Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking!
June 14, 2014 7pm - 10 pm
2311 W. 50th St. Minneapolis, MN 55410 612 - 481- 2621
Across from Broders Deli on 50th and Penn Ave. S 



Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking!
Saturday, June 14, 2014 7pm - 10 pm
Motivation Class &  Musical Performance!
Even Break Gallery
invites you to our place for a special night show with speaker, John Geenen to Jack Up Our Thinking! Also, we will have some solo musical performances in the breaks, by the Even Breaks people. So, we just need you and your thoughts to come... so they can be changed. We have wine and coffee covered. Donation is optional. So, what do you think?

Even Break Gallery Gossip:

Patches and Gretchen broke up! A big scandal! Someone did this and then she did that and then he had that big problem. So anyway, Kaput! 

The Lonesome kid is in town. That's right. Gretchen Seichrist, Danny Viper, Christopher Thompson and Steve Janega are The Lonesome Kid. A southern rock band. They just wrote an album....to be recorded at the end of the summer. Of course, the biggest climate change gathering ever is going to be held in New York in September, and you know we have to be there. Everything is on a quick - sand - plan, now. But you knew that. So did The Lonesome Kid.

Even Breaks Variety Show!

Well we were playing with The Local Music Scene and had bunches of cool upcoming music guests the past few months! There is tons of footage we need to sort through and then we will eventually put it on the website. We also stream live on http://www.ustream.tv/channel/even-break-gallery at these shows! Thanks so much to those incredible young improv people! P & G loved sharing shows with them and we learned as much as if we had stayed in school! Go see them at the places they play around town, such as Huge Theater. We hope they come and join us sometime again here with some other EBG creation or event.

We have a new schedule coming up for the gallery.

Saturday Mornings we will be open as always 10 am - 1pm with free coffee, art and whatever else is going on that morning. If there is an Even Breaks show, we will post it on the website for that week. Last week, The Amazing Darnwell really mesmerized the crowd and he promised to come back as a regular.

We will have special events once or twice a month and we will keep you posted about those upcoming events via website and our mailing list.
The Even Break Garden is growing strong and The Barter Bank is there for you if you need it.

As always, if you have an idea of something to do at the gallery, we'd love to hear from you.


Gretchen Seichrist

Even Break Gallery

Even Break Gallery
It's your Even Break! You just have to use it.