April 9, 2021
What's On Our Mind ...
Yom HaShoah

This week, we commemorated the victims of the Holocaust with Yom HaShoah. Sadly, hate did not end when the death camps were liberated. Jews around the world are still victims of antisemitism. People continue to be persecuted based on their race, religion and sexual orientation. White-supremacy has also gained traction on the political front.

The ADL said 63 percent of American Jews have experienced or witnessed antisemitism over the past five years — an increase from the 53 percent of respondents who expressed the same view in ADL’s survey last year. At the same time, 59 percent surveyed said they felt that Jews were less safe in the U.S. today than they were a decade ago. Nearly half feared a violent Synagogue attack.

The January attack on the Capitol by domestic terrorists was filled with racist, white-supremacist and antisemitic symbols. The attackers were seen carrying swastika flags and wearing shirts with slogans saying: “Camp Auschwitz STAFF.”

We must use our voices and might to stand up to bigotry in all its forms. At JAC, this begins by supporting candidates whose ideology embraces tolerance, acceptance and dignity for all.
Upcoming Events
Israel Elections and Beyond:
A Conversation with Aviv Ezra
Consul General of Israel to the Midwest
Friday, April 16
12:00 pm ET| 11:00 am CT | 9:00 am PT
Special Event for Current Members Only
Conversation with
Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA)
House Foreign Affairs Committee and House Agriculture Committee
Monday, April 26
4:30 pm ET | 3:30 pm CT | 1:30 pm PT
Come sit with JAC at
Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky's
20th Annual Ultimate Women's Power Luncheon
with special guest
Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan
Friday, May 21
12:30 pm ET | 11:30 am CT | 9:30 am PT
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Special Event for Current Members Only
Congressional Update with
Rep. Greg Stanton (D-AZ)
House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
and House Judiciary Committee
Thursday, June 3
details to follow
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In the News
Learn more about Mansour Abbas, the Arab-Israeli who could hold the key to Israel's next government. Israel and Russia have agreed to cooperate on internal security matters. This year marks the ten year anniversary of Israel's Iron Dome.
A new report shows that the COVID-19 pandemic amped up antisemitism and forced it online. QAnon is the latest in a long line of conspiracy theories that feed on hatred and violence -- can the U.S. uproot these movements? Holocaust survivors are using social media to fight antisemitism.
The Supreme Court has been hesitating on abortion, even though it has a conservative majority. Some on the right want the Supreme Court to go beyond ending Roe v. Wade -- an authoritarian national abortion ban has been proposed. Although the global gag-rule has been repealed, the U.S. has a long way to go to protect access to abortion.
Over the past couple of decades, the Supreme Court has become increasingly likely to rule in favor of religious freedom. Arkansas becomes the first state to outlaw gender-affirming treatment for trans youth. Corporate leaders are calling for companies to work against anti-LGBTQ bills in Texas and other states.
President Biden unveiled a series of executive actions on gun violence and urged Congress to pass more gun safety laws. Here is the Georgia election law explained, and yes... it is really that bad. How herd immunity works -- and what stands in its way. The 'Ecocide' movement pushes for a new international crime: environmental destruction.
A new poll found that half of Republicans think that the January 6th siege was peaceful or staged by Antifa. Democrats have discovered a new route around the filibuster, and have a chance to pass important legislation with 51 votes. Once the party of small government and big business, the GOP has recently turned upside down.
The Last Word
"Whether Congress acts or not, I’m going to use all the resources at my disposal as President to keep the American people safe from gun violence.

— President Joe Biden
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