September 2015
A White Canvas
I've always found September to be a sensational month, as it is all about new beginnings! When I was a kid, it was the school shopping that got me----new crayons, new books, new binders, new gel pens! (Yes, I had a pretty impressive collection of gel pens, circa 1998.) Then there was the excitement that comes with starting brand new classes, with new teachers, maybe even in a new building. September has always felt like a blank slate to me----a looming white canvas, begging to be painted.
That's how I feel today, as I write this newsletter. This month marks the beginning of a new journey; however, we embark on an adventure that will be much more powerful than any new crayons or textbooks. This journey we begin, SEND North America, touches lives, changes hearts, and leaves people different than they came. Are you ready??? I know I am----bring on the paint brushes, and let's color that canvas. 
Meet the Team!
As you're reading this newsletter, three young adults are settling into their new homes for the next 10 months. They're unpacking their bags, meeting their host families, learning a new routine, and starting their adventure! From Michigan, Indiana, and as far as Belize, these young adults have all taken a step of faith, long before arriving in Kendallville, Indiana for SEND North America, the hands-on training experience for young adults. They recognized a calling from God to get deeper with Him, learn what it means to disciple others, and live the life that He calls them, uniquely, to live. They've prayed about it, had the conversations, raised the support, and the day has finally arrived...they are here!
Jean Elisee Heureuse
Meet your 2015-2016 SEND North America team:
Jean Elisee Heureuse (nickname is pronounced "Zay") is our first international young adult to participate in SEND! He is from Belize and is very excited about his time with us in the States to study God's word, get trained and equipped in his faith, and return to Belize next year with a renewed vision for mission and ministry. Elisee is 28 years old and has a wife and daughter, Ajani and Elysia.  
Quinnlin Jacquay

Quinnlin Jacquay is from Auburn, Indiana. Quinn is 19 years old, and has been very active in his youth group, as a young adult and as a volunteer. He has a real heart for ministry; he feels like God may be calling him into chaplaincy after SEND.

Sarah Kolb is from Indian River, Michigan. Sarah is also 19 years old and recently returned from her second mission trip to Guatemala. She graduated with an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts this past
spring. Sarah feels that God may be
Sarah Kolb
calling her to family counseling or international missions after SEND.

While meeting the team via newsletter is great, wouldn't it be so much better to meet them in person? We thought you might say that!  Join the SEND team for a Party in the Park on Sunday, September 13th from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Meet Elisee, Quinn, and Sarah, pray with Dr. Kent Hunter, founder of SEND North America, as he commissions the team, hear from Kenzie, the leader of SEND, all while enjoying free refreshments and games! The 
SEND team would love to get to know you, in person! 

Hope to see you September 13th! 
Prayer Requests
  • Gratitude for the host families of our SEND young adults.
  • Gratitude for SEND's partners in ministry: teachers, financial supporters, prayer warriors.
  • Gratitude for Destiny Family of Faith Church for being our host training site again.
  • Blessings on Elisee, Quinn, and Sarah, that God will give them wisdom, calling, and discernment throughout their training.
  • Financial support for the Nehemiah Missionary House.
New to SEND?
If you're new to SEND North America and want to learn more about this 10-month training experience for young adults (18-29 years old), call or email me at 800-626-8515 or . I would love to chat with you about the SEND experience, and how you can get involved! Whether you are a young adult considering joining next year's team or someone who is passionate about the millennial generation and wants to make a difference, there is a place for you at SEND North America! Learn more at our website, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

God's blessings,

SEND Leader


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