Powering the Future
As the disruption in delivery fulfillment continues to grow, we at Elite EXTRA are de veloping new features and services to help our clients compete in both traditional and last mile deliveries.

We are not only expanding the breadth of our features, we’re growing our partner base, which means a wider array of products and services that we’re recommending to our clients.

We’ve also brought on Nikki Riedel (see below) to be our new Partner Relationship Manager. She will be managing our 70-plus partners, including marketing to them and informing them of features that are pertinent to their business.

Our partners have been integral to our rapid growth, and we’re looking forward to strengthening our existing partnerships and forging new ones as we continue to expand into new markets.
Jon Ward was recently promoted to ADC/Elite EXTRA's VP/Chief Sales Officer. Jon’s strong sales ability and dedication to customer service has helped us to become the leading advanced dispatch management software for dozens of industries throughout the world. Jon has been with the Elite EXTRA sales team since 2011, and has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the Univ. of Wis. - La Crosse. Prior to that he was a Class A Certified PGA Golf Professional in the Phoenix area.
Jeff Tsai is a recent graduate of Univ. of Wis. - Madison with a degree in Computer Science. He joins the team as a Software Engineer on our Mobile Development team.
James Ewens is also a valued new addition to EXTRA's Software Development Team with a specialty in iOS development. James graduated from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, and in addition to his technical skills has a background in finance.
Nikki Riedel joins us as Marketing/Partnership Relationship manager. A graduate of the Univ. of Wis.-Eau Claire, she brings over a decade of experience in sales, account management and marketing to the team. Nikki has a strong passion for providing top-notch customer service.
Elite EXTRA will be introducing its alliance with Panasonic’s Toughbook mobile device at the Last Mile Conference at Green Valley Ranch, in Henderson, NV on Nov. 7th and 8th.

Toughbook was introduced by Panasonic in 1996 and is designed to withstand vibration, drops, spills, extreme temperatures and rough handling.

Learn more about our partnership in the video below! Book a demo today to learn how teaming up with Elite EXTRA and Panasonic can make a big impact on the last mile of your delivery operations.

Keep your customers in the loop! Elite EXTRA can now send emails directly to your clients for a variety of tasks.

Your customers can receive accurate ETA notifications, digital signatures upon delivery, and return notifications. ETA notifications can be sent within five minutes of a route being started; POD's can be sent within minutes of a delivery; and, when a return is picked up, an email can be sent to your customer detailing the return items.
Do your deliveries require special driver certifications or vehicle requirements? Elite EXTRA can now account for these unique requirements so that your orders get assigned to the proper drivers or vehicles to complete deliveries without a hitch, ( unless you need one of course) .

Ready to get your inclusions set up? Contact us today!
Do you have the same driver running your recurring routes and wish you could just automatically dispatch the route to that specific driver? Well, now you can!

Drivers that are logged in or have Keep Available enabled in their profile can be assigned a Recurring Route. Just keep in mind the driver can only be auto dispatched if they do not already have a queued manifest assigned to them.
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