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We want to extend special thanks to all the educators, community partners, advisory board members, and countless others who have helped us to launch a successful first year of EXCEL.
We Invite You To Attend EXCEL Showcase Celebration
April 24 at 6:00 PM
Little Rock Regional Chamber
We hope you will join us to celebrate the first year launch of the EXCEL program in the Little Rock School District. Students will present the work they have been doing in internships and projects, and we will recognize our partners and program champions.
What's Your EXCEL Story?
Before Excel, I wasn’t really sure what my next move as a senior was going to be. Everybody says “Oh, go to college.” But, college isn’t immediately for everyone, especially for a guy like me who doesn’t really like school. Excel exposed me to a whole new world of opportunities and jobs that I could do and not have to go to a traditional four year college.

Teacher Cadets Have Open Seats
Our nation is facing a critical teacher shortage. Arkansas is no exception to this crisis. EXCEL offers high school students the chance to test drive teaching as a profession, to experience making a difference in the lives of others, to earn college credit (at no charge to students) that can set them on the path to becoming a future educator. Students and parents can talk to high school counselors to add EXCEL to students' schedules for next school year. It's not too late!

It's Not Too Late to Join Technology!
Arkansas recognizes the dramatic growth in jobs that demand computer science skills. EXCEL offers students the opportunity to find their particular passion--coding, designing websites, creating apps, designing and managing marketing campaigns--and to work on real projects with professionals. To join EXCEL Technology next school year, students and parents can talk to high school counselors to add EXCEL to students' schedules for next school year.
Medical Students Intern Across City

Medical students are currently interning in hospitals, clinics, and private practices across Little Rock. All the EXCEL Medical students have earned certifications in CPR, AED, and HIPPA. Students will earn a fourth certification in their particular area of interest. View the video to follow the journey EXCEL Medical students have taken this year to discovering their passions in the medical field and growing as medical professionals.
Construction To Sell Storage Building

An 8' x 12' storage building complete with a window and shelving is nearing completion, and students plan to sell the building to raise money for materials for the program. This semester, students started with a blueprint and raw materials and labored to construct the building, applying fundamentals of construction they have been learning all year. View the video to see other projects construction students have been tackling this year.