Supporting the DSP Workforce:
A virtual discussion on experiencing and understanding people on the front lines of whole person-centered care.
The North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities invites you to experience and understand Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) on the front lines of whole person-centered care. The event will include personal stories from DSP professionals, families and advocates as well as clips from the film "Invaluable", a life affirming look into the world of whole person care.
It will include an update on the status of policy work to increase the pay and training for DSPs. It will be an afternoon of collaboration, entertainment, and conversation about how North Carolina can better support DSPs and increase our collective understanding of the value DSPs provide. Join us and learn how you can get more involved in supporting our DSP workforce.


  • Chris Hendricks, Public Policy Coordinator, NCCDD
  • Bryan Dooley, Vice Chair, NCCDD
  • Dave Owen, DSP
  • Benita Purcell, Sibling & AdvocateAnna Cunningham and Annette Smith, Co-Chairs NC DSP Workforce Committee