Welcome back to Eagle Arts! 

We had a great April, and are excited get underway into May! Last month we once again hosted The American History Theater for their Spring fundraiser and 2018 Season opener, Remembrance: World War I, A Generation Lost. Attendees were treated to a night of opera, poetry and dance. We also hosted our biggest Month of the Military Child event to date, KidFUNFest, a day of creativity, learning and entertainment. A big thanks to all who participated in this event and to all the volunteers who worked so hard to make it happen. 

This month we are charging full steam ahead, as we gear up for a month of theater and more. Join North County Players on selected dates from May 3-13 as they present their WWI-era historical thriller, Passage Into Fear. Next is a night of Shakespeare with the San Diego Shakespeare Society, with open readings of Richard III. We've also got  our own Theater Mash-Up starting May 17. And last but not least, we'll end the month with a Memorial Day drum circle and a night of steel pans and jazz, hosted by our Poet Laureate. So, you could say we are pretty busy in the realm of the performing arts this month! If you are a fan of the performing arts, don't miss a chance to come support them at your museum this month! Learn more about dates and times below. 

We'd also like to continue to encourage our subscribers to provide us feedback on Eagle Arts! This is your newsletter and we want to make it the best it can be. All suggestions can be emailed to vetmuseum-pr@pacbell.net or to the usual info@veteranmuseum.org. 

Last but not least, we would be remiss if we did not say thanks to all our community arts partners who enrich our museum, and to the many volunteers who help us grow and change through their dedication. 

We'll have another Eagle Arts out for you soon! Have a great month and we'll see you at the museum! 

Captain Sheldon Margolis 
USN (Retired) 
President and CEO

Upcoming Events
North County Players to present WWI era play, Passage Into Fear -   May 3
 Join us May 3 as we begin our showings of Passage Into Fear, put on by the North County Players! This WWI-era history mystery thriller is set in the waning days of the Greatest War. Aboard a transcontinental express, an ecclectic cast of characters collide in a nail-biting journey including international secrets, pugnacious orphans, gypsies, and a nerve-wracking dissapearance of an intriguing character carrying important information. 

The play is fitting, given this year is the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War I. 

"We're currently in the 100-year anniversary of World War I," said North County Players
vice-president and cast member, Marsi Carr. "The entire world is memorializing the end
of the Great War, so presenting the show in 2018 perfectly dovetails with all of those
remembrances and events, particularly with its emphasis on history."

Tickets are priced at $20 general and $16 seniors/kids/military, but enter the coupon
code PASSAGE2018 at checkout to save even more. There's also special pricing for
groups of four or more.

Eight evening and matinee shows will take place May 3-6 and 10-13. Refreshments will
be available as-well-as beer and wine. Get full details, reviews, directions, and one-click
tickets at www.northcountyplayers.org or call 760-933-0174. Or simply click    GET TICKETS NOW!

Join The San Diego Shakespeare Society for open reading of Richard III -   May 9
The Veterans Museum at  Balboa Park and the San Diego Shakespeare Society are teaming up to start open readings of William Shakespeare's plays this month!  We encourage all types to join in with the readings but especially encourage veterans to participate. Why? Because you may have more in common with Shakespeare's plays than you think!

 We'll start with Richard lll, who was a veteran himself. The play begins with him sharing with the audience,  "The war's over, I was really good at it, now I don't fit in, what do I do?" Many veterans can relate to this experience when they return from combat or are discharged from the service. 
Please join us for an informal time with the Bard. All are welcome, to include veterans, family members and friends.  A Vietnam Veteran and local actor will guide this reading.  Anyone can read, or you can just come to listen! Parts will be re-assigned before each scene so all who attend get a chance to read. 
We encourage all to bring their own copy of the play if possible. You may purchase at your local bookstore, or visit your local library to attain a copy. A limited amount of copies will be available at the reading. Come learn more about, arguably, the most famous playwright in history, while getting a taste of theatrical drama! Don't miss out! 

VMBP Theater Mash-Up provides stage for local directors, producers and performers
May 17-20
Join VMBP May 17-20 for three days of theater performances, a compilation of different shows brought to the museum from throughout San Diego! The concept for the mash-up was to bring as many diverse stories onto the stage as possible for a true cultural mash-up! We are still looking for performers! If you would like to learn more, contact our arts director, Anthonly LoBue, listed below. 
So far our schedule is listed as such:

7-9PM Thursday 17 May
Noche Mexicana!
Luis Angel Silva, "Historias de El Quijote" ("Stories of Don Quixote")
Elva Buck, Monólogo "Mujeres Solas pero No tristes" (Monologue of "Women who are alone but not Sad")
Rebeca Parra, Pintura de Acción (Action Painting)
Surprise Guest Artists!

