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December 16, 2020
12/21 - SIT Meeting (3:10-4:10 pm)
12/21 - Second Quarter Ends
12/22 - Winter Break Begins
On Tuesday, December 8, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education voted for students in grades K-5 to return to full remote learning on Monday, December 14 until Tuesday, January 19, 2021. Please see HERE for more details.
Eagle News
A Fond Farewell

After teaching for a combined 62 years, Ms. Kellam (29 years) and Ms. Roberts (33 years) are retiring from Selwyn at the end of this semester. These wonderful educators started teaching at Selwyn in 1992 and have touched the lives of so many of our Selwyn students and families over the years. 

We wish both Ms. Roberts and Ms. Kellam all the best in their retirement as they begin this new chapter of their lives.

Thank you so much for all you have given to Selwyn, Ms. Kellam and Ms. Roberts. We will miss you!
Building Blocks Campaign

The 2020-2021 Building Blocks campaign will officially begin February 1, 2021. Building Blocks is Selwyn's annual capital campaign which funds critical needs for classrooms, playground equipment, technology, and instructional resources for our children. Look for materials to come home in February with additional details.

Although the campaign will officially kick off in the new year, families who would like to make a contribution in 2020 may do so by mail or online. Please make checks payable to: Selwyn PTA, Memo - Building Blocks. Or you can CLICK HERE to make an online donation. Remember, if you make your contribution prior to 12/31/20, it can be tax deductible for 2020!

Questions? Please contact Alison and Zvonimir Milas (2020-2021 Building Blocks Capital Campaign Co-Chairs) at bbselwyn@gmail.com.
Selwyn Community Partners

Thank you, Selwyn! Our school received the following donations as a result of your participation in our Community Partners and Spirit Events:

Harris Teeter: $390
AmazonSmile: $187
Chipotle: $190
Swoozie's: $125

If you have not already done so, please SIGN UP for the Harris Teeter VIC program and link your VIC card to Selwyn. Selwyn's code is 1736. We currently have only 119 families whose VIC cards are linked to Selwyn this school year. If all of our families linked their VIC cards to Selwyn, we could quadruple the donation our school receives from Harris Teeter!

Be on the look out for info about a Sabor Spirit Event in January, 2021, too!
The Selwyn Rock

Have a special announcement? Reserve the rock between AG and Selwyn for your special painting!

Choose a date by clicking HERE to reserve or by using the sign up genius link below. The "rental" period is from Sunday to Wednesday OR Wednesday to Saturday. Wednesday is "paint day" and the rock may be painted after noon on Saturday.

The cost for the three day rental is $10 and you supply your own paint. You may pay for the rental on the PTA website by clicking HERE or using the link below. Please note the dates you are renting before you submit your payment.

WSEL Broadcast

Please see attached VIDEO for WSEL's last broadcast of 2020.
Health Tip
Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Covid-19: Part Two

  1. Keep your child's developmental stage and temperament in mind. Some kids will need more time and reassurance during times of transition. This pandemic is unprecedented, and each child is unique. Maybe if things don't go exactly as planned, just say, "isn't that interesting?" and let it go.
  2. Try to maintain a normal routine. This is difficult to do as school schedules are changing. But do your best to establish a new routine and give kids time to adapt. Children find safety in routines. Think about using a calendar as new routines get started.
  3. Model the behavior you want to see. Model a positive attitude and stay grounded. Also practice social distancing and hygiene to set an example for your children.
  4. Consider adjusting screen time limits. With online school and working from home, we may need to temporarily adjust our screen time limits. Just be selective. You may not want to loosen all limits around addictive games, but you may want to allow more social app time use such as zoom or Facetime so your kids aren't socially isolated.
  5. Take care of yourself. These are stressful time on so many levels. Do things that make you feel good and centered (take a bath, play some music, bake, exercise). Do whatever you can to calm your own anxiety so you can handle your child's questions and challenging behavior as they navigate these times.