Ebenezer United Church of Christ
Pastor’s Corner
November is Thanksgiving month. As we prepare for Thanksgiving Day we look forward with anticipation to Advent and Christmas. We picture days and nights of peaceful snowfalls, moonlight glistening on the snow, and children running, laughing, and playing in the snow. We also spend some of the time looking back over the year wondering where it went. It sometimes seems we are so busy looking forward we never get the chance to look back to see where we’ve been.
This month, take time to remember those people who have been a blessing to you. Tell them they have been a blessing. Thank God for them and then thank them face-to-face if you can. If distance keeps you apart, jot them a note (not an e-mail, write a note so they see your handwriting). Thank God for all the blessings you have received through the year.
For some of you this has been another difficult year: COVID-19, the death of family members, loss of a job, estrangement from adult children, diminishing health, increasing stress, wondering if God is punishing you or has forgotten about you. If I may take a metaphor and literalize it for a moment: God is my rock and refuge. If I am standing next to my rock and fog rolls in so thick that I cannot see the rock, does this mean my rock has abandoned me? Of course not. As time moves forward the fog lifts and my rock has remained steadfast, unmoved by the fog. God remains by your side during these difficult months.
Take time this month to sit and remember. Mourn and rejoice. Offer praise to God who gives us all good things.
Happy Thanksgiving,
Thank you!!
The flower pots distributed around Chilton were picked up Tuesday, October 19 for winter storage - a grateful thank you to Ralph Schmid, Vern & Adam Gasch for flexing their muscles!

Office Hour Changes
Please note the office hours are now changed to the following:
  • Monday - 9a - 2:30p
  • Wednesday - 9a - 2:30p
Notes from Bell Choir
Please join Ebenezer Brass on Sunday morning, November 14th. We will be presenting the Jeris Waldvogel Scholarship to Makayla Mertz. Makayla will also be playing with us that morning. Congratulations Makayla!

Ebenezer Brass has been working very hard on music for our holiday concert tentatively set for December 12th.  Due to Covid we were not able to have the concert last year.  We are so excited to bring this back this year. Stay tuned for more information.  Anyone interested in joining us for this event, please contact Jill Sippel at 920-418-1534 or just show up on Wednesday night practice at 6:30 p.m. 

EUCC Ushering Schedule
Below is the upcoming ushering schedule; please note that the church office does not find a replacement, but we are happy to help you get in contact with possible subs! Please let the office know when any changes are made.

November 7: Council
November 14: Ken
November 21: Karen
November 28: Ralph

December 5: Council

For questions on ushering duties please click here.
Reader Schedule
Below is the upcoming reader schedule for the month of November. If you have any conflicts please let Pastor know right away.

November 7: Caleb
November 14: Pastor Mike
November 21: Mason
November 28: Spencer

December 5: Aiden
Confirmation News
Confirmation has returned to the calendar. We have five young men at Ebenezer, all in their second, and final year, of Confirmation. We have three young women from St. John, two that are new students and one that is beginning her second year. This year we are looking into the New Testament.
We have combined the classes, meeting at Ebenezer at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. As the year progresses, we will look at shifting the meeting place to St. John. Since we are meeting in person, I will be monitoring the COVID-19 numbers each week. 
Being a Warm and Friendly Worshiper
The first impression a visitor has when they walk into church on Sunday morning is the most important impression, they will have the entire morning. Did they see a smiling face as they entered the church? Did someone come over and greet them and say, “Welcome to Ebenezer? We are so happy to have you with us today.” Did someone show them where the restrooms are located, the sanctuary, and the church office? Did someone invite them to stay after for a time of fellowship?
These are simple gestures that say much about the church. Are we really friendly and welcoming or do we just think we are such? As we seek to continue growing, we need to become intentional about greeting people and making them feel welcome.
What do you do if someone new sits next to you in the pew? Extend a welcome. Tell the visitor your name. Let them know a little about the service. If they have a child, please tell them the child is welcome to participate during the Children’s Time.
Perhaps the scariest thing for people, is what to do if they aren’t sure if the person they are approaching is a member. What I do is say, “I’m sorry, you look familiar, but I simply can’t remember your name.” It is rare that a person will be offended if you offer an apology as you greet someone.
These are a few easy steps to make our church even more friendly and welcoming. Please practice this next Sunday. You’ll be surprised how easy it is and how many conversations you’ll begin.
Christian Education and Worship Committee Meeting Minutes
September 26, 2021

