Volume 4, Issue 3
January 13, 2021

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A Message from the Priest in Charge:

As we move a little deeper into our season of Epiphany, we examine the many ways that God has been revealed to us in the person of Jesus the Christ. In our lessons last week, it was through his baptism in the River Jordan. This week, it is through the calling of his first disciples - those who were at first perhaps curious or attracted to Jesus' charisma or wondering if he was actually the one they had been waiting for all through the years.

As we consider our own call to discipleship - through baptism, through curiosity or through a deep longing in our soul that seeks to be satisfied - we are invited to ask important questions as to how we live into that call. After last week's bold sharing of our feelings in the wake of the attacks on our nations' Capitol Building, I have been asked to use some of our Adult Formation time to delve deeper into the questions we most likely have been asking ourselves and others. Here's how I hope to respond to those requests.

This Sunday, our worship service will originate from inside St. John's Church with a full celebration of Holy Eucharist in word and sacrament. Immediately following our service, pre-consecrated wafers will be offered (for up to an hour) to anyone who wishes to drive to the church and receive "the body of Christ" in drive-thru or walk-up fashion. By engaging in worship and receiving the sacrament, we can be spiritually nurtured for the journey ahead of us.

Next Sunday, January 24, is the date for our Annual Parish meeting - this year on Zoom because of the COVID-19 restrictions. That virtual meeting will take place immediately after our 10:00am service and include reports from various Vestry members, the election of new Vestry members and discussions around the 2021 budget and the opportunities it presents for this congregation to grow its presence in College Park and the surrounding community. By engaging in positive discussion, we can learn from others about what is most important for us as we move forward in the next year to eighteen months as a parish church in College Park.

On January 31, following our worship service on Zoom, we will open up the channels for everyone and utilize the "break-out room" feature of the platform to engage everyone present in small group discussions about how we best address the questions, unease, fears and hopes of these uncertain times. My hope is that, out of those discussions, we will emerge with a clearer picture of what we can do as Christians, as Episcopalians and as members of St. John's Church to seek some answers and develop a path forward as the disciples of Christ that I know we are. By offering positive suggestions and bold ideas, we can put our goals into a plan of action that all can sign up for.

This weekend, we enter into the celebration of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, a Monday set aside as a federal holiday in honor of his life and witness to this nation. During our Sunday service, our Bishop will address our congregation with pre-recorded remarks about Dr. King and the significance of his ministry. May we all look to this political and social moment in history for ideas and guidance as we move forward in our own search for justice and peace among all people.

Peace and blessings,
Rev. Terri +
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Sunday Worship
The Second Sunday after the Epiphany
Join us via Zoom
January 17, 2021 at 10:00am

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Morning Prayer
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Please join us via Zoom at 6:00pm. 

This evening, we continue our study of the Book of Numbers, the fourth book in the Bible and an important part of the Torah, the five books in Hebrew Scriptures known as the "law."

Numbers tells the story of the Israelites journey in the wilderness as they head toward the promised land of Canaan and encompasses two generations. The "old" generation were those who were in captivity and then released into freedom but would die in the wilderness because of their disobedience. The "new" generation were those who were born in the wilderness under difficult circumstances but represented the hope of entering the promised land. The notable and critical fact around the composition of the Book of Numbers (c. 589 BCE) is that it was written and shaped by those who, were themselves, on a journey back to their homeland after the exile in Babylon. In a marvelous way, one story informs the other.

All studies will start at 6:00 PM using Zoom as our platform. Here's hoping that everyone will join us for this journey! All are welcome and no advance preparation is required.
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Click here to be taken to the giving page where you can make your selections as to how much, where from and how often. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties, please call the office and we will offer assistance.
Ministers of Worship for this coming Sunday, January 17, 2021:

First Lesson - Michael Isham
Psalmists - Michael Proscia & Andrew Hales
Second Lesson - Celeste Hall
Prayers of the People - Val Valverde
Musicians - St. John's Singers with Cameron Carey, piano & Dock Anderson, organ
Communications Director - Jorge Darr

** if you have a 'speaking' role in this Sunday's service, please log-in to Zoom by 9:45 for a microphone check and any updated instructions. Thank you!
To join any of our worship services via Zoom, here's what you need to do:

(1) If you have not already downloaded the Zoom application and if you have a laptop, tablet or cellphone that has a camera, then you can download the Zoom app at no charge. Just go to www.zoom.com to do this, following the prompts to set up your own 'account.' I would suggest doing this in advance of Sunday's service since the app can take a while to download to your device.

(2) Download a copy of the bulletin for the service by clicking the appropriate button above. You can then print and follow along with the service.

(3) Then, at the specified meeting time (or a few minutes before), click on the appropriate button to access the link to enter the Zoom service.

You will then be connected into the video meeting. All participants will be 'muted' upon entry so that we can begin the service in quiet; however, everyone participating via video can see the faces of other participants and will be able to hear the readers/speakers. At various times during and at the end of the service, everyone will be 'unmuted' and all the channels will be left open for a 'virtual' exchange of the Peace (most likely a noisy time!).

If you do not have a 'camera-enabled' device and/or would prefer to join the meeting by simply calling in with your phone, use 1-929-205-6099 as the toll-free number to do so, using the same meeting ID and password as listed above. You will be connected for audio only.

Peace Prayer
Give us, O God, the vision which can see Your love in the world in spite of human failure. Give us the faith to trust Your goodness in spite of our ignorance and weakness. Give us the knowledge that we may continue to pray with understanding hearts. And show us what each one of us can do to set forward the coming of the day of universal peace.
– Frank Borman, Apollo 8, 1968