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March 2021
Monthly Eagle Family Newsletter
Your Monthly Message from Principal Fish...
Hello Eagle Families,

By the time our hybrid model launches on March 22, it will have been one full year since your student last set foot on our campus for face-to-face learning. Getting back to in-person teaching and learning is a process and we need to hit all the steps. The hybrid model allows us to move toward a full recovery and we will be ready to do this as safely as any district or school has been so far. We also recognize that this move does not come without nervous anticipation of what's to come, nor are we blind to those feeling anxious about being back on campus and around more people than what they've experienced since the closure. At AHS, we pride ourselves in having a strong, student-centered school culture and one where the professionals consistently take into account the social and emotional health of Every Eagle. That's why our latest Building Leadership Team (BLT) discussions centered on not just the physical safety of our students, but also the emotional and mental health impacts that in-person learning and returning to campus will likely bring. We're currently working on a bell schedule for the first 4 days of hybrid to start with an opportunity for our Every Eagle Advisory sections to meet at the start of the day to connect, relay important expectations for campus safety moving forward and to do all we can to support our kids with an advisor / mentor who can be a great resource should any student need additional Social / Emotional assistance from our team. Rather than simply go straight to math, science, social studies, etc - we're going to reopen AHS with an intentional touch-in the first two A days and the first two B days with in-person Every Eagle Advisory. This is important for every student, but it is especially critical for our newest members of the convocation, our freshmen! Many students, especially true for our 9th graders, have never even met his or her adviser and this approach will give them the chance to do so. We will release this schedule prior to March 22, but it will not affect the start time of the day.

Below in the Hybrid In-Person Model section is a copy of our regular bell schedule that we will follow each day. Zero Period students (there are very few) will be checked in prior at the main doors starting at 650a. For all others who begin their day with first period, doors will NOT open until 730a for students to enter campus. Please note above the locations based upon mode of transportation to school for your two-days of in-person learning (As = Mon /Tue and Bs = Wed / Thurs). From these locations, students will report directly to their first period class. Grab and go breakfast will be available in the commons for those who need it. As noted in the Hybrid In-Person Model section below, we have many layers of safety expectations we will all be following for the foreseeable future as we take steps toward what we hope will be a full-in person experience this fall. While some may feel we're not quite ready to learn in-person just yet and some may feel we should already be back to full in-person learning already, the reality is that this IS the step we've been approved to take and it IS in the direction of a return to normalcy. For a school with nearly 1600 kids, 160+ staff members and thousands of family members too, if we are to be successful we will absolutely need EVERY EAGLE to adhere daily to our expectations. Most importantly if you are sick, stay home! If you are awaiting COVID test results because you or a household member suspects exposure, stay home! From schools and districts around the country and even right here in WA, we are seeing reports of success in this model. Together, we will do this as well as anyone... we've got this Eagles!

