EXTRA Wired - January 2018
President’s Message
Elite EXTRA: Turning the Corner on a Decade of Service
Elite EXTRA is mature in ‘software years,’ having just celebrated the 10th anniversary of its inception. It now has a robust feature set that is continually improved upon, and which can easily be adapted for use by almost any industry that moves goods or services.

In the past decade we have carefully grown and nurtured it, and it is now setting the industry standard for dispatch management. And to that we want to say a sincere ‘thank you’ for helping to shape it into the best in class software that it’s become.

In the past year we added 98 new features, including the four we’ve highlighted here. Some were client-specific, while others benefited the client base as a whole.

Most importantly, we embarked on an overhaul of Elite EXTRA in the past year (v. 9.0), using the most cutting edge technology available and giving it a facelift, making it more scalable and easier to use. We’ve been rolling out this newest version over the past months, and the feedback on it has been overwhelmingly positive.

Thank you again for the trust you’ve placed in the Elite EXTRA team. We’re excited to enter another decade with you, and we pledge to continue to innovate and improve our software, and to exceed your expectations.
Check Out These New Features!
Our best concepts come from you -- our users. We have taken your ideas and turned them into features that will help Elite EXTRA to be even better, more efficient, and more robust. As always, we welcome your input and feedback.
Mobile Dispatching
We’ve recently released a mobile feature for drivers that allows them to create routes on the fly. The driver simply logs on and can either scan a barcode on an order or manually input order number(s). The order information is pulled in automatically from your site or in some instances, will create a new order. After all orders have been entered, the route will be built and optimized based on your site’s routing settings and your drivers will be on their way!

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Optimized Routing for Time-Based Windows
This feature changes the routing logic to order stops based on a time window or appointment time, instead of location. Prior to dispatching, you can see if the time windows will be met by setting the Star t Time, and ETAs will display for each stop.

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Asset Planner
This is an advanced tool that can optimize orders based on order weight, delivery time windows, load type and vehicle constraints. With the right data inputs, Elite EXTRA can handle advanced route planning, while suggesting which orders go on which trucks to fulfill delivery windows as well as maximize your delivery resources.

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Automatic Dispatch
This feature is currently being developed. It takes deliveries to the next level by automatically building routes as orders come in to ensure time window deliveries are met efficiently and by the nearest driver resource. Automatic dispatch will allow for a more self-directed dispatch system in which drivers and vehicles can be fully maximized. This is especially useful for floating fleets!
Employee Spotlight
Jon Ward
Jon has been promoted to Vice-President, Director of Sales. Jon was previously our Sales Director.
Ross Kleiner
Ross has been promoted to Vice-President, Director of Strategic Accounts. Ross was previously our Director of Enterprise Accounts.
Rebekah Krumrie
Rebekah has been promoted to Accountant. Rebekah was previously Bookkeeper.
Sevy Fischer
Sevy has been promoted to Lead Mobile Developer. Sevy was previously Software Developer.
New Hires
Dave Sutton
Elite EXTRA’s newest Senior Account Manager is Dave Sutton, who has over three decades in the automotive aftermarket industry, including operating his own aftermarket stores.
Denise Ives
Denise joins Elite EXTRA as a Project Manager. Denise brings over 20 years of management experience from various high tech sectors.
Pat Rowe
Pat is Elite EXTRA’s V.P., Corporate Counsel, bringing over 20 years of legal experience to Elite EXTRA’s growing national and global market.
Partner Spotlight - Supply Chain Services
Three years ago, Elite EXTRA and Supply Chain Services met at an industry tradeshow and immediately recognized the potential for a great partnership after learning that we were each experts in the data collection industry. Specifically, Elite EXTRA with software and Supply Chain Services with hardware; we mutually agreed that if we teamed up we could provide an even better solution for our clients. Since the introduction, we discovered many mutual clients and worked together to improve both their operations and our own by leveraging each other’s specialty. We look forward to long and valuable partnership in our ultimate goal of helping customers operate better.

At Supply Chain Services, we pride ourselves on finding the right solution for our customers. So, when Automotive Distributors Warehouse came to us looking for a solution to improve problems with their aging devices, we put our heads together to get them one that would fit their needs. We provided them with a repair contract for 140 devices which helped them save money, cut down their turnaround time and improve record keeping with our repair portal, eRMA. In addition, we were able to source refurbished devices and recommend new ones to supplement their fleet. Currently, we are working on solutions to accommodate a new requirement to scan 2D barcodes in their warehouse. One option we proposed was replacing the scan engines of the old devices instead of replacing the device entirely. This will provide them a solution that saves time and costs while also giving them the new technology for the process.

Founded in 2002, Supply Chain Services is a privately-owned company in Oakdale, MN. We provide barcoding solutions to a wide range of businesses that have a common goal: to get more done with greater accuracy. Barcode technology is more powerful than ever with opportunities for mobile and wireless communication. Our team shows you how to leverage that technology and increase productivity.