of the shared ministry, Ebenezer Brass shared their music at St. John’s worship on April 22 and St. John’s Chancel Choir will share their music at Ebenezer on April 29. Invigorating for all!
Ebenezer Church Council
Meeting Minutes April 17, 2018
The meeting of the Ebenezer Church Council was called to order at 6:33 p.m. by Kelly Brown. 

Kelly Brown, Colleen Marx, Kari Meyers, Vern Gasch, Jamie Plate, Dale Hintz, and Pastor Mike. Absent: Andy Hofmeister.

Approval of Agenda
Kari Meyers made a motion to approve the agenda. Dale Hintz seconded.
Approval of Minutes
The March 2018 meeting minutes were previously approved via email.

Finance Report:
Our March revenue was $12,035.13. Our March expenditures were $19,096.38. The Equity as of March 31, 2018, was $87,764.25. Our balance as of March 31, 2018, was $293,074.10. Our stocks went down to $31,485.41. Expenditures are higher in March due to the Acuity Annual insurance bill was paid, as well as we are receiving and paying out St. John’s portion of Pastor Mikes salary and benefits.

Kari Meyers made a motion to accept March’s financial reports. Dale Hintz seconded. The motion carried. Kari Meyers made a motion to accept the April bill list. Dale Hintz seconded. The motion carried.

Minister’s Report:
Attendance each Sunday is an average of 88 persons. Giving is an average of $2,006.00 weekly. Pastor Mike’s call agreement was reviewed and signed. Pastor will be on vacation April 30 and May 1.

Committee Reports

Christian Education and Music: Confirmation is May 6, 2018, at Ebenezer. There will be six confirmands receiving communion with Pastor Mike. The last day of Sunday school is May 13. The Bell choir will be at St. John’s April 22. The Vocal choir will be at Ebenezer April 29.

Evangelism: No new news.

Mission: No new news.

Property: Vern Gasch and Dale Hintz will be the council representatives. Annual walk through of the parsonage will be later in spring.

Stewardship: No new news.

Membership: No new news.

Continuing Business:

Braille System Update: No new news.

Church Security: No new news. Will continue discussion and brainstorming regarding upgrading our church security.

Shared ministry : Ken Lisowe and Karen Cmejla have volunteered to be on the oversight committee. Please contact them or any council member with any questions or concerns.
Spanish Ministry: The council has submitted the 2018 lease agreement for review and signature.

Property Purchase: Vern Gasch has contacted our attorney who contacted the seller. Negotiations are at a standstill.

New Business:
  • A wheelchair has been donated by Andy Hofmeister and family.

**The next Church Council Meeting will be on May 20, 2018, at 8 a.m.**

Jamie Plate made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Dale Hintz seconded. Meeting was adjourned at 7:47 p.m.

Minutes submitted by:  
Colleen Marx 
Approved by: The Church Council via email. 
Tod ~ Katy 
Lorraine ~ Da’Nisha 
Arlene ~ Larry 
Shelly ~ Brian 
Pat ~ Laura 
Pat ~ Rod 
David ~ Gracie 
Janine ~ Linda 
Scott ~ Jim
Pastor Susan ~ Alice 
Edith ~ Vern 
Ron ~ Sue

Due to privacy laws, last names cannot be printed on the prayer list because the Eagle goes on the church website which can be viewed by anyone on the Internet. 

If you want someone added or removed, please contact the church office. Thank you.
Please note that the church office will be closed:

Monday, April 30
Tuesday, May 1
Monday, May 28
Donald Pingel: May 1
Samantha Mitchell: May 1
Nancy Rusch: May 1
Ralph Schmid: May 2
Ken Lisowe: May 3
Jennifer Pringle: May 4
Barb Pautz: May 5
Talena Popp: May 6
Stacey Sabish: May 7
Joel Propson: May 9
Joe Dorn: May 11
Connie Waldvogel: May 11
Emily Keuler: May 12
Teagan Sabish: May 12
Breanna Cook: May 12
David McGinnis: May 12
Paula Pingel-Rona: May 17
Alex Ditter: May 19
Sandy Hammerschmidt: May 19
David Miller: May 20
George Goeldi: May 22
Johanna Bechlem: May 24
Lynn Merino: May 30

May God bless your years and may you continue to bless Ebenezer!
May Confirmation Reader

May 6 (Confirmation Sunday): Claudia Brown
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From Memorial Day (Tuesday, May 29) - Labor Day, Jackie will be in the church office:

Tuesdays 9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Wednesdays 9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Thursday 9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

(Pastor's hours will stay the same)
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  • Although the 'Passing of the Peace' is not currently in the bulletin, we encourage you to greet one another following worship!
  • A 2018 Flower Chart has been posted outside the office. Please remember to notify Jackie if you sign up. 
  • A pew card for those that give electronically is available for placement in the offering plates on Sunday morning. 
  • Handbell practice: Ebenezer Brass practices at 6:30 p.m. New Ringer’s Always Welcome! 
  • Confirmation Sunday is May 6!
  • You are invited to an Old Glory Honor Flight fundraiser Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, May 6, from 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. at Stockbridge High School. 
  • St. James UCC (Newton) is hosting a Brat Fry on Wednesday, May 9, from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. See the board for details! 
  • On Friday, May 11, Community UCC in Elkhart Lake is hosting a Fish Fry at Anchor Lanes from 4:30 – 8:30 p.m.! See the board for details! 
  • The last day of Sunday School is May 13!
  • The Calumet County ADRC needs volunteers! See the press release or visit the link to see all the ways you can help! 
  • The March/April Upper Room devotional guide is available in the Narthex book rack. Help yourself!  
  • Please remember that all items placed in the Blessing Box should be able to withstand cold temperatures (i.e. no glass), and please no food items until we have warmer temperatures. 
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