Duane Fish
Principal AHS

PS - We are developing an AHS Hybrid Learning Expectations page for our website that will include clear, concise and critical information for your student. This page will also include links to short videos to help us prepare for March 22 and our Hybrid launch. Once it's ready, we will make an announcement!
Parent Quick-Access Resources
The week prior to March 22, your student WILL be receiving an email from WSIPC titled, "Daily Symptom Health Checker" and this email will launch their ability to attest daily to attend in-person on their designated days. Starting March 22, your student must complete his or her online daily symptom health checker before entry into the building is allowed. At each entrance point, there will be signs on the doors for those who are ready to fully enter (attestation complete, time and date stamped, green check mark graphic on phone to show staff) and nearby doors marked for those who still need to complete the process due to not having digital access while away from campus, forgetting their phone at home, etc. (see below). Students will choose the proper line at the proper entrance for their situation (student driver = Gym Foyer, walker / parent drop-off = Main Entrance, and bus riders = BPAC Lobby doors as shown in the photo above). Life Skills program buses / drop-offs will now enter via the rear of the school due to construction starting April 1.
This is screen that will be reviewed by a designated staff member prior to your entry into the school. We are checking to ensure the proper date and name are displayed. Please have this notification / confirmation pulled up on your cell phone to make things run efficiently. The above graphic is what appears for those approved for in-person learning and these posters will be on the proper doors for you to enter at each entry point.
If you arrive on campus and still need to attest, we will have computers available for you at each entry point. Get in the line that has the above sign to proceed with the daily check-in process.
Hybrid Days - What to Expect / Safety Measures...
  • All who enter MUST attest to being healthy enough to attend DAILY
  • All who enter WILL have his or her temp taken - most via new state of the art thermal camera imaging that is highly accurate (see photos below).
  • All who enter MUST PROPERLY wear, over his or her mouth and nose, a facial covering (APS purchased 500k disposable masks - we will hand them out to those who need them for any reason). Please review the CDC mask recommendations linked here for what works best and what to avoid!
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are in all 80 classrooms, work spaces and common areas - frequent hand hygiene will be encouraged!
  • Student populations are less than 50% of this time last year given the AA/BB cohorts, moves to online entities, increased Running Start, etc.
  • Signage with reminders, protocols, movement and social distancing expectations will be posted throughout campus, including traffic flow graphics on our floors (see photos above / below).
  • Students will only enter via Gym Lobby (Student Drivers - thermal camera entrance), Main Doors (Walkers / Drop-Offs - face temp scanners in use), BPAC Lobby (Bus Riders - thermal camera entrance).
  • Doors open at 730a. Our system will be efficient and faster than most anticipate, please DO NOT drop your student off prior to 730a unless he or she has Zero Period on their schedule.
  • If a student has a late start due to SnoIsle Tech, Running Start or simply a "late start" in his or her schedule, please enter via the Main Entrance as it's after 8am. Ring the video doorbell and staff will assist you.
  • To reduce potential for gathering in the commons / halls each morning, students will report DIRECTLY to 1st period classrooms (breakfast provided is grab and go)
  • Students may BRIEFLY lower their mask to take a drink or take a bite while in a classroom environment like at the start of the day, but must maintain physical distancing while doing so and must replace their mask as soon as possible. Grab and go breakfast is NOT to be turned into a "mask break."
  • Sanitizing will take place between every class as part of the student transition from class to class. For cleaning of a student's personal work space, teachers will provide a virucidal wipe by Purell / GOJO that requires no PPE to use, no rinsing after application and dries in less than 1 minute.
  • To reduce gathering and congestion during lunch, mitigation protocols are being developed in our Site Safety Team, DLT and BLT work. Observations at in-progress hybrid schools are providing ideas on how to do this at AHS! We will have options for those who want to eat solo (seating in B Wing Lobby and Gym Lobby), outdoor seating in the rear covered patio area and outside of the Gym entrance on the benches, in the commons with 3 max per large table and 2 max for smaller tables (capacity limits will be posted) and student drivers will be allowed to eat SOLO in their cars if they wish to do so. IF siblings or same household students have the same lunch, they may eat together, but we will be checking! We will have parking lot supervision, as well as newly installed high resolution cameras recording in the parking areas to help keep us and our belongings safer.
  • Seats and tables cannot be moved from their established locations by students and once they've selected their seat for lunch, that is where he or she will remain for the duration (no "table hopping").
  • All lunch lines will be physically distanced and we are developing a color-coded classroom system to stagger the release times for transitions to keep populations leaner.
  • We will have increased lunch period supervision from administration and other designated school personnel.
  • Prior to leaving lunch, students will aid in cleaning their personal space similar to our classroom process before the next lunch arrives. If a student wants to sanitize a surface prior to eating, safe, effective products will be available.
  • We do not have a touchless water bottle refill station. Students may wish to bring with them disposable bottled water on their 2 in-person learning days.
  • Students may BRIEFLY lower their mask to take a drink while in a classroom environment, but must maintain physical distancing while doing so and must replace their mask as soon as possible. Having a bottle of water on your desk is NOT to be turned into a "mask break."
  • All restrooms will be clearly marked with max capacities. We ask that students follow the number posted and wait on the dot in the hall if needed.
  • As students will have just 2 in-person days per week, we ask that IF your student has PE in his or her schedule that they dress prepared to be active with tennis shoes and attire that allows movement. Locker rooms will not be open. Our PE staff continues planning and preparation to maximize what kids can do in PE in this model.
  • For Choir, we will have the numbers low enough and distance great enough for A/B participation - follow the instructor's protocols in class.
  • For Band, we are exploring solutions in the BPAC to allow our musicians to play with safety measures in place in a very large environment. Outdoors will be a solution on good weather days. Follow the instructor's protocols in class.
  • For all of our protocols above and yet to come, safety is key. A student's refusal to adhere to safety expectations will result in referral to administration for family contact and possible progressive discipline. Repeated violations may result in a loss of in-person learning privileges.

