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September 24, 2021

What's On Our Mind ...

What a month. The most restrictive anti-abortion law in the nation went into effect in Texas on September 1st - after anti-Choice members of the Supreme Court refused to block it. The Court has instead scheduled arguments for another lawsuit from Mississippi asking for Roe v Wade to be completely overturned.

Meanwhile, more state legislatures are following Texas and writing more restrictive bills using ‘alternative facts’ to deny women access to health care, and the first two ‘bounty-hunter’ lawsuits against an abortion provider in Texas have been filed. 

Today, the House passed the Women’s Health Protection Act - a bill that was first introduced in 2013 - to finally codify the protections enshrined in the Roe v Wade decision into federal law. The bill now moves onto the Senate and we must urge Senators to vote yes for these protections. If passed and signed into law, the WHPA would mean all the restrictive state laws - including the 90 that were enacted just this year - would be overturned and women’s right to choose what to do with her body would be federal law.

On top of that, Israel has once again become a partisan issue, with funding for the Iron Dome missile defense system subject to political gamesmanship.

JAC was founded after the 1980 election, when many friends of Israel in Congress were defeated by political groups that opposed Israel. Our primary mission in the beginning was to build support for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship by electing pro-Israel candidates, which we continue to do today. Support for Israel was uncertain and not always bipartisan in the 1980s.

Immediately JAC members began working to stop President Ronald Reagan’s plan to sell AWACS, a highly advanced and sophisticated weapons system, to Saudi Arabia. The sale was a direct threat to Israel’s security. The sale went through, but JAC was not deterred in its mission.

JAC went to Washington every year to advocate for aid and support for Israel, which included loan guarantees and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Loan guarantees allowed the U.S. to cosign loans for Israel so they could borrow money at more favorable terms with no impact to our economy. The MOU enables Israel to acquire additional advanced military capabilities from the U.S. to strengthen its security.

This week we saw a group of lawmakers play politics with financial support for Israel when they forced the removal of Iron Dome funding from a spending bill. It was the first time a vote passed the House reducing financial assistance for Israel’s defense. An additional bill eventually did pass the House for the extra funding.

Candidates that JAC helped elect, such as Reps. Brad Schneider (D-IL) and Stephanie Murphy (D-FL), continue to work to strengthen our bonds with Israel despite the current political situation in Congress. They introduced a bipartisan bill this week, the U.S.-Israel Military Technology Cooperation Act. The bill enhances collaboration between the U.S. and Israel to improve our mutual security and the security of the Middle East. (Ask your Representative to co-sponsor the Act.)

After more than 40 years of JAC’s successful work advocating for Israel and electing candidates who are committed to strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship, we still cannot take Congressional support for Israel for granted. Our work continues — with your help.

Complacency is dangerous to Israel’s security and ours. Help elect JAC candidates.


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September 20, 2021 Who will be next?

JAC calls on Congress to take action to prevent further bloodshed. #CNN

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In the News

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Russia wants to cooperate with the U.S. and Israel in Syria. Israel needs this alliance to deter Iranian aggression. Lawmakers introduced a bipartisan bill to upgrade their partnership on defense. The House authorized the transfer of $1 billion to Israel to resupply its Iron Dome missile defense system, after a group of far-left Democrats pressured House leadership to remove the funding from a continuing resolution.


Pushed off mainstream platforms, QAnon’s antisemitism spiked. Israel led a 34-country boycott of the commemoration of the UN World Conference Against Racism, which the Israeli Foreign Ministry called the ‘worst international manifestation of antisemitism since WWII.’ According to a new survey, half of all Jewish students on campus have at one point hidden their Jewish identity.

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The Supreme Court announced it will hear arguments December 1 on a Mississippi abortion ban that poses a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade. Expansion of voting rights drives access to abortion. In response to the Texas law banning most abortions, House Democrats approved a bill to protect abortion rights. It faces an uphill battle in the Senate.


Texas allegedly values religious liberty above all else. except for death row inmates. Texas also created a new weapon for conservatives by making private citizens enforcers, and new laws using the same tactics are showing up around the country. To understand why the January 6 insurrection happened, we need to know the history of Christian nationalists in America.

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Biden pledges to double U.S. climate aid to assist other countries with sustainable development. 2021 is on pace to be the worst year for gun violence in decades. Democratic hopes of a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants in the budget bill were dashed - but that doesn’t mean that immigration reform has reached a dead end.


Former President Trump’s unfounded claims about a rigged election have metastasized. Phony election fraud conspiracies infect the midterms. The special committee investigating the January 6 insurrection sent subpoenas to four former Trump advisors. A Republican-commissioned review of nearly 2.1 million ballots cast last year in Arizona backfired -- it confirmed the accuracy of President Biden’s win.

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Read about the secret Jewish history of Bruce Springsteen. For Mallorca’s Jews off the coast of Spain, their first public sukkah is a triumph over the Spanish Inquisition. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan donate $1.3 million to Jewish groups.

The Last Word

“Making ambitious investments isn't just good climate policy, it's a chance for each of our countries to invest in ourselves and our own future.”

– Pres. Biden at the 76th UN general assembly


Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs (JACPAC) is a pro-Israel PAC with a domestic agenda. We support a strong U.S.-Israel relationship and advocate for reproductive health and the separation of religion and state and incorporate other issues of importance to the Jewish community, including gun violence prevention and climate change. In addition to providing financial support for U.S. Senate and House campaigns, JACPAC educates our membership with outreach events designed to inform and activate their participation in the political process.

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