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The Hock Tools Newsletter 
#6 / 2015 
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In this issue:
615, Q&A Epoxy Kit Unboxed
The European Woodworking Show 2015
Q&A: Epoxy Kits
How2: Glue in a Wear Strip
Shout-Out:The Krenov Foundation's Two Big Awards 
How2: Glue in a Wear Strip
615, Q&A Glue in a Wear Strip on your spokeshave
Isaac Fisher, the woodworker who builds all of Hock Tools plane and scratch stock kits, provided this step-by-step on gluing the brass wear strip to our bubinga spokeshave body:
I took this same photo of the Hock Tools spokeshave kit from the Q&A article about Epoxy Kits in this same edition of Sharp & to the Point. You are basically going to want that brass wear strip secured and epoxy is the best way to fasten it to the wood.
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Shout-Out: The Krenov Foundation's Two Big Awards to Woodworkers
615, MJ Box, Greg Zall, Photo Tyler Chartier
MJ Box by Greg Zall
The Krenov Foundation's 2015 Award Winner at the 27th Annual Artistry In Wood Exhibit at the Sonoma County Museum
Photo Credit: Tyler Chartier

Each year - for the past 27 years - the Sonoma County Woodworkers Association in collaboration with the Sonoma County Museum mounts an annual exhibit entitled Artistry in Wood. Populated with piece after piece of some of the region's finest examples, Artistry in Wood is a woodworking bash of elegant proportions, celebrated with local wines - and beer.
This year's exhibit holds special significance for Ron at Hock Tools.

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33 Years of Excellence
Ron in HOCK Shop
Ron Hock
It was a busy summer here at Hock Tools. Thank you all for keeping us jumping as we chill into Fall.
It seems to me the newsletter says it all. We went to the European Woodworking Show where we had the best good time; our kit designer and builder Isaac Fisher keeps getting woodworking questions and his answers help customers make better tools; and one of my special projects, The Krenov Foundation was able to bestow a financial award to woodworker Greg Zall.
Please read through the articles. Linda has loaded them with photographs and links, which means lots of stuff to look at and think about. Of course if you need anything from Hock Tools, feel free to let me know. 

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Advancing Handtools: 
615, Wheat Barn Interior at Cressing Temple, EWS 2015

This photo was taken inside the Wheat Barn at Cressing Temple, just two minutes before opening 
on day two of 
The European Woodworking Show 2015.

The European  Woodworking Show 
We were thrilled to be part of it all and are already looking forward to next time.

Located at (and in) the impressive and inspiring 13th century Cressing Temple Barns between Witham and Braintree, Essex, the European Woodworking Show opened its doors to handtool vendors, woodworking exhibitors, demonstrators, workshops, competitions, food carts, woodworkers of all sorts. It was big, it was plenty, and it was definitely worthwhile.
Exterior shot of the 13th century Wheat Barn & its "brother," the 50 years older Barley Barn at Cressing Temple.

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Q & A:
Is there a specific epoxy kit you recommend? 
Email Isaac with Your Woodworking Questions.
Isaac Fisher is Hock Tools' woodworking maven here at Hock Tools. He helps design and build our kits and scratch stock, which he designed completely. Ron answers your questions about metal.
Sin c e   Ho c k Tools   sells a spokeshave kit requiring the gluing of a brass wear strip onto the bubinga spokeshave - a seemingly simple process but one that can be vexing if not done step-by-step - and since our last issue of Sharp & to the Point   included so much about spokeshaves, it seems only fitting 
to  attend to questions about g luing and epoxy.

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