We know this does not cover EVERY situation or question you may have. We will be placing expectations on our website very soon and we will include short student-led videos to better establish expectations as we move forward. Stay tuned everyone!
Notes from the Nurse's Office...
Wear a mask - over your mouth & nose!

Practice hand hygiene frequently; this means washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water when feasible and using hand sanitizer when not. Hand sanitizer is now conveniently located in every classroom.

Resist the urge to will be awesome to see friends that have been missing from your life this past year, but we can’t stop and catch up forever in the halls...keeping a solid 6 feet of distance between you and your classmates will help minimize the risk of spreading COVID. So, catch up from a safe distance, and please don’t block the halls or gather in groups.

And, most importantly, DON’T come to school if you feel sick. Seems obvious, but it’s easy enough to explain away nagging symptoms...until it’s not. If you have any questions about what is “”normal” for you and what is possibly COVID, I’m happy to discuss this with you. PARENTS: Make a plan and then make a back up plan for how you will get your student home if they should become sick while at school. We will need your support to keep everyone safe and healthy at school.

I am so looking forward to seeing students once again in the building. It’s possibly cliche, but, I must say, it’s not the same without you! ;)

Upcoming Events!
Attention Class of 2022!
Class of 2022, we are ready to ring you in. As a soon-to-be senior at Arlington High School, we would like to honor your accomplishments and your leadership as you move into your senior year with an Arlington High School commemorative class ring. The first ring event will be a drive through finger sizing and a time where you can place your order for your free 2022 class ring. This will take place on March 5th from 1-2:30 in the student lot. In the spring, we will present these rings to each junior that attended our ring sizing event with Jostens and placed an order online. Let's celebrate your current and upcoming successes!
AHS Drama presents....
YOU will NOT want to miss this!

The Arlington High School Drama Department is pleased to announce a VERY SPECIAL Movie Event. Edward B. Loch's 1938 radio play "The War of the Worlds" will make it's Arlington debut in the form of a Drive-In movie featuring AHS Drama students. 

As most people are painfully aware, due to COVID restrictions we are not able to perform live shows indoors at the incredible Byrnes Performing Arts Center this year. We were however, capable of putting together a movie speculating on how the re-creation of the classic HG Wells novel took place. While the 1938 radio play is historically well-known for the fear and panic it inspired when first released, the AHS Drama department went one step further and asked the question, "What did the radio play LOOK like to those who were creating it? "  

To find out the answer, make plans to attend the show and SEE how a young cleaning woman got her big break, how a group of Foley artists rumbled, stumbled and bumbled their way through an unforgiving list of special effects and how a young Orson Welles kept the live broadcast going through it all.

Special thanks go out to the City of Arlington for loaning the projection screen, the incredible collection of costumers, film makers and technicians who supported the project and the AHS administration for their unwavering support. 