7-9PM Friday 18 May
Adults Only Night!
Mature Themes and Language
Monologue & Scene by "Naked Shakespeare" 
Christophver R presents:
Play by "Mightier PENS" (Poetic Expeditionary Nation of Semanticists) 
Improv by "Otherwise Improvise"
Surprise Guest Artists!

7-9PM Saturday 19 May
Shakespeare Night!
Darryl Woodson, Open Readings
John Tessmer, Staged Readings
Surprise Guest Artists!

5-7PM Sunday 20 May
Kid Matinee!
Tony LoBue presents, 
"You Make It/You Take It" Story Puppets
Interactive Puppet Show
Kid Talent Show & Theatre Games!
Surprise Guest Artists!

Guide all questions, comments and concerns to:
Festival Facilitator (Volunteer)
AA "Tony the Vet" LoBue
Arts Director
Cell: 619-806-2075

Poet Lareate hosts Memorial Day healing drum circle -
May 28
 Join VMBP Poet Laureate, Alyce Smith Cooper, on May 28 at 5:30 PM as she presents an evening of healing beats with Vicki Morgan, founder of San Diego Woman's Drum Circle. 

Music has long been hailed as a healer of mind and heart. In our veteran community, there are many seeking healing through the arts, with a continuing gravitation towards music. Join us on Memorial Day as we host a drum circle in honor of those lost during service to our great nation. 

Bring your own drum, big or small, or we will provide drums. Tickets are $10 and can be bought at our website at www.veteranmuseum.org or HERE (insert)
VMBP's Alyce Smith Cooper hosts night of steel pans, jazz and poetry -  May 31
Have you been to one of our monthly jazz and poetry shows? Each month VMBP Poet Laureate, Alyce Smith Cooper, hosts a continuing stream of jazz musicians, poets and artists at the museum. This month on May 31 at 7 PM, she will host a night of steel pans and jazz, featuring Lady Jemma Collins and Infinite Other Rhythms and the Lady Rose Jazz Trio. Poet Tony Ackee will also perform alongside her. 

There will be food for purchase at this event, starting at $5.  Tickets for this show are $15 and can be purchased on our website, but you can easily purchase at the door with cash only. 

Don't miss your chance to come and enjoy our growing arts program! Grab a seat, a meal and settle in for a night of inspiring poetry and jazz at your museum! 

Keep an eye out for when tickets go live on our website at www.veteranmuseum.org! 

Would you like to become an Artist in Residence at the VMBP? Learn how! 
We have been proud to feature many local artists as our Artist in Residence at the museum. We welcome those who create visual art, written art or create art on the stage or with instruments! Artists in Residence can use the opportunity in any way they would like, and we are open to all kinds of ideas! 

Katie Turner, a former AIR at VMBP used her time to produce a series of one act plays, each centering around veteran issues, which leant to her a deeper understanding of what it is to be a veteran. 

 "I learned about the diversity of people who make up the population 'veteran'," said Turner. "I saw that each veteran has a unique identity and experience. I feel blessed to have gotten to experience first hand the beautiful individuals behind the uniform."

The possibilities for how an artist in residence uses their time are endless! Contact us for more information and join our growing museum arts family! Call (phone) or email info@veteranmuseum.org or artsdirector@veteranmuseum.org. 

Swing dance amidst military memorabilia from that era with Swing Dancing San Diego!   

Did you know that the museum offers swing dancing lessons each week? Well, we sure do! Join Joel Plys to learn basics, sharpen your already good skills or get ready for a performance!

  Swing Dancing San Diego offers the best classes with their "dance more, talk less" approach. They specialize in all the dances from the Swing Era (1920s-1950s) including Charleston, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, Jazz, Collegiate Shag, and Jitterbug. Get fit, have fun, and make friends by joining in!
Regular classes are on Mondays (all levels at 7:30 & 9:30) & Tuesdays (7:00 all level Jazz, 8:00 Intermediate partner dancing) as well as a lesson/dance on the 2nd Fridays each month. 

If you're intrested in this month's schedule and would like to start your journey to being a real-life mover and shaker, you can view that here:

Would you like to learn more? Take a look at all Swing Dancing San Diego offers here:

Recent Events
The American History Theater presents Remembrance: World War I, A Generation Lost - April 20 and 21

The American History Theater enjoyed another successful event with their Spring fundraiser and 2018 Season debut, Remembrance: World War I, A Generation Lost on April 20 and 21. The show, commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the end of WWII, honored those who served during this long-ago war.  

Powerful songstress, Daniela Camilleri, treated guests to two full acts of opera from the WWI-era, peppered with acts of tango, modern dance and poetry from museum Poet Laureate, Alyce Smith Cooper. The show was produced by AHT president, Hal Berry and Camilleri. 

