Please review the document before attending in-person worship.
As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in the county, we have seen some of our members come down with the virus. Because of our concern for others in the church, those who are not feeling well have stayed away from services. Our screeners have done a great job screening everyone who comes to church Sunday morning. Thank you to everyone who is working hard to keep our members safe inside church.

Peace and grace,
Christmas Eve Service ...

At this time, EUCC is planning to only have one Christmas Service on Christmas Eve at 4:30 p.m. 

In an effort to allow the committee time to prepare the proper accommodations for attendees to this service, they are asking for an approximate number of people that (at this time) plan to attend this service (including all members of their party/family). This isn't a reservation or an RSVP, but rather information the committee can use when making safety decisions.

Ideally, the committee will have a rough number for the November Council meeting so plans can be put in place.

We ask that you email the church office with your number as soon as possible. We realize asking this far in advance is not easy, but to ensure the service is able to occur, advanced steps need to be taken.

(note that there will NOT be an 11:00 p.m. Christmas Eve service, or a Christmas Day service)
Serve on the Council!
Our church council will be looking for two people to serve a three-year term beginning in January, 2021. The council meets once each month and is responsible for authorizing and paying bills, discussing any ongoing matters within the congregation, and serve as a liaison with one of the Ebenezer committees. If you are interested in serving our church in this way, please contact Ken Lisowe at (920) 418-0020.
Notes from the Music Corner ...
It seemed rather redundant several weeks ago when the Call to Worship included "We gather in awe as we bring our songs of praise … We feel God’s presence as we sing together" since the COVID has discouraged singing. As Pastor had suggested before we read those words, we may not sing out loud but certainly can sense the music within our soul as we hear it. That is truly what I hope happens as you listen to the pre-service music, the prelude, the meditative music and the postlude. The postlude is usually a hymn directly from the New Century Hymnal. You may recognize it but not recall the text to most of these hymns. On October 11, the postlude was a hymn many may recall as "Onward Christian Soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before." I always enjoyed the dynamics of that hymn as I was growing up but never understood the "marching as to war." While many of the text revisions in the New Century Hymnal seem a bit confusing and foreign, I believe the new text to this old familiar tune is most appropriate for our era. "Forward through the ages, in unbroken line, move the faithful spirits at the call divine; Gifts in differing measure, hearts of one accord, manifold in service, one the sure reward." This is why you will find the partial text to the postlude printed in the worship bulletin, encouraging you to feel them in your spirit, hum them, or even sing your way home!

Sunday School Corner ...
The start of Sunday School has been postponed until further notice. If you wish to receive lessons and Sunday School emails, contact Shirley.
Confirmation 2020-2021

Due to the current severe outbreak of the coronavirus, Confirmation class will continue to be held virtually. We will meet via Zoom at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday nights.

If you have any questions, contact Pastor Mike.
All Saints Day

November 1 is All Saints Day. This is a time of recognizing and honoring those who have passed on before us.
Alice McNeely April 24, 2020
Join the Ushering Team!

Since opening the sanctuary for Sunday morning worship in July, the ushering duties have changed a bit. We now have need of three ushers each week to help with these responsibilities. 

There is one person greeting people at each of the church entrances who ask the necessary screening questions during this COVID period, and a third person inside the sanctuary to assist in getting us safely seated and properly distanced. We no longer have ushers lighting and extinguishing candles, handing out bulletins, or collecting the offering. 

We could use a few more volunteers to help with these duties. Scheduling should not be more than every six or eight weeks. Obviously the more help we get, the less often you would be scheduled. Please give Shirley Lisowe (920) 418-1675) a call if you would be willing to help us out!
Morning Bible Study

Pastor Mike has begun a daily morning Bible study Monday through Friday. The study is on the same YouTube channel as the weekly sermons. The daily study is posted at 6:15 a.m. and can be viewed anytime after that.

I hope you tune in and begin your day with a short study.

