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President's Message
It’s all about the customer. No time has that phrase ever meant more. Amazon has disrupted the landscape of delivery management automation forever, and customers expect fast (and often free) deliveries, as well as greater visibility over their packages. Customer-centric delivery management is now the standard for first, last and every mile in between.
For our team at Elite EXTRA, it’s all about giving our customers an advantage in a growingly competitive marketplace. That advantage will give them the power to provide their customers with the services they’ve come to expect.
Since the first version of the software in 2010, we have set our sights on being a full-service dispatching solution with features that can be customized for all industries where it is needed.
We have accomplished this, and continue to work within areas of automated dispatch, automated-optimal vehicle assignment and other technologies. 
What this means for our current users is more features for semi-automated dispatch and more automatic optimization options. This research and development has also led to larger opportunities within the direct to consumer delivery markets (please see article below on our partnership with Datatrac).
Continual improvement continues to be our mode of operation, and to that end we offer you these new features that we hope will further enhance your Elite EXTRA experience. As always, please contact us with questions or for more information on any of these features. 
Filterable Messages Panel

Filter buttons have been added to the Messages Panel to toggle alerts or messages off. Click the Chat Bubble button to hide messages; click the Alerts button to hide alerts. Click either again to display.
New Rate Options for Drivers and Vehicles

Individual driver wages can now be set to hourly or daily rates and individual vehicle rates can be set to per mile or daily rates. 
Setting these will result in more accurate profitability reporting.
Additional Order Check for Will Call

If clients are picking up their will call orders, employing this new feature will check for additional will call and delivery orders that they could take with them as well, saving you and your client time and resources.
Split Delivery and Pickup Stops

If you need to make separate deliveries or pickups for the same customer on the same route, utilize the new split stop feature. This will create separate stops for the delivery customer or in the case of a pickup scenario, will create additional stops at the pickup location that can be moved around the route. This feature is only available prior to dispatching the route.

Route Whiteboard

The Route Whiteboard is a digital whiteboard of all of your active routes and drivers. It allows for visibility to current routes, ETAs and driver information, which is all updating in real-time, as the drivers make their way through their routes.

Applied Data Consultants/Elite EXTRA held a company retreat on Friday, July 20 at The Mill Events in Chetek, Wis.. In addition to some great strategic planning sessions that will take us into the next year and beyond, we had some fun team bonding events. We are excited and ready to tackle the tremendous growth that is coming!
It is always a challenge to efficiently plan a route while at the same time meeting every customer’s delivery time window request. That doesn’t even take into account evenly splitting deliveries across the fleet or balancing labor, overtime, and fuel against route efficiency. The last thing anyone in operations wants are half-loaded trucks and inefficient routes in the field.
Exciting times lay ahead as we partner with Elite EXTRA to bring future-proof route optimization and dynamic routing to the final mile market. Elite EXTRA’s best-in-class optimization engine coupled with Datatrac’s extensive industry experience and back-end office software will allow for a new solution to be created to serve Shippers, 3PLs, Freight Forwarders and Carriers in a capacity that allows for dynamic change and growth. Unlike others in the industry opting to attach optimization engines to their already antiquated dispatch tools, the Elite EXTRA/Datatrac solution will stand alone and work with any existing system.

Datatrac brings focused innovation, business development experience, superior implementation and support solutions to all of our clients. We look forward to offering the next generation of optimized on-demand and dynamic routing to an industry we have served faithfully for over 40 years. The final-mile industry is changing rapidly, and Datatrac stands ready with its partners to create and support the technologies needed for success within it.
Mark Peterson joins the Elite EXTRA team as an Account Manager , with over 20 years of experience in senior level management and government affairs. He resides in Eau Claire, Wis. with his wife Diane, and their three children.
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