Through an arrangement with Playscripts, Inc., we are pleased to announce that our newest film project (filmed with COVID protocols in place) will be shown in the AHS Student parking lot as a Drive-In Movie
March 5,6,12th and 13th
at 7:00pm. Tickets are on sale now!
With limited parking available make plans now and we will see you at the Drive In!!!!
Driver's ED
ATTENTION all students interested in 4th quarter Driver's Education. Classes will begin April 19th at 3pm. ONLINE. Applications are available at AHS, Weston, Stilly and District website. You may also obtain an application by clicking on the link. Classes are from April 19 - June 10th. Students are not fully enrolled until they turned in an application and paid the $475 fee. Payment plans are also available if needed. 
If you have any questions, please email Mr. Brooke:
Freshman Link Day - March 19!
Freshmen: Welcome to Arlington High School!

Arlington High School will be hosting a physically distanced, Freshman-only Link Crew Day on Friday, March 19th from 8am-11:55am. Your freshman will be welcomed in modified assemblies hosted by our administrators and Link Crew Advisors where they will learn what it is to be an AHS Eagle. Spread across 20+ classrooms and all over campus, they will also have the opportunity to work in small groups with our upperclassmen link crew leaders to learn more about the culture at AHS. Freshmen will be able to walk their class schedule, in A and B groups, and meet their teachers in person too! Lunch will be provided if your student does not bring a lunch. Students will be dismissed to buses or parent pickup at 11:55a. Students do not need to bring backpacks or any materials with them for this day. We can't wait to meet your students in person! We will send more detail as the date gets closer... stay tuned!
The annual Arlington Boys Basketball Coaches vs Cancer Booster Club event!
The annual Arlington Boys Basketball Coaches vs Cancer Booster Club event will take place on Saturday, March 6,
 11:00 am – 2:00 pm in the Napa Auto Center Parking Lot. Efforts to raise funds for American Cancer Society include Dick’s Food Truck, gift basket raffles, textile drive, virtual 5k, and evening fun with FREE (virtual) Bandigo at 7:00 pm. For more information please visit: 

More Important Announcements!
The AHS Yearbook staff has decided to delay the delivery/distribution of the book by a couple of weeks so that we are able to cover the return to school (our book is usually submitted by spring break). Our goal is to have the yearbooks ready for distribution by late June. A limited number of books will be available for sale at that time. 
2021-2022 CHEER TRYOUTS!
Tryouts for the 2021-2022 cheer squad will be April 26-30. Tryout packets will be available March 1st!
Want to Watch Live Eagle Varsity Athletics in Action?
Eagle News Media, the journalism program for AHS, will be live streaming our home varsity sporting events! We will have the link on our news website
or...You can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel for easy access!!!
A Quick Note From The AHS Office
Bus Notes: At this time we have been advised that we are unable to write bus passes for your students to ride other buses. Students must ride the same bus home as the one they arrived on.
Students Leaving Early: Parents, if your student has to leave early for an appointment, please send a note with them. Students then please stop by the Attendance Office (in the morning) for a "PASS". The student can then show their teacher the PASS and meet their parent out the front of the school at their designated time.

Thank YOU Eagles!
APS Announces Winter 2021, Simply Amazing Awards!
Staff Member, Dennis Cox

On September 1, 2020 Dennis took over as the lead custodian for Arlington High School and since that promotion he's shown tremendous leadership at Arlington High School with regard to health and safety. Dennis communicates well with our team and always keeps his custodial crew, our teaching, support personnel and students in mind when discussing challenges to safely operating AHS
during distance learning. He ensures that our connectivity stations, Life Skills classrooms and on-site work areas are sanitized daily and helped identify a safety glitch with our new exterior locks that required
adjustment. For these reasons and so much more, Dennis is "Simply Amazing!"
Senior, Ali Amezcua-Toscano

For the past two years, Ali has taken an increasingly influential role in our school, district and community to increase student voice in our decision-making process. Ali has served on the district Advisory Council for Education (ACE) for two years, and is currently serving as our Arlington High School Diversity Council student chair and Associated Student Body (ASB) Treasurer for 2020-21. AIi has been a source of positivity and light during the closure period, working with our Drama program to produce the "AHS Video Announcements -
Pandemic Edition" comedy series, starring as one of the anchors
of the show. For these reasons and so much more, Ali is "Simply
Knowledge Bowl

