The Mercury Retro trot continues. Kelly Jones, who divorced Alex Jones in 2015 and in 2017, sued for custody of their three children joins David Parkman on his show. She claims that she's not there to dis her ex- because "He's a guy with serious problems, that instead of being helped by the court or by people who could have helped our family, they empowered his narcissistic rage." Kelly believes that Alex should "not have a YouTube channel."

Kelly couches all of her statements in hideous legalese and Parkman frames all of his questions about Alex Jones' "conspiracy beliefs" as a symptom of mental illness. Kelly confesses to having at one point been "indoctrinated" by Jones. She describes how they met and were married and how her sudden realization that she was in a domestically violent situation was akin to a boiling frogs moment.

It's very rare that we ever get to see Alex Jones' former "Better Half" so this is a video document worth seeing for that fact, alone. The primary motivation for her appearance is to voice concern for the safety of their eldest son, 15-year-old Rex, who recently began broadcasting on InfoWars.

She says Jones' supplement business is extremely profitable and that people need to know that every time they buy his products, they are supporting an endless juggernaut of litigation that is keeping "kids away from their momma."

Running Time: 25 mins

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