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January 7, 2022

What's On Our Mind ...

One year after the insurrection at the Capitol we know that the attack on our democracy is not over.

Armed extremism is on the rise across the country, fueled by hate and the leaders of the far-right. The GOP continues to spread lies about the 2020 election. They are already planting dangerous seeds of doubt about the integrity of the 2022 election. Some of those that supported and participated in the violence of January 6th are now running for Congress. If elected, they will undoubtedly bring with them that same destructive animus.

On January 6th, the Capitol was targeted to forcibly block the counting of the ballots. Now YOU, the voter, is the target. Voting rights have now become the main target in this war on our democracy.

The GOP has introduced hundreds of election sabotage bills across the country to control election outcomes, criminalize election officials for doing their jobs, give partisan poll watchers the ability to harass and intimidate voters, and even give legislatures the ability to overrule the will of the voters.

Our Senators were elected to be our voice, not to silence and ignore the will of the people - their constituents. They must follow the will of the people and pass the Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to prevent partisan politicians from subverting the results of our elections.

While we continue to push the Senate to pass these critical bills, the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack pushes ahead with their democratic mission. They have interviewed more than 300 witnesses, announced more than 50 subpoenas, obtained more than 35,000 pages of records. Now they are getting ready to share their findings with the public in the true spirit of open, transparent government. 

This is still a dangerous time for our country. But our candidates are willing to do what it takes to protect our democracy. The Select Committee will determine the truth; the Justice Department will punish the perpetrators, and Members of Congress will continue to push forward despite the challenges to safeguard our electoral process.

But we need to do our part, as well. A democracy by definition is “a system of government by the whole population.” Join JAC’s Voter Mobilization Team to help turn out the vote in 2022 (click here). Stand with JAC as we fight to pass these critical voting rights bills. Support our candidates. Doing your part is more important than ever. Together, as President Biden said this week, we can see a renaissance of our precious experiment in democracy and move our country toward that more perfect union.

Click here to view President Biden's and Vice President Harris' speeches.

Read President Biden's full speech here.

Read Vice President Harris' full speech here.


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January 6, 2022

On the one year anniversary of #January6th, we demand the Senate pass the #FreedomToVoteAct and #RestoreTheVRA to prevent future attempts to sabotage our elections. In America, the #VotersDecide.

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In the News


From the halls of Congress to the Presidency, 38 Congresswomen and President Biden gave scathing rebukes on the anniversary. Read about what the Jan. 6 House Committee has done and where it's headed. Extremism has shifted from the Capitol to city councils since last year. However, experts warn that democracy is still at risk. Most, but not all, corporations kept their post-Jan. 6 PAC pledges.

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Israeli Ambassador to the UN will introduce a resolution opposing Holocaust denial and distortion at the General Assembly. Foreign Minister Yair Lapid warned that Israel will face intense campaigns to label it an apartheid state in 2022. Head of the ADL, Jonathan A. Greenblatt explains why he wrote 'It Could Happen Here.'

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Finding herself increasingly becoming a lone voice, an Evangelical climate scientist wonders what went wrong. Jan. 6th and beyond, Christian nationalism is one of Trump’s most powerful weapons. The conservative majority on the Supreme Court has honed a new, radical approach to religious liberty — prioritizing it over the health and welfare of the country.

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Climate change is starting to take its toll —every state in the continental U.S. had its hottest December on record. Senate Democrats are discussing changes to the filibuster and intensifying their push for voting rights protections. The DOJ announced a new rule to enable the safe storage of firearms and published a best practices guide through the ATF.


57 individuals who participated in the insurrection — including those arrested on charges related to the attack — are running for office in 2022. The GOP sees a ‘huge red wave’ potential by targeting critical race theory in state legislatures across the country. After 19 years as House Democratic leader, Pelosi is expected to step down at the close of this Congress. House Dems are preparing for the post-Pelosi era.

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Here are the pioneering women who will be featured on new quarters. The Skirball Cultural Center in LA explores the Jewish roots of ‘Star Trek’. A new museum tells the story of Singapore’s Jews, starting with their Baghdad roots.

The Last Word

“You can’t love your country only when you win.”

— President Biden, in remarks on the Jan. 6th insurrection


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