Sunday School update:
  •  Classes are off to good start – 21 students in four classes.
  •  No worship participation.
  • The Christmas program will be December 12th.
Memorial Sunday, November 7
  •  Those to be remembered: Jack Mattes, Diane Sattler, Don Waldvogel
  •  Letters will be sent to families
  •  Roses will be on the altar to give to each family.
  •  Thanksgiving Eve Ecumenical worship will be held at Gloria Dei church on November 24, at 7p.
Advent begins November 28; Karen & Ruth will welcome anyone to help them.
  • Date of decorating will be announced.
Recommendations for Christmas are as follows:
  • Friday, December 24, 4 p.m.; Family worship with communion & candlelight; Ebenezer Brass
  •  Saturday, December 25, 9 a.m.; Worship with communion
  • No worship on Sunday, December 26
Shirley suggested that short e-mails be sent weekly or a determined regular basis to previous confirmands and college students to let them know we are thinking of them and always welcome them.
Committee members present: Karen Cmejla, Shirley Lisowe, Bea Pingel, Jamie Plate, Kristi Schnell, Chris Stenz, Dennis Winkler, Elaine Hessil
Mission Education News - Fall 2021
A Bakeless Bake Sale
A lot of news I have today,
A "Bakeless Bake Sale" is on its way.
In these rushed days, now would you bake
Candy or cookies or something sweet?
You'd be surprised if you counted the cost
of materials, heat, and the time you'd lost.
Baking for sales is extra work.
So now we've thought of a plan that's
grand - and we feel quite sure
you will understand.
In a little envelope, PLEASE
put the price of some cookies or
candy - or something nice.
Without fuss or bother
you have done your part.
We are sure you will give
with a willing heart.
This is the end of our little tale.
Let's make a success of our
"Bakeless Bake Sale"!
Our committee has decided that due to these uncertain times, we will not be having a Cookie Walk this year but will be running this "Bakeless Bake Sale" to support Our Church’s Wider Mission. Hopefully, the cookie sale will return next year, but for now we are asking for your support with this new sale. Please make checks payable to Ebenezer United Church of Christ / Missions and send them to 44 W. Washington St. Chilton, WI 53014. You can also drop cash donations off at the church office during office hours.
Thank you for your support. Questions? Please contact any of these committee members: Janet, Jeanne, Karen, or Ruth.
A Special Thank You From Pastor...
I thank many different people and groups for their efforts to make the start of the church school year a smooth transition from the lazy days of summer.

  • Christian Education: the classes have been flawless, the kids energetic and the teachers out of this world. 

  • Bell Choir: Thanks to all in the Bell Choir for the music offered during worship. Your seemingly easy offerings to the church add a time of centering to all in attendance.

  • Chancel Choir: The first offering of the Chancel Choir at St. John will be October 31. I am looking forward to hearing the wonderful voices offering blessings to everyone and to God. I am excited the day is almost upon us.

  • Chilton Flowers: Another year has gone by and with it came the time to retire the flowers adorning the streets in Chilton. A special thanks goes out to all who volunteered their time this month to collect the flowers: Ralph Schmid and Vern & Adam Gasch.

