July 30, 2021
What's On Our Mind ...

JAC was saddened to learn of the passing Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI). Our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family during this difficult time.

First elected to the Senate in 1978, JAC was proud to call Sen. Levin our friend. Our members always looked forward to visiting with him in Washington and hearing him address us during our annual policy conference. 

His support and commitment to JAC’s values was unparalleled. He was a strong and passionate voice for the US-Israel relationship as Chairman of the Senate Armed Service Committee. He saw the dangers of Israel becoming a partisan issue and fought against those in Congress that wanted to use Israel as a political wedge to divide the Jewish community.

“Our commitment to Israel and her people is and must remain unshakeable,” Sen. Levin said.

Sen. Levin was also a strong supporter of making women’s health and family planning services affordable and available. He used his position of power on the Armed Services Committee to advocate for reproductive health services for military families. He voted to repeal the ban on privately funded abortions for military personnel and dependents at overseas military hospitals.

He earned respect from his colleagues for his willingness to work across the aisle. Throughout his years of public service, Sen. Levin touched countless lives as he constantly strove to move our country forward for all.

It was a privilege to work with Sen. Levin and JAC will always be grateful to him for his work on behalf of JAC and our country.

May his memory be a blessing.
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In the News
Biden condemns antisemitism after swastika found carved in State Department elevator. President Joe Biden is set to nominate Deborah Lipstadt, noted Holocaust historian, to be the State Department’s antisemitism envoy. Israeli judo star, Tohar Butbul, had his first two potential opponents drop out of the Tokyo Olympics rather than face him.
The future of Roe v. Wade now lies in the hands of three Trump Justices – Barret, Kavanaugh, and Gorsuch. The Mississippi case, to be heard in the Supreme Court, aims to overturn Roe v. Wade and is being hailed as the anti-abortion movement's holy grail. Ted Cruz is accused of sneaking through an attack on abortion rights as the House is distracted by the Jan. 6th commission.
The Michigan Catholic Conference is bankrolling a campaign committee opposing a business-backed initiative to expand Michigan’s LGTBQ civil rights. Latino Protestants are the fastest-growing group of American Evangelicals, and are poised to shape our political future.
Longtime Democratic U.S. Senator, Carl Levin (D-MI), passed away yesterday at the age of 87. In the Texas special election, the myth of Trump's endorsement proves irrelevant. Despite Rep. Graham's (R-SC) prediction 2022 will not be another 1994 Republican tidal wave.
Saeid Mollaei, an Iranian defector and judoka now representing Mongolia, dedicated his Olympic medal to Israel. Three Jewish brothers are the first American family to have three siblings all drafted into the NHL in the first round. As rejections pile up for a program billed as reparations, Spain’s Sephardic Jews feel betrayed.
The Last Word
"As this painfully reminds us, antisemitism isn’t a relic of the past...It’s still a force in the world, including close to home. And it’s abhorrent. It has no place in the United States, at the State Department, or anywhere else. And we must be relentless in standing up and rejecting it.”

- Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in response to the swastika
discovered in the State Department
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