In Florida, The Gloria M. Silverio Foundation, A Safe Haven for Newborns, is the primary source for information when addressing the issues of infant abandonment. Founded in 2001 to be a resource to stop the growing epidemic of infant abandonment, Safe Haven for Newborns partnered with a network of agencies across all 67 Florida counties, becoming the lifeline for the expectant mothers in their time of crises. As the program grew and its results were clear, that lives were being saved, other states and countries reached out to the Foundation to model their programs based on the Safe Haven for Newborns proven course.

By creating a statewide education program and community awareness, Safe Haven for Newborns is reaching the community and connecting with those that need the services the most, the pregnant girls/women in crisis. Through a comprehensive statewide grassroots effort, Safe Haven for Newborns is saving lives.

For further information about A Safe Haven for Newborns or how you can help, visit the website at

The Safe Haven for Newborns mission — Saving newborn lives. No questions asked.