Thanksgiving Ecumenical Service

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in New Holstein will be holding their Thanksgiving Ecumenical Service on Wednesday, November 24, 2021 at 7p. for those of you that are interested in attending. Their address is:

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
N1230 7 Corners Rd,
New Holstein, WI 53061
Wired Word - Morning Bible Study

Wired Word has resumed with some big topics that have drawn many great discussions. We meet Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. in Chilton and Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. in New Holstein. Everyone is welcome to attend, join the discussion, or simply sit and watch to get a feel for what we do in the class.

Notes about the St. John Chancel Choir
Chancel choir is back at St. John!!

We started rehearsals on Wednesday, October 13th and will continue at our regular time – 6:30 PM. 

All our former members will be back with the exception of Laurie Jandrey – alto, who is now retired and travelling in the new RV that she and her husband have purchased. We wish them safe travels and much happiness in retirement.

For now, we will be singing once per month. We are scheduled for October 31st and November 21st. It is likely to change once we get closer to the Holidays.

As always, we encourage and welcome new members at any time. If you are interested in singing with us, you may come to any rehearsal and simply observe, or join in. You are under no obligation to sing for a service until you feel ready.

Linda Hau, Director
Bathroom Renovations
We are currently in the process of getting bids to renovate the downstairs bathrooms. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.
Neighbors in Need Special Mission Offering
Thank you to those of you who were able to give offerings for Neighbors in Need. Your generosity is greatly appreciated to help keep this UCC program going.
Mission Committee's Christmas Project 2021
It has been since December of 2018 that Ebenezer UCC has supported a mission project because of COVID, but the good news is that we will be participating in one this year. The agency that the Mission Committee has selected is the Harbor House. Harbor House is the singular agency in Calumet and Outagamie Counties that is committed to the awareness and prevention of domestic abuse. And because of COVID-19, statistics show that the pandemic has highlighted the challenges domestic abuse victims and survivors face each day and that is why the Mission Committee felt that this is an agency in need of our support. 

Listed below are some of the items Harbor House needs to help the individuals and families that they serve in the community: 
New twin-sized sheet sets
Bath towels
Adult-sized tie-blankets (Twin size--38” W x 75” L)
(Can also be fleece sewn blankets)
Activity/craft kits for children
Heating pads

Hair dryers
Bathroom cleaner
Dryer sheets
Disinfecting wipes
13 gal. kitchen bags
33 gal. trash bags

Items can be dropped off at Ebenezer UCC during regular office hours (Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 a.m.- 2:30 p.m.) and placed under the Mission Project tree in the Narthex from December 1, 2021- January 3, 2022. Cash or check donations can also be mailed to the church office at 44 W. Washington Street, Chilton, WI 53014. Checks can be made payable to Ebenezer UCC/Missions. 

Thank you for supporting this Mission Project for 2021. 

Mission Education Committee

Annual Reports and Eagle Articles
Please start handing in your information for the annual report as soon as you can. I would like to begin putting the report together by November 21st, which is almost the same time the Eagle articles are due. If you plan to submit them together, please specify where each article belongs. Thank you so much for your help on this.

Member News
We are excited to share the article that one of our confirmands Alex Greuel wrote an article for the Chilton Journal.

If you are unable to make it to service, you are welcome to view the service Live on Facebook. As a reminder, you can always tune into 95.5 within a block of the church during the service!
Scrip: If you are in need of Scrip, please let Kelly know. If you are interested in re-loadable cards and direct pay to avoid contact, there is a small fee for credit card charge and bank withdrawal.

Kelly Brown
Ann ~ Arlene ~ Audra ~ Audrey ~ Da ’Monique ~Da’Nisha ~ Dean Diana ~ Kari ~ Pastor Sue Rebecca ~ Rod ~ Steve ~Tod ~ Tony ~ Vern ~ Dennis~ Jason

Due to privacy laws, last names cannot be printed on the prayer list because the Eagle goes on the church website which can be viewed by anyone on the Internet. 

