Friday, September 11, 2020
Dear Parents,

We are so pleased with the successful start to our school year. We are halfway through the first quarter and we have 115 students on campus and 15 students who selected online access prior to the school year starting. We are proud of our staff and students for the ways they have navigated the changes to this school year. They have embraced new routines, making choices that keep others and their own safety in mind. We feel very fortunate to be able to say we have had zero positive cases of COVID-19 within our school community. Thank you partnering with us to keep our students, faculty and staff healthy.

As we shared in our Return to School Plan, we will be re-evaluating policies on a consistent basis to make sure we are doing what is best for all.

Beginning September 14th:

  • We will maintain a closed campus to outside visitors.
  • Students will remain in class cohorts and will begin visiting the resource classrooms.
  • Students will “sanitize in, sanitize out” using the newly installed sanitizing stations located outside each cottage.
  • Surfaces will be sanitized between classes.
  • For 1st - 8th grades, classes will rotate participating in Chapel in the sanctuary. They will maintain social distance and wear face coverings. When a class is not in the sanctuary, they will view chapel online in their classroom.   
  • Chapel for PK3-Kindergarten will be on Wednesday mornings, in the church sanctuary, where students can maintain social distance and wear face coverings. This service will only be for PK3-Kindergarten students.
  • We will continue temperature checks in morning carpool. Please keep any student home AND inform the office if they have had COVID symptoms, have taken fever-reducing medication, or have come in contact with anyone with COVID or quarantining for COVID.
  • Afternoon dismissal will continue from homeroom classes.
  • If a student is absent, for any reason, PLEASE communicate with the front office the day of the absence. If the student has any COVID symptoms, the student must see a doctor and obtain a medical release, prior to returning to campus.
  • We will continue the use of face coverings for all adults. Kindergarten - 8th grade students will be expected to wear face coverings during drop off and pick up, and while inside their classrooms. PK3 and PK4 students will be expected to wear a face covering during drop off and pick up.  
  • We will reevaluate our safety precautions and communicate any changes prior to the weekend of October 9th.  

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Angela Bast
Head of School
Important Info I Mark Your Calendars
  • Lunch ordering for October is now open in the FACTS Family Portal.
  • Log in to the Family Portal to check homework and grades, see the school calendar, check for 2 PM Release days, and so much more.
  • Please send an extra face covering with your child each day
9.10: Lunch orders open for OCTOBER
9.16: 2:00 PM Release Day
9.20: Lunch orders for OCTOBER are due
9.30: 2:00 PM Release Day
The More You Know | Knowledge is Power
  • You may have heard us mention MERV 13 air filters, hand sanitizing stations, and an electrostatic sprayer... These are all new additions to campus this school year to help us stay healthy.
  • Our classrooms all have their own AC units, which is great for reducing the spread of germs between classrooms. Each classroom has also been outfitted with a MERV 13 air filter. These filters can reduce the risk of illness because they filter very small particles out of the air, even smaller than a single micron.
  • Each cottage has a new hand sanitizing station outside on the front porch to enable students and staff to "sanitize in and sanitize out."
  • We have purchased two electrostatic sprayers to use for sanitizing shared PE equiptment and other needs around campus. The sprayers use a solution of hydrogen peroxide that is positively charged to help it bind to surfaces and eliminate germs.

  • Join us for Virtual Chapel at 8:30 AM Wednesday morning. The bulletin with the links can be found here.

  • The Family Portal is full of great information:
  • Check your child's grades by clicking Student and then Grades
  • Check your child's homework by clicking Student and then Homework
  • Sign up for Parent Alerts (text messages) by going to Family, Family Home, and then look at/edit your preferences
  • Look for contact information for your child's friends and teachers in the Directory
Seen Around Campus | The Best Part of Grace
Practicing with scissors requires great concentration.
There's a new store open on the playground. It looks like the currency is acorns, nuts, and twigs. Better get your wallet ready!
The 8th graders are super excited about their new Spanish curriculum this year!
Everyone loves pizza Fridays!
Miles has mastered the monkey bars!
The 5th graders spent some time working in small groups outside at our new picnic tables!
The swings are always a popular choice.
Someone celebrated their 9th birthday today during lunch.
8th graders practiced adding positive and negative numbers
in Mrs. Porter's class today.
Inspiration I It's a good one...
Haha - well, that's one way to do it!
Grace Community Partners | Helping Grace