July 2016
What I Learned From S.E.N.D.
When I look back to last September when this team's session of SEND began, I really had no idea what was in store. Yes, I had a calendar (I don't do anything without that thing!) and an idea of where God would take us geographically, but I had no clue where God would take us spiritually over the course of 10 months. As this team's final week of SEND training just passed, I want to share an invaluable lesson that God touched my heart with through the journey of SEND North America. I pray that the stories of these SEND young adults inspire you as much as they have me.  
When you open yourself up to God, He reveals Himself to you.
When I met Quinn, Sarah, and Ze for the first time, it was like the idea of SEND instantly "clicked" with them. They shared with me the desire to know God deeper, see where He is leading them, and make some new friends. Basically, they were open to an adventure, even one where the destination was unclear! Because of this willingness to go where God led them, they were able, maybe for the first time in their lives, to hear what God was saying ---- to listen to His voice. I watched countless times as all three of them encountered God, in different, yet powerful ways.
As Christians, we know that God is speaking into our lives, always communicating with us, but the question I learned to ask is: Am I listening to what He has to say? Am I willing to open my life up to the Creator of the universe and give Him the reins to do whatever He wants? When I put it like that, it sounds absurd that I might even consider saying no! Yet, isn't that what we do? We keep our lives as just that, our lives, and forget that they really aren't ours to begin with!
I am totally inspired by these SEND young adults who chose to give 10 months to discovering God's purpose and plan for their lives. I watched God unfold plans that none of them could have imagined! When Quinn applied to SEND, he thought he might be called to military chaplaincy. After watching him engage with teens and kids throughout the last year, it is more obvious than any calling I've ever seen that he is meant for youth ministry! Sarah, who originally thought she may become a Christian counselor, will be training as a SEND leader next year as she explores her calling to inspire young adults to take the same leap of faith she did. Ze, also known as Elisee Jean, will be discipling others through pastoral ministry in Belize and discerning next steps to start SEND Central America. Patrick, a young adult who recently reconnected with SEND, feels called to young adult ministry and wants to see revival in his generation.
What beautiful horizons lay ahead for these young adults! The future is truly limitless for them, not because we believe in some cliché, but because our God is the author of all and is bigger than any dream you or I could come up with. The journey for this team of young adults began with them opening their hearts to God's plans and being willing to take the adventure God laid out for them. They taught me that when we are willing to let God take His rightful place in the driver's seat, He will take us down roads we didn't even know existed. There will still be bumps (and maybe even some moments of carsickness along the way!), but God is truly the best navigator. He knows the right path, every time. Willingness to hand over the keys ---- and accept that we are just the copilot ---- is a life lesson worth learning early on.
It was my honor and privilege to watch as this team of SEND young adults lived out this lesson, and it is one I will never forget. I am forever grateful for the journey that God sent three young adults on over the last 10 months, and I am thankful to have been part of this journey with them, as their leader, mentor, confidant, and friend. As I said, the SEND young adults on this team were open to an adventure. And because of this, I watched them experience the adventure of a lifetime. And, it's only just beginning.

God's Blessings,
Mackenzie (Kenzie) Ritchie
Leader, S.E.N.D. North America
The Year in Pictures

September - Prison mission excursion in Ohio
October - Raking leaves in Indiana
November - Serving at The Rescue Mission in Michigan

December - Christmas Party in Indiana
January - Muslim outreach in Michigan
February - Discipling youth in Wisconsin

March - Urban ministry in Chicago
April - Local mission outreach in Indiana
May - International mission excursion in Belize

Friends and family pray for SEND young adults as they are commissioned to expand God's Kingdom in the world
2015-2016 SEND Team Year In Review
SEND 2015-2016 Highlights

We welcome your SEND engagement
Want to do something fun, exciting, and life-changing over the next 10 months? Take an opportunity that will train you for life. Say "Yes" and join the movement that has transformed many young adults already. The application deadline is July 15. Don't miss out on the experience that will change your life! 

Jon said "Yes" to take up the discipleship challenge. Watch his story in this video.
Do you want to partner with SEND to help disciple young adults? You may play an important role within the SEND family. Just remember  G.A.P.
  • Give ---- Is God is stirring your heart to invest financially in the next generation of leaders?  Sign up to sponsor a SEND young adult. E-mail kenzie@churchdoctor.org to find out how to make this happen!
  • Apply ---- Join the SEND adventure. Do something great this year!  If you're 18-29, apply for SEND today at sendnorthamerica.com.
  • Pray ---- Please lift up our new young adults who have said "Yes" and will begin SEND this September.  Pray for those who are considering joining SEND that God leads them in the right direction.
"God is working in me in so many ways; my relationship with Him has grown beyond what I could have ever imagined. SEND has given me a fire for revival in my generation."
- Sarah Kolb, SEND Team 2015-2016

To get involved in any of the above you may e-mail jonhunter@churchdoctor.org or call us at 1-800-626-8515.
More Exciting News for the Nehemiah House!
The Nehemiah Missionary House, next to Church Doctor Ministries' office, was donated by a number of generous support partners several years ago. We are excited to use this space to house the growing number of female young adults who will participate in SEND this fall! However, our Missionary House is in need of serious repairs before August 15, 2016. Including cost of appliances, the total cost of repairs is $33,000.
Destiny Family of Faith, our partner church and SEND training center, has designated SEND's Nehemiah Missionary House as their local mission outreach for the summer. With Destiny's provision of labor, other financial contributions totaling $4,800, and a family's challenge gift of $19,000 for this project, the Nehemiah Missionary House is coming along  ---- but we still need your help!
Now is your chance to get involved and help us finish this project! Here's how YOU can make an impact today:
  • Pray that God will provide everything needed for repairs to be completed by August 15.
  • Serve with Destiny Family of Faith's mission team in repairs and renovations to the house. To coordinate, please contact Melissa at 260-599-0254 or destfamfaith@gmail.com.
  • Invest in the future of young adults by financially giving to the renovation of the Nehemiah Missionary House. Use the donate button below.
  • Donate in-kind items such as appliances or furniture.                                     E-mail kenzie@churchdoctor.org or call 1-800-626-8515 to learn more.

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