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Our latest book in the
"How to Make and Keep Friends" workbook series

Bully Busting and Managing Meanies:
Tips for Kids on Managing Conflict

The Bully Busting and Managing Meanies: Tips for Kids on Managing Conflict workbook provides simple, actionable and proven strategies to help children build confidence, manage conflict, and deal with mean or bullying situations.
Children will learn:

the distinct differences between bullying and conflict;
• how their choices of reaction and response matter;
• steps on how to build confidence and defend themselves; 
• how to ask for help from an adult;
• what to do if they see other kids being mean to someone; and,
• our proven tips to make recess more fun.

The full color, beautifully illustrated workbook also includes scenarios for discussion and practice.

Bestselling authors, Nadine Briggs, Director of Simply Social Kids and Donna Shea, Founder of the Peter Pan Center for Social and Emotional Growth, are creators of the How to Make and Keep Friends books series. They specialize in providing simple tips that teach kids with social challenges the social language of friendship.

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How to Make & Keep Friends 

978/413-1965 (Donna)
978/764-2758 (Nadine)