April 2016
Urban Ministry in Chicago
Last month, our young adult team from SEND North America, the 10-month discipleship training experience, spent a weekend in Chicago, Illinois, for a powerful mission excursion. Coming from the rural community of Kendallville, Indiana, the home location for SEND, our young adult team experienced a very different culture ---- urban culture! Urban ministry truly came to life for us as we shared the story of Jesus with children in a homeless shelter, prayed for men on the streets who struggle with survival prostitution, worshiped in a gospel church on Palm Sunday, and ate Korean, Puerto Rican, and Lebanese foods! The sheer number of people, ethnicities, restaurants, businesses, colleges, and neighborhoods in a city this size is eye-opening...and a little overwhelming! During our weekend, the 10,000,000+ people who live in the greater Chicagoland area became more than a number. They became a sea of real people, each with a name and a story, and each one a child of God.
As we traveled throughout the city and experienced life in neighborhood after neighborhood, one question stayed in the back on my mind ---- how can one person make a difference? In our smaller towns and neighborhoods, it's easier to see the ways that God uses individuals to impact the Kingdom. Yet, in a city like Chicago, it's not difficult to get overwhelmed by the amount of Kingdom work to do and the size of our mission field! This proved to be a great lesson for us in understanding our unique part in the Kingdom and how God can, and does, use each of us. Jesus used 12 ordinary men to change not only a town or city, but the world. The first disciples may, too, have felt overwhelmed by the mission challenge at times, yet they did not waver in their commitment to sharing the gospel. Why? Because they knew the message of Jesus Christ changes lives, including theirs, and it's a message too important to keep to oneself!
This truth still rings true as disciples today, and it became obvious as we served in various areas of Chicago that God is using His people in many ways, some that we had never even considered. We were honored to serve alongside ministries that reach out to men who are struggling with survival prostitution, homeless shelters who share the good news, and churches that feed people spiritually and literally. God is using each individual person in these ministries to make a difference for the Kingdom. We were honored to learn about each ministry in this urban setting and be part of it.  
This weekend excursion was a special one, as we had two new young adults, Jessica and Duane, join our current SEND team, Quinn, Ze, and Sarah.  These two young adults are considering joining a future SEND team, and I know they would appreciate your prayers for discernment.
I thank God for another impactful month of SEND training; God is so good. From teachers who share extraordinary insights to trips like this one in Chicago, it is evident that God is alive and well and doing an amazing work in the lives of this SEND team and those we meet. With Easter just behind us, I am reminded that there is no greater love than that of our God, who gave up His Son for you and me, that we might live with the hope of eternal life. I am thankful for our SEND team, who is seizing the opportunity to share this hope with others, and for all those who serve God diligently. Our SEND family thanks you for your love and prayer ---- your support for this ministry changes lives.
Special thank you
A special thank you to Alec Kenny and Eric Schwarz, who shared about both of their ministries in Chicago with our SEND team! Also, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside these ministries last month in Chicago-please pray for the work they are doing!
SEND North America: March 2016


We welcome your SEND engagement
This is a big shout out to young adults living outside the U.S.  If you are interested in joining SEND 2016-17 we need your application ASAP. The deadline is April 30. You may apply at sendnorthamerica.com. Don't miss out on this adventure!
Do you want to partner with SEND to help disciple young adults? You may play an important role within the SEND family. Just remember G.A.P.  
  • Giving is an important part of the ongoing mission to SEND. If God is stirring your heart to invest financially in the next generation of leaders in His church, please hit the donate button below.
  • A pply and join the SEND adventure. If you're 18-25, your life will never be the same by joining SEND! And that's a good thing. Find your calling and invest in yourself by taking time out for investing in your relationship with Jesus! Reaching your potential could be just a click away. Apply for SEND today at sendnorthamerica.com. To young adults from the U.S., your application deadline is July 15.
  • P ray! Our SEND young adults are getting ready to embark on a mission trip to Belize in Central America in May. Please pray for protection, provision, and for divine God appointments that will impact lives.
To get involved in any of the above you may e-mail jonhunter@churchdoctor.org or give us a call at 1-800-626-8515.

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Partner to rebuild the Nehemiah House
Years ago, some great support partners helped us purchase the house next door to our office. It is called the Nehemiah Missionary House. It has housed Christian missionaries from all over the world. The next group is coming in soon: young adults training for 10 months in SEND, the young adult discipleship and missionary training developed by Church Doctor Ministries.

Nehemiah House
Sarah will be the first to move in this July. She is returning after her first year of SEND to prepare to be a future SEND leader. Other young women will join her in September.

The Nehemiah House needs some serious repairs - soon: a new roof, plumbing, windows, some paint. We need help for this special project. The remaining need is $20,000.

We invite you to join us as Nehemiah House support partners. Please pray: ask God what He would have you generously invest in these young missionaries and more to come. Nehemiah had many generous helpers. All these years later, God's work is still important.

Help us invest in the next generation. Please click on the donate button below to make your tax-deductible gift to Church Doctor Ministries/SEND for this special project.

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