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Here is a unique opportunity to watch, learn and share what an EWTN Media Missionary does! We have collected several video titles for you to review. Use them to inform and invite your friends to consider being a Media Missionary.

Also, we have included links for two of our most exciting resources to share, EWTN On-Demand and WINGS!
Please keep this email on file for future reference and use. The pictures below are all links as well, click on them and share!

EWTN Media Missionaries Introduction:
Find out what a Media Missionary is, what they do, and how easy it is to become one!

EWTN Media Missionaries - Personal Prayer:
See how you can actively participate through Personal Prayer for EWTN as a Media Missionary.

EWTN Media Missionaries - Public Outreach:
How can anyone, like a college student or business-man, be a Media Missionary in your community? Find out how!

EWTN Media Missionaries - Parish Involvement:
Are you surprised by how many folks don't know about EWTN? Here is how to get involved at your parish and spread the Word!

A special show of "At Home with Jim & Joy": 
This show is all about the Media Missionary program at EWTN! Watch online or order the DVD (#AH259 at Religious Catalogue)

A word of encouragement for you from  Area Coordinator Lara Toman:
Lara shares a heartfelt and informative message that
will strengthen your missionary efforts.  

Share the news that you can now watch your favorite shows on demand! Just type ewtn.com/ondemand!

Invite others to Receive & Spread their Wings, with EWTN WINGS electronic Newsletter! Sign up at ewtn.com/wings, and stay updated on all that is EWTN.

Watch, learn, and share videos right from our 
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Thank you for doing the work of a missionary!

Jim Pinto
Director, EWTN Media Missionaries
Carlos Garcia
Manager, Volunteer Support

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