EXCLUSIVE: Interview w/ Families USA's
Senior Director of Health Policy, Eliot Fishman
Vol. 14, No. 05
April 3, 2018
On March 20, 2018, Eliot Fishman of Families USA spoke with HealthWatch Wisconsin's Bobby Peterson. 

HWW : Today we have Eliot Fishman from Families USA with us. Thank you for participating in this interview for the HealthWatch Wisconsin Pulse Newsletter. We are interested in your perspectives on issues related to Wisconsin's 1115 Demonstration waiver. Eliot, would you like to give a little background on your work at Families USA and some of your work previously?

Eliot : Sure. At Families USA, I am the Policy Director. Families USA is very engaged at both a national and state level on advocacy and policy development for consumers in health care policy. That includes a lot of recent work defending the gains of the Affordable Care Act and trying to fight what are both legally and, in terms of their policy impact, very problematic Medicaid waiver proposals that have been coming up at the state level and starting to get federal approval. We also do a lot of work around health equity and delivery system reform issues, again, always with a consumer focus. Prior to my time at Families USA and particularly relevant for this discussion, I was at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, responsible for running the group that reviews the Medicaid 1115 waiver proposals, like Wisconsin's.

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