August 2016
" Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see how good   God   is. Blessed are you who run to him." Psalm 34:8 MSG
How good our God is! We will soon be heading into another season of SEND discipleship training for young adults, and I am happily reminded of this simple, yet significant, truth. Our God is so good to us! He gives us purpose and meaning, He forgives us despite our failures and weaknesses, and He works through every circumstance to bring life, hope, and joy. This is reason to celebrate. And this is why SEND exists.
If you are unfamiliar with SEND, now would be a good time to explain! Throughout the next several months, you will be seeing photos and videos in this newsletter, reading stories of hope, and learning about the transformational change going on in the lives of young adults from across the country. SEND North America is not a program. It's not a quick- fix. It's not community service or work projects. SEND is a movement - a movement, by God's grace, of young adults who are seeking God's will for their lives, learning how He has gifted and called them, and committing themselves to making a Kingdom difference with their lives.
Each year, we get a new team of young adults, 18 to 25 years old, who take 10 months to be equipped in living as a disciple of Jesus Christ who makes disciples. SEND young adults experience teachings from 50+ experienced leaders in ministry and mission, travel across the Midwest United States and internationally to share the gospel, and get experience sharing their faith in their everyday lives through a part-time job in a secular business. SEND young adults build relationships with excellent leaders who are willing to invest in them and truly understand the model of discipleship that we believe Jesus had in mind.
This new season of SEND begins in September 2016, and we are preparing for our new team to arrive. This is a great time of blessing and excitement for the future, as our young adult team has grown, we have added teachers and mission opportunities, and we are discipling our first young adults to be future leaders of SEND teams in other locations! God is so good, and I want to take time to remember that. He has given us support partners like you, who read our updates, pray for our ministry work, and bless us through love, prayer, and support. This is truly a time to be thankful for all God is doing and that He allows SEND to be an avenue for sharing His purpose and plans with young adults.
This month, I'm grateful what God is doing, and excited for what lies ahead. I challenge you with this:
  1. What blessings are you thankful for today?
  2. Who is God calling you to disciple this coming year?
  3. How can you become more involved with this young adult movement? 
God's Blessings,
Mackenzie (Kenzie) Ritchie
Leader, S.E.N.D. North America
We welcome your SEND engagement
We are so excited that SEND will be starting in September!  Spots in SEND are filling up fast. If God is challenging you to do SEND, apply immediately before it's too late.  Don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime; 

Do you want to partner with SEND to help disciple young adults? There are four ways you can play an important role within the SEND family.
  1. Pray: Please pray for the new team that will be starting in September. Pray that God prepares their hearts for what He is going to do over the upcoming year.
  2. Share: We want more young adults to be trained, equipped, and sent by God. If you know a young adult who would be interested in SEND training, please share SEND with them. We would love to meet and talk with them.
  3. Visit: Join us for our SEND Open Day on Saturday, October 8, 2016, from 10 a.m. to noon. Experience worship, a SEND teaching from Dr. Kent Hunter, Q&A, and refreshments with this year's team of SEND young adults. Check out this flyer for more information.
  4. Invest: God loves a cheerful giver! You can invest in the next generation by supporting this SEND team's international mission excursion expenses. With a one-time gift, or ongoing monthly gifts, you can make a major impact on young adults, the people we serve in Central America, and the Kingdom of God! Please e-mail for details.
"In SEND, I explored countless opportunities in mission and life. 
With SEND training, support, and leadership I was able to develop 
a closer relationship with God, and follow my passions in life."
-Nick Wilson, SEND Team 2011-2012

To get involved in any of the above, 

give us a call at: 1-800-626-8515.
Nehemiah House Update
Transformation of the 
living room in the 
Nehemiah House
We are approaching our target date of August 22, 2016, to complete the renovations necessary to the Nehemiah Missionary House, which will be the home to the ladies on our SEND team beginning in September. God has done incredible things with this house next to Church Doctor Ministries' office, which was donated by a number of generous support partners several years ago. With the generosity of many financial support partners and hands-on labor from our friends at Destiny Family of Faith and others in our network, we have completed many of the projects to make the house ready for our SEND team this fall! 
But we aren't finished yet! We are still in need of the following renovations:
  • New roof
  • Window replacement for 10 windows
  • Electrical updating
  • Siding repair
Would you help us finish the Nehemiah Missionary House? Here's how YOU can make a difference:
  • Pray that God will provide.
  • Invest in young adults by financially giving. Use the donate button below.


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