November 20, 2020 
We are not done with the 2020 election. We defeated Donald Trump. But now we must defeat Georgia GOP Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue on January 5.

Loeffler embraces dangerous views that are not aligned with our Jewish values. She supports QAnon, a wide-reaching conspiracy theory popular among a range of right-wing extremists. Experts have described the group as an "old form of Antisemitism in a new package."

Loeffler has called QAnon supporter Rep.-Elect Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) a "much needed voice" in Washington. Greene in turn has said, "What impressed me with Kelly is I found out that she believes a lot of the same things that I believe."

Purdue has spent his Senate career blocking women from access to abortion care. He believes that "we should promote a culture that values life and protects the innocent, especially the unborn." We need to defeat Loeffler and Purdue because of their radical, conservative views. Also, by electing Ossoff and Warnock we can tip the balance of power in the Senate for Joe Biden.

Biden will step into the White House with a sweeping agenda to get this country back on its feet. But to be successful, he will need a Democratic Senate. If the GOP is left in charge, then they will continue to do everything in their power to sabotage Biden - even if it hurts the American people.

These races offer unique challenges for voter turnout. Shortly after New Years Day, in the middle of a pandemic, and without a presidential race, voter turnout will be especially challenging.

Georgia's runoff law was created in the 1960s as a way to preserve white political power in a majority-white state and diminish the influence of Black politicians who could more easily win in a multi-candidate race with a plurality of the vote.

The outcome of these races can impact COVID relief plans, the economy, and judicial confirmations. These two elections will have significant consequences.

Listed below are ways you can get involved and make sure that we elect Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock, who will be principled leaders in the Senate.

Meet Congresswoman-Elect Carolyn Bourdeaux (GA-7)
For a Georgia Special Election Update

Tuesday December 1 
4:00 pm ET | 3:00 pm CT | 2:00 pm PT
Help send Jon Ossoff (D) and Raphael Warnock (D) to the Senate on January 5th, 2021. 
Minimum of 50 and maximum of 200 postcards per request. 
If you would like JAC to send out your postcards, please return them to the JAC office at
484 Central Ave Unit 301,
Highland Park IL 60035
DECEMBER 14, 2020
You can mail them directly to GA on December 21, 2020

Palestinians and Israel Agree to Resume Security, Financial Cooperation

The Palestinian leadership has agreed to resume cooperation with Israel on security, financial and logistical issues six months after breaking off those ties in protest of Israeli plans to annex Jewish settlements on the West Bank, according to a senior Palestinian official. In a tweet, Palestinian Minister for Civil Affairs Hussein al-Sheik said his government had reached "oral and written commitments" from Israel that allowed the two sides to restore their previous relationship.
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Antisemitic Hate Crimes Rose by 14% in 2019, According to the FBI 

The number of anti-Semitic hate crimes in the United States increased significantly in 2019, according to the FBI, in a year that saw three lethal attacks against Jews. Antisemitic incidents again comprised the majority of hate crimes based on religion. In addition, the number of hate crime murders overall more than doubled nationwide last year. But the Anti-Defamation League cautioned that the FBI's numbers probably represent just a fraction of total hate crimes committed in the country.
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Biden Can Do 3 Things on Day One to Unwind Trump's War on Reproductive Health
The Trump administration has made opposition not just to abortion, but to some forms of contraception, a cornerstone of its public health policy. Likely with the help of Vice President Mike Pence, a longtime opponent of abortion and Planned Parenthood, Trump staffed his department of Health and Human Services with numerous anti-abortion rights advocates. And time and again, his administration has issued rules that reduce access to abortion, contraception, and more. These are three the Biden administration has pledged to roll back.
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Trump or No Trump, Religious Authoritarianism Is Here to Stay
Will President-elect Joe Biden's victory force America's Christian nationalists to rethink the unholy alliance that powered Donald Trump's four-year tour as one of the nation's most dangerous presidents? Don't count on it. The 2020 election is proof that religious authoritarianism is here to stay, and the early signs now indicate that the movement seems determined to reinterpret defeat at the top of the ticket as evidence of persecution and of its own righteousness. 
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Here's How Biden Plans to Move Fast With a 'Climate Administration' 

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., eager to elevate climate change issues throughout his administration, is already drafting orders to reduce planet-warming pollution and seeking nominees who will embed climate policy not only in environmental agencies but in departments from Defense to Treasury to Transportation. Mr. Biden's inner circle routinely asks "is the person climate-ambitious?" of candidates even for lower profile positions like the White House budget and regulatory offices, according to a person advising the transition.
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Republican Senate Signals It Will Confirm Biden Cabinet

Senate Republicans are signaling they will confirm most of President-elect Joe Biden's Cabinet picks in January - a rare bright spot for a White House that may clash with a GOP majority for years to come. Many Republicans won't even publicly concede that Biden will be the next president while President Donald Trump fights to overturn the election results. But a critical mass of GOP senators said in interviews that Biden has the right to his Cabinet, indicating he may be able to staff his administration largely to his liking.
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HBO Series 'Valley of Tears' Reopens Wounds of the Yom Kippur War
In an early episode of "Valley of Tears," the Israeli miniseries about the 1973 Yom Kippur War that debuted in the U.S. on HBO Max, a main character grimaces as he falls awkwardly against a rock toward the end of a tense battle sequence. There's no blood on his uniform, so it's apparent that he must have hurt himself in the tumble. Meticulous realism was central to the production, which is being touted as the most expensive in Israeli history, and is currently breaking Israeli viewing records.
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The Last Word
"While I disagree with a lot of people in my party, I still have a lot in common with them. And it would be what we call in Yiddish, a shanda, a shame, a deep shame, if internal politics led to a strategic opening for these completely anti-democratic forces."

- Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI)
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