A big thanks to all who came out to support the arts and honor the Millenial Anniversary of WWI. You can learn more about what The American History Theater has going on  HERE!

KidFUNFest stimulates creativity, enjoys big success honoring the Month of the Military Child -  April 29

 April 29 we hosted a day packed with creative, interactive and educational fun during KidFUNFest, honoring the Month of the Military Child. This festival was put on by the volunteers of the musuem in partnership with entities from across Balboa Park and San Diego County! Museum's such as Fleet Science, Museum of Man and more offered fun stations for kids and parents alike! 

Also featured was BEAM, the Telepresence Robot, which connected kids and deployed family members. Entertainment was provided by Westwind Brass, Poet Laureate, Alyce Cooper Smith and Musa Kaleen and the Vibrational Tones. The day included educational projects, an interactive Maze and a Happiness Parade! 

It can be tou gh to be  a military kid. Mom or Dad may have to change duty stations often, or may go on long deployments or training missions. Military kids learn to be resilient and have pride in what Mom or Dad (or bo th!) do for their country. This month we were proud to hono r that resiliency and pride with a special day of FUN! A big thanks to all who participated and a big thanks to all our sponsors! 

Poet's Corner

Welcome to Eagle Arts, Poet's Corner! This section is where we'd like to spotlight veteran poets! Would you like to see your work in our new Eagle Arts? We encourage poetry written by veterans or about veterans and military life. 

This month we are featuring our first out-of-state poet, Army combat veteran, Christopher Allen Baker. Baker was a broadcast journalist during his time in the service and now resides in Tomball, Texas with his wife, Shelby and baby daughter, Stella. Our second poem is one written by our own Communications Director, Amber Robinson. Robinson is also an Army combat veteran and served as a photojournalist during her ten years in service. Fun fact: Robinson and Baker both served together on the same Public Affairs team in the prestigious 10th Mountain Division for their 2008-2009 deployment to Afghanistan.  

Road to Success
Christopher Allen
Eight lanes, eight-hundred cars,
An army of red lights.
Honking horns and screaming sirens.
Pedestrian misery expands in silence.
Sixty-five lane changes,
Nearly eleven wrecks.
Cut-off and blocked-in,
Breathing fumes and belching fire.
Rage builds roads.
Ramps feed fury.
Suitcase on the side of the road:
Peripheral threat detected.
A flash as the earth rises upward,
Eleven! Bang! Bang! Fobbits get you killed and 
Everyone hates blue falcons.
Four seconds last for hours, as focus fades out fear.
Flank and fire!
Private, Sergeant, Captain all one in the same;
Petroleum for progress.
Blank Slates after Basic Training. Spontaneous Generation can't 
Sustain the front lines.
Martian Canals provide welcome cover to gaze at the galaxy.
Make your moment small.
Ecstatic universe, you can't see these stars at home. Stars that shoot,
Smashing planets, empathy extinct.
Interstellar drones need no buttons pushed. Instinct to destroy; 
Time for flight or fight.
Soaring safely, alongside explosive speckled peaks. Rubbernecking rudely 
Revering every range.
Click. Click. Click.
The space between us shrinks.
Desert dust coughed out as smog
 "You have plenty of room!"
"Fucking move!"
I found my exit today.
I hope it's in the same place tomorrow.

Amber Robinson 

I began with one small moment. 
The moment was made of sadness 
and the first wall i made was of soft things that gave me comfort
like a womb. 
More moments came, and I wasted no time in building more walls
for when they would come again. 
I was diligent and made them from  
solitude, trees, sunsets,
bright skies, sweet grasses and splintered sun rays 
I could lean against the early walls and they never faltered, they kept me safe. 

As my life roughened, I used harsher materials to make the walls. 
I built the walls as a reminder as well as a protection. 
I manufactured them out of coarse men, illicit medicine and alcohol. 
I made walls out of withered promises, lonely starscapes, and black crashing seas 
I danced and walls were made with each footstep.
I sang and walls were made with each note. 
I made them with blood, bruises and the tatters of my self-worth 
I made walls from war.
I made walls with weapons and the courage of men who die for their country 
I made walls that looked like music...but felt like screams. 
I gave my walls to others and encouraged them to stand 'round

My masonry has been impeccable, my geometry divine.
The child's temple of sky and warm earth 
Now numbers many a parapet, stony and brazen 
But behind all the ramparts, my inner progeny sighs
I sigh like an ohm reverberation.
Like a swelling chasm, a slowly crashing wave.
Like a comet, a dilating pupil 
I sigh slowly and with knowing
For the time has come

Where are you reading your poetry, where are you seeing poetry performed?  We'd like to put out to our readers what is out there for established or budding poets. Have an event you'd like to share with our readers? Send an email to vetmuseum-pr@pacbell.net.

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