If you want someone added or removed, please contact the church office.
Thank you.
Administrative Assistant - Nikki:
(920) 849-4331
Office Hours:
Monday: 9-2:30p
Wednesday: 9-2:30p

Pastor Michael Safford - Kennedy:
Cell: (920) 286-1956
Monday: 9-12p
Tuesday: 9-4p
Wednesday 1-3p
Thursday 9-12p

The office phone messages are checked during office hours; if you have a pastoral emergency, please contact Pastor Mike at (920) 286-1956 or via email.

If you have a non-emergency, send the office an email or leave a voicemail.
Kathy Kuhn 11/1
Alex Greuel 11/2
Adam Gasch 11/6
Don Sattler 11/7
Pam Schneider 11/7
Ashley Porsche 11/8
Bruce Alten 11/11
Lake Pingel 11/13
Jean Reichwald 11/15
Janene Van Hoorn 11/15
Ruth Aebischer 11/17
Linda Edington 11/17
Ella Bechlem 11/20
Pastor Susan 11/22
John Schroeder 11/22
Stephanie Adamietz 11/27
Amy Kuhn 11/27
Joe Kuhn 11/27
Delilah Kuhn 11/30

May God bless your years and may you continue to bless Ebenezer!
  • All Saint's Day: November 7.
  • Daylight Savings Time Ends: November 7.
  • Veterans Day: November 11.
  • Ebenezer Brass will be playing: November 14.
  • Men's Group Breakfast: 8:30a on November 11 at 7 Angels!
  • Women's Guild Breakfast 9a on November 18 at 7 Angels!
  • Wired Word is on Tuesdays at 10a.
  • Confirmation Classes are on Wednesday nights at 5:30p.
  • November 21: Council Meeting 11a.
  • Eagle Newsletter: Articles are due November 23.
  • November 24: Thanksgiving Ecumenical Service at Gloria Dei in New Holstein at 7p.
  • November 25: Happy Thanksgiving!
  • November 28: Advent begins

Ebenezer Church Council
Meeting Minutes: October 24, 2021
Meeting called to order by Zach at 11a.m. 
Prayer lead by Ken
Present: President Zach Platner, Vice President Ken Lisowe, Secretary Stacey Vernon, Pastor Mike
Motion for approval of agenda and Last Months Minutes by Stacey, 2nd by Ken
Motion by Stacey and seconded by Ken to approve Treasurer Report.
Treasurer’s Report: 
September Revenue: $8,547.50
September Expenses: $7,618.62
September Checkbook Balance: $66,943.35
September Money Market Acct: $251,702.00
September Cash Equity: $78,639.79
September Cambridge Investment: $61,443.24
Ministers Report:
Visitation Log
Committee reports:
Christian Ed/Music:
  • Council excepts recommendation by worship committee for Christmas services as follows; Friday, Christmas Eve at 4pm (candlelight), Saturday, Christmas Day at 9am with communion, Sunday, the 26th, no service. Motion to approve by Stacey, 2nd by Ken. 
  • Talk of memorial service held on November 7th.
  • Talk of Sunday School off to good start. 
  •  Gloria Dei in New Holstein to have a Thanksgiving Day service, this ecumenical service will be held at 7p.
  • Planning Bake-less Bake Sale for OCWM. 
  • Mission Project for Christmas donations to Harbor House in Calumet and Outagamie County.
  • Stacey assigned to Mission Committee. 
Property: None 
Evangelism: None
Stewardship: None
Membership: None
Pastor-Congregation Relations Committee: None
Old/Continuing Business:
  • Downstairs bathrooms checking into more options for flooring.  
  • Pastor Health Insurance Increase: Tabled
  • KEEPING PAST CONFIRMANDS INVOLVED: open to ideas and suggestions 
New Business: 
  • Secretary Hours: Secretary to be off on Fridays, will come in Fridays upon request only. Motion by Stacey 2nd by Ken. 
Other Business: None
Next Regular Council Meeting: Next regular council meeting November 21st. 
Motion to adjourn made by Stacey, 2nd by Ken.

Minutes submitted
by Stacey Freund
Council Approval via email
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