March 6, 2020 
One of the highlights of the JAC year is our Washington, DC conference. Women and men from across the country gather for several days of small group meetings on Capitol Hill and policy briefings. This is a unique event that is offered exclusively to our JAC members.  
After much consideration and with heavy hearts, we have decided to cancel this year's conference, which was planned to celebrate JAC's 40th year. 
But the health and safety of our members are of the utmost importance. We are also acting in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. We hope to reschedule a fall Fly-In, prior to the election.
Meanwhile, the significance of this election continues to grow with every passing day, and with every decision made by our elected officials. Many of these officials that we count on to keep us safe during this crises and every day were appointed by President Trump and approved by the GOP-controlled Senate.
Elections have consequences.
Never has it been more clear that we need to change the leadership in this country. It begins with electing Joe Biden to the White House and taking back the Senate. 
With that in mind, we are asking each of you to:
  • Join us in the fall for GOTV
We remain undeterred in our mission to elect a Congress and a President who support JAC's core values.
Stay home. Be safe. Make a donation to JAC.

JAC members attended a Night at the Theater to see "What the Constitution Means to Me" in Chicago. (l to r: Carole Boron, Marcia Melamed, Adrienne Glazov, Marcia Balonick, Debby Greenberg, Sherri Merel)
Pre-theater dinner in Chicago. (l to r: Brenda Wolf, Fred Siegman, Fran Levy)
Pre-theater dinner featuring Jill Wine Banks. (l to r: Jill Wine Banks, Michael Arkes)
Pre-theater dinner featuring Jill Wine Banks. (l to r: Jill Wine Banks, Marcia Melamed)
Israel Faces a Defining Question: How Much Democracy Should Arabs Get?
Israelis eager to end Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's career won a slim majority in last week's election.But one thing has kept them from uniting to send him packing: A sizable chunk of the anti-Netanyahu majority consists of Arab lawmakers, and the Jewish ones cannot agree on whether to consider them partners or the enemy.  
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Jewish Leaders: Nazi Flag at Sanders Rally Further Proof of Rise in Anti-Semitism

Jewish leaders and organizations are condemning the appearance of a Nazi flag at a rally for presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, saying the incident was a clear attack on the politician's Jewish heritage and raises concerns that anti-Semitic incidents could spike this election season as they did around the 2016 campaign cycle. Shortly after Sanders took the stage for a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, the cheering crowd descended into boos when a man in the stands unfurled a Nazi flag. The man then reportedly performed a Nazi salute and shouted anti-Jewish slurs before being escorted off the premises by security forces.    
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Coronavirus Funding Held up by GOP Because of 'Abortion' - and People Are Furious: 'Saving Fetuses Over Actual Lives'       
Republicans are holding up progress on legislation for coronavirus because of abortion.
Bloomberg [T]he GOP wants language about the Hyde Amendment. "A key sticking point in the talks appears to be GOP demands to include Hyde amendment language in the bill to prevent federal funds from being used for abortion," he tweeted.
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Is the Christian Right Now in Charge of Public Health Inside the Trump Administration?

If you've been following the latest news on the coronavirus outbreak, you probably saw at least some snippets of President Trump's visit to the CDC last Friday. It will stand as one of the most astonishing appearances by this or any other president - and that's saying something. When asked if he regretted firing the entire staff of the Office of Pandemic Preparation, Trump said, "This is something that you can never really think is going to happen." He said that everyone who wants to be tested for this virus can get tested, which is not even close to true. He called Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington state, who is on the front lines dealing with this epidemic, a "snake."   
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A Sitting Federal Judge Says the Courts Have Been Hijacked by Conservative Activists  
There's a great stirring in the legal-and legal journalism-circles these days over an article in an upcoming issue of the Harvard Law and Policy Review by Judge Lynn Adelman, a federal district court judge from Wisconsin. Adelman's article takes a meat-ax to the current conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court. It is titled, "The Roberts Court's Assault On Democracy," which should give you some idea of where things are headed.     
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Pelosi Ignores Trump Taunts as She Steers Through Another Crisis       
For any other leader, the rapid turnaround on the recovery plan would be a herculean feat at best. But for Pelosi, successfully negotiating a multi-billion-dollar economic package with a hostile and often antagonistic Trump administration was just another day in the speaker's suite. It's also a reminder that for all Trump's omnipresence on Twitter and cable TV, Pelosi remains the dominant figure on Capitol Hill when it comes time to actually getting something accomplished.
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The Anatomy of the Michigan Win That Put Joe Biden on a Glide Path to the Democratic Nomination    
Michigan is worthy of special attention because Sanders's upset was so symbolically significant in 2016 but also because it was a harbinger of Donald Trump's narrow victory that fall. Trump became the first Republican since George H.W. Bush in 1988 to carry the state, and Democrats need these 16 electoral votes from the industrial Midwest in almost any realistic scenario that wins them the White House.        
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'The Worst Situation We Have Faced Since World War II': Rome's Jewish Community Responds to the Coronavirus      
Italy has implemented a state of almost total lockdown, keeping only supermarkets and pharmacies open while asking people to stay at home as much as possible. The containment measures are having deep effects on the country's Jews, who number about 30,000, in part because many of them have relatives in Israel and cannot see each other during this crisis.   
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Introducing JACII, a JAC group for young professionals, advocates, and those young at heart who are looking to get involved. Groups have started in Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
Events will feature elected officials and speakers in lively settings. JACII is by and for young people. Now is the perfect time to get involved.

Know someone who would be interested in joining or hosting a meeting? Let us know at We will be happy to help organize a JACII in your city.

The Last Word
"As an emergency physician trained in humanitarian disaster aid, I understand that to combat the spread of this disease, we must be prepared for the worst as we work for the best."  
- Rep. Raul Ruiz (D-CA)
Talking Points with
Rep. Sean Casten (IL-6)
Monday, April 6
9:30 am 
Chicago Suburbs
Details to follow

April 21-23, 2020
JAC's 2020 Annual Meeting
Celebrating 40 years of JAC
Washington, DC
Friday, May 8
Rep. Jan Schakowsky's
Ultimate Women's Power Lunch
Impeachment Managers  
Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) and Rep. Sylvia Garcia (D-TX)
Chicago, IL 
12:00 - 2:00 pm
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