Students who are interested in taking part in Knowledge Bowl should contact Mr. Mendro or Mr. Duskin. We've got plenty of room for more.
Join FBLA!
Future Business Leaders of America

Are your students looking to get involved in a student club or organization at AHS? If yes, FBLA may be something to look into! We are looking for students who would like to become involved. Click here for a flier with some basic details about FBLA. Please reach out if you have any questions or are interested!
LGBT+ Club

Are you a member or ally of the LGBTQ+ community? Would you like to meet other members of this community in a safe space, hang out, make friends, and talk about LGBTQ+ issues, learn about LGBTQ+ culture and history, and advocate for and support LGBTQ+ students at Arlington High School--with snacks?!  

If your answer is yes, then email AHS' LGBTQ+ Club Advisor Mr. Ford at to receive more information about the LGBT+ Club's weekly Zoom meetings.
Work Hard

If your student is absent, please call the Attendance Office, 360-618-6301, or email, or go into Family Access to excuse. 
Student struggling with Classes?
Are you struggling in classes and think a peer tutor could help you? Please sign up with Robin Knutson ( in the counseling office today. National honor society students are here to help you through difficult concepts in all subject areas. Your success matters and we are here to help you connect during this difficult time.
Transcripts and Scholarships
If you need a transcript for any reason, including college applications, use the Parchment Order Records link on our website or click here . Remember if you have college application deadlines you will need to request your transcript at least two school day in advance.

Arlington Dollars for Scholars (ADFS) - Scholarships open up February 1st. You will follow ADFS instructions on how to add your transcript request to your application and it will be uploaded to your account in mid February. If you are applying to any national Scholarship America scholarships, you will need to notify Mrs. Nelson that you need a transcript uploaded to your account earlier. Email at
Library Books
Be Kind
Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Phone: (360) 618-6307 Fax: (360) 618-6311
Location: A200, Student Services - 2nd Floor

Counseling assignments are based on student last name as follows:
If you need to talk with a counselor call
(360) 618-6307 to make arrangements.

A - C Elizabeth (Lisa) Sullivan (206) 629-8704 (Text)
D - Hi Mary Hawksley (206) 659-7606 (Text)
Ho - Me Cheyenne Hanshaw (206) 659-9476 (Text)
Mi - Sa Shanna Crookes (484) 531-7034 (Text)
Sc- Z Allison Bennett (206) 659-9224 (Text)
Character Strong - It Takes All of US!
Click on truck to be directed to donation page

Here is a concept truck . . . it is provided for a visual reference only. It is NOT the exact truck we are aiming for. 
See our Character Strong in Action!
Help us buy a food truck for the Arlington Food Bank!
We are up to nearly $14,000 raised in just a few months! Way to go AHS Families! Keep going, we can do this! Arlington High School ASB is focusing their energies on raising money to purchase a food truck for the Arlington Community Food Bank. This truck would allow food insecure residents without reliable transportation to shop a food truck in their neighborhoods. We are wanting to involve as many clubs and teams as possible, and we are having a class competition to see which graduating class can raise the most money. 

For more information on the Food Bank and the AHS activities, go to:

Follow us on Twitter: @TheAHSEagle and @Arlington_ASB

Events on the Horizon for our Food Bank Fundraisers:
TBD: Video Gaming tournament & Drama production streaming fundraiser (stay tuned for more info)

Questions or suggestions? Email Julie Martin:
The Family Character Dare of the Month is...
March is Honesty Month with Character Strong!
"Inspiring all students to act as responsible, productive citizens who embrace lifelong learning."

Here is the month coming at you!
March 5,6,12 &13 @7pm
March 5
Class of 2022, we are ready to ring you in. This will take place on March 5th from 1-2:30 in the student lot.
March 6
The annual Arlington Boys Basketball Coaches vs Cancer Booster Club event will take place on Saturday, March 6,11:00 am – 2:00 pm in the Napa Auto Center Parking Lot. 
March 19
Future Freshman Day 8:00am-11:55am.
March 22
Hybrid Model starts at AHS!

On The Horizon
Spring Break 5th-9th