April 24, 2020 
This pandemic has clearly shown us that elections have consequences. Those we helped elect, and those who were already in office, are now charged with making decisions that literally will determine who lives and who dies. There is a complete lack of leadership in Washington during a time that we need it most. 

With the election 193 days away, we must do everything we can to elect a president, senators and representatives that are principled, believe in facts, and are qualified to lead us out of this crisis.

THIS is THE election of our lifetime. This is our only shot to change the course we are heading on before the damage to our nation is irrevocable. It is our responsibility to get involved. We can not delegate to others to make the change for us.

The first thing we need to do is raise money for JAC candidates. The shelter-in-place has made it much more challenging for candidates to raise critical funds. The dark money is already piling up to defeat our friends. 

Click here and pick a candidate or two and donate today. Every dollar helps. Good government begins will electing good people. 

This week JAC would have been in Washington, DC, meeting with Members of Congress to discuss our issues at JAC's 40th annual conference.

This event is one of the highlights of the JAC year. With our small group meetings on the Hill, we are able to further cement our relationships. It's a unique opportunity to get to know our leaders in a more intimate setting and for them to further understanding of JAC's' issues.

BUT,  we are not in Washington. We are all home sheltering in place and trying to keep our families safe and healthy. Nonetheless the important work of JAC continues.

Donate to JAC and its candidates. Urge your friends and family to do the same. Help us make get out the vote phone calls from home. Join a JAC virtual meeting with our candidates.

We are all in this together, and we can do this together.

Thank you for your continued support. Stay involved.

While the current outbreak has most of us staying home, we have some upcoming virtual events we can all join.

Tuesday, April 28
Reproductive Rights in the Time of Covid19
Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) &
Ilyse Hogue, President NARAL Pro-Choice America
2:00 pm CT | 3:00 pm ET

Thursday, April 30
Virtual JAC Fundraiser for
Sara Gideon
Candidate for U.S. Senate (D-ME)
2:00 pm CT | 3:00 ET

Virtual Events to Support Joe Biden for President

Monday, April 27
12:00 pm ET
Jewish Women for Biden Kickoff Call
Congresswoman Nita Lowey
Chair of House Appropriations Committee

Monday, April 27
Time TBA
Virtual Fundraiser with Vice President Joe Biden
Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker

Wednesday, April 29
Virtual Reception with Vice President Joe Biden
Time TBA

Thursday, April 30
Virtual Conversation with Vice President Joe Biden &
 Mayor Pete Buttigieg
Late Afternoon/Early Evening TBA

Wednesday, May 6
4:00 pm ET
Virtual Fireside Chat with Sec. Madeleine Albright 
& Jake Sullivan

Please note: Login links for Biden for President events are sent out directly by the campaign. 

Watch your inbox for more online events.
5 Key Takeaways About the Gantz-Netanyahu Deal and Israel's New Government

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and chief rival Benny Gantz signed an agreement to form a coalition government together. The deal ends more than a year of deadlocked elections and political stalemate.
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Court Dismisses Appeal of Teacher Fired After Holocaust Denial, 9/11 Conspiracy Lessons 

A former teacher in New Jersey lost his discrimination lawsuit against his old school. Jason Mostafa Ali , who supported holocaust denial and 9/11 conspiracy theories in class, failed to show that he was possibly fired from Woodbridge High School on a pretext, said a federal court.
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For Reproductive Freedom, Going Back to 'Normal' Is Not an Option
"Normal." It's what many of us are longing for right now-a return to life before the novel coronavirus. We miss in-person birthday parties and weekend barbecues, hugging our loved ones, and the community of our schools, gyms, playgrounds, and neighborhood pubs. But when we think about life as we once knew it, we must recognize that, in many ways, "normal" meant surviving and thriving despite-despite systems built to maintain and perpetuate oppression and harm at the expense of marginalized people, for the benefit of a privileged few.
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Church Closings Due to Epidemic Become the New Religious Freedom Frontier

Many American churches are closed in response to the coronavirus. Now some church leaders are arguing that bans on public gatherings for worship constitute a violation of religious freedom. As NPR's Tom Gjelten reports, this is the latest turn in a religious liberty debate.  
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McConnell Says GOP Will Confirm Trump Court Picks Through Pandemic

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said  that Republicans will keep trying to confirm President Trump's judicial nominees once the chamber returns to Washington, despite the coronavirus pandemic. "As soon as we get back in session, we'll start confirming judges again. We need to have hearings, and we need to confirm judges. ... The pandemic will not prevent us from achieving that goal."  
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Why Would a Former Dog Breeder Help Oversee a Pandemic Response?

Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar made an unfortunate Fox News appearance on Jan. 21, assuring the national television audience that the administration had already developed a diagnostic test for the coronavirus, which was ready for national diagnostic deployment. That wasn't exactly true. But it was what the HHS secretary did after his on-air comments that's causing a stir. "Shortly after his televised comments, Azar tapped a trusted aide with minimal public health experience to lead the agency's day-to-day response to COVID-19."
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Ocasio-Cortez Says She Will Vote for Biden in November 
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said that she will vote for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden in the coming November election. Ocasio-Cortez had previously been a surrogate for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) before he ended his presidential campaign late last month and announced he would be endorsing his former rival last week.
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Elizabeth Warren's Oldest Brother Has Died of Coronavirus
Sen. Elizabeth Warren's oldest brother, Donald Reed Herring, died on Tuesday night, three weeks after testing positive for Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.  Warren shared the news in a short, photo-filled Twitter thread Thursday, praising her 86-year-old brother for serving in the Air Force and being "charming and funny, a natural leader.  I'm grateful to the nurses and frontline staff who took care of him, but it's hard to know that there was no family to hold his hand or to say 'I love you' one more time-and no funeral for those of us who loved him to hold each other close," Warren tweeted Thursday. "I'll miss you dearly my brother."  
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Rosh Hashanah by Zoom? Synagogues are already planning for a socially distanced High Holidays.     
For rabbis, the end of Passover marks the beginning of a new season: planning for the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the High Holidays in the fall when Jews pack synagogue sanctuaries.
This year, that planning includes grappling with the reality that in-person services might still be impossible, depending on the course the coronavirus pandemic takes between now and then.
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Introducing JACII, a JAC group for young professionals, advocates, and those young at heart who are looking to get involved. Groups have started in Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
Events will feature elected officials and speakers in lively settings. JACII is by and for young people. Now is the perfect time to get involved.

Know someone who would be interested in joining or hosting a meeting? Let us know at info@jacpac.org. We will be happy to help organize a JACII in your city.

The Last Word
"Please don't poison yourself because Donald Trump thinks it could be a good idea. "

Hillary Clinton after Trump made comments about disinfectant possibly being used to treat coronavirus patients

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