Friday, September 6, 2019
Thank you for being patient and working with us throughout the hurricane. We are grateful to report that the children are happy to be back in school, there was no damage on campus and everyone is safe, including Gracie the Cat.

Our 6th grade leadership elective is currently brainstorming ways our students can best help those in need in the Bahamas. We'll keep you posted on what they decide and welcome your assistance.
Upcoming Dates | September
Early Release Day
School will end at 2:00 PM. Carpool will run at 2:00 PM. Extended Day is open.
1st - 8th grade
First School Eucharist
Join us @ 8:30 AM for our first Eucharist of the school year.
PK3 - 8th grade
All School Chapel
Join us @ 8:30 AM for all school chapel in Grace Church.

Important Links | Don't Miss Out
Click the button to read about how you can make a difference!
Parents - please make sure you have indicated your preferences for Eucharist for your 1st - 8th graders here. Eucharist is Sept. 11th.
Open to all students during their birthday month -
Make a donation to the school library in honor of your child's birthday. Your child will get to select a new book for the school library.
September lunch orders are closed, however you can order for any upcoming month through the end of the school year.
Check class websites, homework assignments, make payments, etc.
If you find yourself with a little extra, you can always give to Grace.
Announcements | For the Good of the Order
  • Mark your calendars for the Fall Family Social on Friday, September 27th. It will be a fun night of celebration!
  • Don't forget - 2 PM release day on Wednesday, September 11th.
Seen Around Campus | The Best Part of Grace
Middle school students helped each other out in Pre-Algebra.
Riley loves climbing on the playground equipment.
Kindergartners practiced sorting by size and color today.
Emilise enjoyed buddy time on the playground today.
Celeste was caught working hard in first grade.
These boys love when riding bikes and scooters at Extended Day.
Weekly Sports Schedule | Go Eagles Go!
9.9.19 Soccer 4 PM vs. Harvest Community @ Dye Clay YMCA

9.10.19 Volleyball 5PM vs. Christ Church Academy (away)

9.12.19 Soccer 4 PM vs. Cedar Hills @ Dye Clay YMCA

9.13.19 Volleyball 5 PM vs. Pinewood Christian (away)
Artists of the Week | Amazing Talents
Congratulations to our new Artists of the Week from Mrs. Arfsten's 8th grade class, Chloe and Morgan. They each used pencil to draw a beautiful giraffe. Special time and attention was given to adding a wide range of gray tones in the shading and shadowing, especially in the giraffe's many spots. Nice work ladies.
Congratulations to our new Kindergarten Artists of the Week from Mrs. Hite's and Mrs. Marzec's class, Garrett and Clement. After learning about Paul Cezanne and his use of colors and shapes, the boys each used oil pastels to create these beautiful illustrations of apples on a plate. Beautiful work gentlemen!
Safety Patrol Schedule | Keeping Grace Safe
Safety Patrols have begun their duties on campus and we love having them keep us safe! If your child is part of Grace's Safety Patrol group, here's a helpful schedule for you.

September 9-13: B, White
Lawson C., Olivia H., Hailey L., Jacob M.,Jack B., Cayden I., Finn K., Elias Li.

September 16-20: C, Blue
Regan D., Hailee H., Ruby J., Emily L., Jack W., Asher H., Alexa H., Elias Le., Kathryn Worsham

September 23-27: A, Red
Ian D., Zach H., Joshua M., Lauren M., Alexis D., Garrett D., Riley M., Lilanna P.

September 30-October 4: B, White
Lawson C., Olivia H., Hailey L., Jacob M.,Jack B., Cayden I., Finn K., Elias Li.

And then the schedule just continues to repeat. Duty assignments may change, but the week your child is working will not change.

5th-8th grade teams:
Team A : Ian D., Zach H., Joshua M., Lauren M.
Team B: Lawson C., Olivia H., Hailey L., Jacob M.
Team C: Regan D., Hailee H., Ruby J., Emily L., Jack W.

4th grade teams:
Team Red: Alexis D., Garrett D., Riley M., Lilanna P.
Team White: Jack B., Cayden I., Finn K., Elias Li.
Team Blue: Asher H., Alexa H., Elias Le., Kathryn Worsham
Staff Spotlight| 10 questions in 30 seconds(ish)
What’s one thing you couldn’t live without? my f amily

Strangest job you’ve ever had? receptionist at a travel agency

Any hidden talents we should know about? I'm sure I have them, they are just really hidden.

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? build a multi-purpose space at Grace

Favorite treat for yourself? a pedicure

If you could be anything, what would you be? A dentist - I love pulling teeth!

How do you like to spend your free time? working

Favorite place to travel to? anywhere

What chore do you dread doing? feeding the pets

Favorite thing about Grace? everything

Guess who??
Grace Community Partners | Helping Grace
Interested in becoming a Community Partner?