July 2019
A Note from our Executive Director

Dear friend,

I never expected to be inspired about the census. Last week, I attended a meeting for nonprofit professionals to begin to strategize about how to ensure that every single person in our County is counted. One of the speakers said, “Every single person matters. Babies matter. The elderly matter. Parents matter. Immigrants matter.” Each one of us matters and each one of us needs to be counted.

The census is the mechanism that determines our representation in congress. If we don’t count, we lose political clout. The census is also the mechanism that supports our safety net. If we don’t count, we lose thousands of dollars per person. It is illegal to share personal information from the census. The information is gathered and reported in aggregate, and when we are all counted, we have more power and more influence. Each one of us matters and deserves to be counted, to be seen, and to be valued.

IVYP will be deeply involved in helping everyone to feel safe to be counted. The best way to make our voices heard and to make change is to participate. Have a great summer.

Lori Goodman
Executive Director
IVYP and Isla Vista Food Co-op partner for community impact

Last May IVYP and the Isla Vista Food Co-op entered into a formal contract to provide food for our food distribution and emergency food pantry as well as offer nutrition classes to the community. While this partnership has just celebrated its first anniversary on paper, these two organizations have been partners for decades...

Read the full article here including a special offer from the co-op! 
Safety Town

Every summer IVYP partners with Safety Town to provide children transitioning to kindergarten with a special educational experience.   Through multimedia, songs, and guest visits, the Safety Town program teaches children to evaluate “safe” from “unsafe.” Under the guidance of volunteer youth instructors and credentialed teachers, children practice and experience their lessons in Safety Town, a miniature city layout built to the scale of a small child. By the end of the week the children celebrate with a special graduation to share songs and appreciation for each other.

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Staff Spotlight - Liliana Ferreira

 " I wish that I could have started working for IVYP sooner. All of my kids attended at least one program and now my youngest daughter is here. It’s so great to see my daughter and how she acts at school during the day. Sometimes I even get to share lunch with her and spend quality time together. "

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Summer Program Fun

IVYP's takes pride in offering a variety of services to our families not only to meet basic needs, but to provide quality, enriching experiences that provide moments for joy. At our summer camp program our school age students had the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some creepy crawly creatures thanks to The Reptile Family. This partnership allows our kids to learn about the natural world and conversation through hands on experience.

Harvest of the month

Each month we share a healthy, easy and affordable recipe to try that highlights ingredients you can get at our monthly food distribution on the first Thursday of every month. This month we are highlighting avocado. Avocado (aka alligator pear) are incredibly rich in potassium. In fact, they have more potassium than a banana. Avocados contain a wide variety of nutrients, including 20 different vitamins and minerals. This easy and delicious recipe highlights the alligator pear with a yummy avocado salsa to accompany a perfectly grilled chicken breast.

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Get Involved with IVYP
Spend time in the classroom. Our Children's Center, infant care, and after school elementary programs all love to have volunteers come to spend time with the children.
To learn more call Diana at
Help feed our community by volunteering at our monthly food distribution. Next opportunity to help is Thursday, August 1!
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Ready to roll up your sleeves? Our sites are always in need of helping hands! We have projects ranging from painting, to yard clean up.
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