Beginning November 1, we will be reading from a new book titled “Daily Living.”
Church Fundraiser

October 9th and 10th we held our annual church fundraiser at Heritage Orchard. Past years, this coincided with the Rural Arts Road Show. That organization is no longer in existence, so Heritage Orchard decided to team up with a different group. It’s the first year the group has been organized, so advertising and attendance was a little down. We’ve usually served brats and burgers, but more times than not, it has been rather cold and crummy weather and the food didn’t seem to go over as well. Last year, on the second day, I thought I’d try something different and whipped up some chili to go with that cold and crummy weather. Well, that chili went over so well the second day last year that we thought we’d eliminate the brats and burgers completely this year and just serve chili with toasted cheese sandwiches. As luck would have it, the temps were in the 70’s this year and not many wanted chili. They asked for the brats and burgers. I can’t win!!!

Over the course of the two days we made a profit of $440. It’s not much but it’s a little something to be spread out over the different organizations of church.

I want to thank those who donated monies toward the purchase of food and supplies and to Ruth, Joan and Elaine for helping make the chili and toasted cheese sandwiches. A special thank you to the volunteers who stepped up to the plate to help serve the food at the orchard those two days.

I know Ruth likes to be the silent partner in all this but I REALLY have to give a BIG THANK YOU to Ruth Aebischer for helping me organize this fundraiser; from purchasing supplies, to making food, to helping set up, and serving. I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you to everyone involved!!! 

Karen Cmejla
Ebenezer Brass

Ebenezer Brass will be meeting on November 4 at 6:00 p.m. in hopes that we can get a group together to play Christmas Eve.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact Jill Sippel at 920-418-1534.
Veterans Day

Wednesday, November 11 is Veterans Day; please thank those in your life and those in the church for their willingness to serve and sacrifice: Vern Gasch, James Gleason, Pastor Michael Safford-Kennedy, Paul Koeck, David E. Miller, Don Pagel, Norm Pautz, Dean Pingel, Delmar Riesterer, Stacey Sabish, Ralph Schmid, Jim Scholz, John Schroeder, Steve Stenz, Robert Van Beek.
Happenings at the Parsonage

The wonderful trees on the parsonage lot provide excellent shade in the summer, and a place for birds to build their nests and squirrels to live and frolic. Autumn brings beautiful colors, and twigs and leaves. However, the leaves and twigs build up in the gutters and unless cleaned out, bring the possibility of ice dams and damage to the parsonage. 

Don Pingel has been climbing onto the roof for years, but it is time to take away that dangerous chore from his job list. The Council has voted to install Gutter Toppers on all the gutters at the parsonage. Hopefully these toppers will prevent the buildup of leaves and twigs and prevent a potential fall.
Weekly Sermons

I have heard that several people are reluctant to return to church for in-person worship. I understand your concern, and while we will do everything we can to protect worshippers from the Coronavirus, I cannot fault you for staying home to be extra certain you are safe.

I will continue to offer the virtual service for as long as the COVID-19 is a danger to the community. The service is available anytime beginning at 8:45 a.m. Sunday mornings on YouTube and you are also welcome to view the service Live on Facebook.
Bats in the Belfry

As some of you know from first-hand experience, we have been battling the occasional bat in church. We may have found an entrance point for them. There is a screen around the bell tower and during an inspection a portion of the screen was bent backward providing a place for bats to enter. We will continue to exam the church for entrances and seal them as we find them.
Be mindful of the symptoms of COVID-19 to help prevent the spread:
THANK YOU to Ken Lisowe, Ralph Schmid and Ann Gasch for collecting the 20 flower pots that adorned the Chilton sidewalks on behalf of the Evangelism Committee. Thank you to all the business places that kept them watered and beautiful throughout the summer. The cool nights put an end to that beauty and now the pots are safely packed away at Heritage Orchard awaiting the call to come out again next spring. Thanks again to the three people that diligently gathered them up.
Ebenezer Church Council
Meeting Minutes: October 18, 2020
Present: Ken Lisowe, Zach Platner, Vern Gasch, Andy Hofmeister, Joan Woelfel, Pastor Mike

11:13 a.m. meeting called to order

Andy Hofmeister made a motion to approve the agenda and last month's minutes. Joan Woelfel seconded that motion and it was carried.

