SEEDS.... June 26, 2019
June is Pride Month
We began the month long celebration with the unveiling of our Welcome Statement and a worship service revealing our Rainbow Adirondack chairs. We sang and prayed together, honoring our conjoined congregation's commitment to the Episcopal Believe Out Loud and the Lutheran Reconciling in Christ .
Our beliefs are very similar to those of our partner in ministry, First Congregational Church of Sheffield, UCC , which is an Open and Affirming church. So they join us in our celebrating and in the affirming of our essential beliefs. (See more about our latest joint endeavor, Sheffield Pride Block Party, below.) Working and playing together to bring about God's kingdom here on earth.

We believe that each of us is made in God's image — beautiful and beloved, unique and whole. We work for the day when all are treated as equals in our families and communities.
noun:  whirling dervish
  1. a member of an eastern religious order who has taken vows of poverty and austerity. Dervishes first appeared in the 12th century; they were noted for their wild or ecstatic rituals and were known as dancingwhirling, or howling dervishes according to the practice of their order.
  2. All joking aside, although this dervish doesn't usually wear his vestments on the front lawn, the Adirondack chairs (and from time-to-time engaging occupants) will be on the lawn well into Autumn. Dancing, whirling and howling welcome. Come join us.
What do the Gospel
according to Luke, a Mary Oliver poem, flowers, bread, wine, croquet, hot dogs, prayers and hymn-singing all have in common?
You will find them all at Picnic Church this
Sunday, June 30th 10:00 in the Old Parish churchyard.
Our 8:00 service will remain as usual.
Appalachian Trail
A Shared Ministry with First Congregational Church

The 2019 Appalachian Trail Ministry will begin in early July with trained volunteers erecting tents for shade, setting up cell phone charging stations and grills for barbecuing meat, providing chairs with backs, plus watermelon, baked goods, water and warm hospitality. A lot of work goes into organizing this effort, preparing the site along the Appalachian Trail and making sure that all the equipment and goods are supplied. Here's what you need to know if you would like to get involved:

All volunteers, new and returning, must attend an Appalachian Trail hospitality host training session.

Pastor Jill Graham has organized a training session to be held on Monday, July 1, 2019 at 6:30pm at Old Parish Church

For more information, call Anne Chase at 202-277-5266
or Bob Healy at 202-277-4306.

The ministry is sanctioned and supported by the
Rt. Rev. Dr. Douglas Fisher of The Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts.
The Episcopal News Service recently mentioned our ministry.
Annual Parish Fair August 10th

There will be a meeting of all Fair chair persons and crews
between services on July 7th at 9:00. Please try to be there.
Thank you,
The tag sale collection pod is here!

Steve Willig and crew ask that you do not leave any furniture larger than a chair. 

Books may be brought after July 28 and stacked on the eastern wall of the Parish Hall on the parking lot side.

The cut-off date for book donations is Friday August 9 at 3:00 pm

No text books nor encyclopedias nor mildewed books will be accepted.  

Purple Tent
Any upscale items that will be sold in the Purple Tent should be packaged separately, marked and stored the church basement. Please call Steve Willig or Catherine Miller if you have need of a pickup crew. 

Mini Silent Auction
 This year, the silent auction returns to Christ Trinity Church at the annual parish fair.
It will be much smaller in scale than in year's past.
If you have something unique to offer, like a hot air balloon ride, or a specialized item, contact Barbara Burns: 413-229-2467
Do you bake chocolate chip cookies?

We are looking forward to having a really great Bake Table this year- with, of course, a little help from all our talented friends.

As fresh produce comes into season, think about dusting off that old canner and processing some jams, jellies, and pickles. Relishes and chutneys welcome too.

From the garden, bring in zucchini, tomatoes, peppers and peaches and blueberries if you have some to spare.

Or - take a few minutes and put some zinnias or hydrangeas in a Mason jar or colorful coffee can. They’ll look great on the table.

Most Important!
Baked goods are our stock in trade, so dig out those family recipes that everyone loves and package them attractively.

Bake ahead and freeze cookies, small cakes,
pies, brownies, muffins.

Please help us by signing up via email , , or
Many thanks!! 
Quilt Raffle
Come see this amazingly beautiful quilt displayed in the parish hall. Take a chance. It could be yours!
Christ Trinity Church Quilt Raffle
 102” x 92” King or Queen
  $2.00 ea. or 6 for $10.00
Look for the quilt in the parish hall and at the Farmers' Market.
Inter-church Summer Reading Project

The idea is to have people from various South County congregations read David Brooks' new book "The Second Mountain" this summer. This book explores the four commitments that define a life of meaning and purpose: to a spouse and family, to a vocation, to a philosophy or faith and to a community. It is about embracing a life of interdependence rather than independence. 

After reading the book, volunteers would offer to host discussion groups around the area in different formats, at different times and in different locations like a home, the brewery or the church, so that everyone could find somewhere that fit their summer schedule. Finally, at the end of the summer everyone who had read the book would be invited to gather for picnic to talk together about their experience and discuss the final section of the book about building community. 

We are still organizing this project, so please be patient with us. Please go ahead and get your own copy of the book. We will do sign-ups and scheduling of groups by Interdependence Day .

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