Treasurer's Report:
Joan Woelfel made a motion to approve the treasurer's report. Zach Platner seconded the motion and it carried.

Committee Reports
  • Christian Education: There was discussion about what to do to replace the kids' trick or treating. It was noted that Confirmation Class is going well so far
  • Evangelism: There was discussion about Flower Pots
  • Property: Scott's Towing was contacted about snow removal
  • There was additional discussion about the upcoming Holiday Service:
  • looking for bells
  • Service at 4:30 on Christmas Eve
  • Discussed how to do Service

Old Business
  • Discussion about different options and costs for gutters. Ken Lisowe got estimates. Joan Woelfel made a motion to approve gutter toppers on the house, and on church's flat roof. Vern Gasch seconded that motion and it carried.
  • There was discussion about the bat mitigation. Zach Platner made a motion to approve fixing the bell tower screen and check behind steel plates for clock faces. Joan Woelfel seconded the motion and it carried.

Andy Hofmeister made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Vern Gasch seconded the motion, and the meeting was adjourned at 12:27 p.m.

Minutes Submitted by:
Andy Hofmeister
Approved by: The Church council via email. 
Tod ~ David ~ Lorraine ~ Da’Nisha ~ Vern 
Pastor Sue ~ Zachary ~ Da'Monique
DeKerf Family ~ Norm ~ Patrice
Diane ~ Arlene ~ Rebecca ~ Vern ~ Gary
David ~ Audrey ~ Rod ~ Jeff ~ Kathy ~ Sharon
Steve ~ Janice ~ Ryann ~ Diana ~ Betty
Don ~ Terri Ann ~ Mary ~ Bob ~ Audra 

Due to privacy laws, last names cannot be printed on the prayer list because the Eagle goes on the church website which can be viewed by anyone on the Internet. 

If you want someone added or removed, please contact the church office.
Thank you.
Scrip: If you are in need of Scrip, please let Kelly know. If you are interested in re-loadable cards and direct pay to avoid contact, there is a small fee for credit card charge and bank withdrawal.
Kelly Brown
Ebenezer Office Hours:
*Until further notice, the church office remains closed.*

(920) 849-4331
Pastor's Cell Phone: (920) 286-1956
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Kathy Kuhn: Nov 1
Alex Greuel: Nov 2
Mariah McGinnis: Nov 5
Adam Gasch: Nov 6
Donald Sattler: Nov 7
Pamela Schneider: Nov 7
Ashley Porsche: Nov 8
Bruce Alten: Nov 11
Lake Pingel: Nov 13
Janene Van Hoorn: Nov 15
Jean Reichwald: Nov 15
Linda Edgington: Nov 17
Ruth Aebischer: Nov 17
Ella Bechlem: Nov 20
James Brocker: Nov 21
John Schroeder: Nov 22
Stephanie Adamietz: Nov 27
Amy Kuhn: Nov 27
Joseph Kuhn: Nov 27
Skyler Goerl: Nov 30
Delilah Kuhn: Nov 30 

May God bless your years and may you continue to bless Ebenezer!
*The Wired Word Bible Study has been postponed until further notice!*
  • St. John has resumed in-person worship at 10:15 a.m.
  • The November/December Upper Room is available in the Narthex.
  • All Saints Day is Sunday, November 1.
  • Don't forget that Sunday, November 1 ends Daylight Savings, so make sure to move your clocks back in hour!
  • November 4: Ebenezer Brass meeting at 6:00 p.m. (EUCC)
  • Join the EUCC men for breakfast on Thursday, November 12th @ 7 Angels at 8:30 a.m.!
  • The Women's Guild is meeting on Thursday, November 19 at 9:00 a.m. @ 7 Angels - anyone is welcome!
  • A pew card for those that give electronically is available for placement in the offering plates on Sunday mornings. 
  • Please email the office to schedule any needed appointments with Pastor Mike.