Volume 3, Issue 30
July 29, 2020

A note to our readers : We are moving the release of the Eagle Notes to Wednesdays so that those who receive a hard-copy regular mail version get it in plenty of time for the weekend worship activity.

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A Message from the Priest in charge

Dear Friends,

As you read this, my prayer is that you are doing well and holding steady in this time of what seems to be "suspended animation." With the virus numbers going up and then moderating and then going up again here and in other places, it is hard to make any predictions (and therefore any plans) on what is to come over the next several weeks and months. We just need to keep "keepin' on" with our heads held high (faces covered with masks, to be sure), hands (freshly washed and sanitized) outstretched and ready to help others, all the while knowing that we are all in this together.

On this morning's Zoom call with the Bishop and his staff, there was no "new" news to be shared. We are all still adhering to the guidelines set forth weeks ago. The Bishop's "unofficial" feeling is that we will be in this situation until at least the end of the year, if not beyond. So, we are all monitoring this situation week to week, month to month. In some recent surveys across the Diocese, it was clear that people missed worship but they missed the opportunity to "be with" friends in the church even more. The Bishop's challenge to us was how to continue with what we're doing on-line and "up the game" a little as we look to the fall and probably more on-line opportunities.

How do we make meaning? How do we search deeper and broader and higher to find and claim and hold onto hope in a time when it is all too easy to fall into a state of despair? What "new expressions" of being together might we design and implement? How do we form, equip and mobilize more "small groups" to keep people connected emotionally and intellectually in a time of physical separation?

Our Zoom account allows for a great deal of flexibility in managing groups - large and small. If we designed and offered some Christian formation topics for this fall, what would you like to explore? We're already working on some ideas for a discussion on racial equality and justice. In addition to Bible Study and prayer groups, what else might encourage and sustain you during the fall of this year?

Please don't hesitate to let me or any person on the Vestry know what's on your mind or in your heart. If we don't have the resources at hand, we have the Diocesan staff and our colleagues in ministry to turn to in order to secure more information. Keep in mind that we will be back (see below) - we just don't know exactly when at this point. In this interim time, we can enrich our minds, enliven our hearts and strengthen our souls by coming together in both large and small groups to explore what God has in store for us.

Terri +

Priest’s viral ‘Hamilton’ video reminds parishioners,
‘You’ll Be Back’
To take a break from all of the heavy news of late, enjoy this wonderful parody of "I'll be Back" from the play "Hamilton". A humorous take on the song by Rev. Lonnie Lacy, rector of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Tifton, Georgia.
This Week's Services:
Night Prayer
Join us via Zoom
Thursday 7:00pm

For the Compline Service :
You may be prompted to enter the following:
Meeting ID: 843 7684 4017
Password: 848486
(see Zoom instructions below)
Sunday Worship
The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
Join us via Zoom
August 2, 2020 at 10:00am

For the Sunday Worship Service :
You may be prompted to enter the following:
Meeting ID: 890 4465 2335
Password: 704817
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Morning Prayer
Every Tuesday and Thursday Morning
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For Morning Prayer :
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Meeting ID: 291 729 9738
Password: 30337
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Bible Study
Every Wednesday
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For Bible Study :
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Meeting ID: 291 729 9738
Password: 30337
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Notes from Rev. Terri

BIBLE STUDY: We have moved our study to Zoom each Wednesday evening at 6:45pm. Please check the above links for access to the study notes for this week and also for the link to the Zoom session itself. We are studying the Gospel of Matthew and this evening look at Chapters 14-16, which cover the increasingly hostile reaction to Jesus' teachings. We will be doing a close reading of the text each week through the end of August, discussing the implications of how the evangelist presented his picture of Jesus as an "agent of God" sent to teach people about the Kingdom of God and their role in it.

This gospel text is a valuable tool for anyone who wishes to be a faithful disciple. My perspective, and therefore my approach to our studies together, is that in order to effectively "translate" the lessons of the Bible for our lives in this day and time, we need to more fully understand how the texts were created, by and for which audience they were written and intended and in what social/political context they were composed. We hope you will join us - please invite family, friends and neighbors to participate as well.

* * * * * * * * *

COMPLINE: We meet on Zoom each Thursday evening at 7:00pm to say together the "goodnight prayers" of the church, using the beautiful texts from the New Zealand Prayer Book . The service itself is brief - about 15 minutes or so - and a bulletin has already been prepared. Join us this week and check it out.


Thanks to the generosity of the St. John's Women's Group, we have two newly upholstered chairs in the reception area outside of the parish office. They are indeed lovely! We give a special thanks to Sylvia Pace for spearheading this effort!
A special thank you for our Friends in Need

We made the call, and you kindly responded! Thank you so much for the generous donations of food and supplies for our 'To-Go' and 'Blessing' bags. Your heartfelt donations truly make a difference.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

Thank You!
Safeguarding God's Children / People Training

This required training for all staff, Vestry and ministry leaders is now being offered online, via Zoom. During this time when we are mostly in front of our PCs or similar devices, it's a great opportunity to take this training (two sessions) and become more familiar with the issues surrounding the sexual abuse of children and adults, what we can do to prevent it and what the Diocesan polices are related to this. See the chart above for dates/times.

I urge you to sign up! The training certification is good for three years. Having a large number of our parish members trained in this area is one way to prevent any instance of something like this happening at St. John's. As I always say when I lead a training session, it helps us to "grow antennae" that detect trouble before it even has a chance to start.

Rev. Terri +


Friday, August 7, 10:00 a.m. – noon
Saturday, August 29, 10:00 a.m. – noon
Put This on Your Calendar
Parish Calendar Notes... at least for now

The Bargain Shop in East Point is open for business with reduced hours of 10am - 2pm Monday through Friday. We will limit the number of shoppers to three at a time, requiring them to wear masks in the store and sanitize their hands as they enter. Modifications of these precautions will be made as we learn more about virus conditions in the community and surrounding area.
Ministers of Worship for this coming Sunday, August 2, 2020:

First Lesson - Phyllis Smith
Psalmists - Jane Foster & Richard Pfleger
Second Lesson - Michael Spring
Prayers of the People - Flo Webster
Musicians - Tom Elston (Music Director) with Michael Spring
Communications Director - Jorge Darr

** if you have a 'speaking' role in this Sunday's service, please log-in to Zoom by 9:45 for a microphone check and any updated instructions. Thank you!
A Meditation: "Hymn to the Holy Spirit" by Ms. Patricia B. Clark

Spirit, moving over chaos,
Bringing light where there was none,
Be to us a light, revealing
Where the work is to be done.
Praise to God, among us dwelling:
Praise the Spirit giving light.

Breath, instilling animation,
Giving life, informing soul,
Breathe into this congregation
Life that makes the Body whole.
Praise to God, among us dwelling:
Praise the Spirit giving life.

Wind, inflaming fear-filled bodies,
Sending them to tell the News,
Fire anew your church’s spirit,
Show the path we ought to choose.
Praise to God, among us dwelling:
Praise the Spirit giving fire.

Power, Life-force, Inspiration,
Blowing, breathing, brooding here,
Call, enliven, and empower
For your work, both far and near.
Praise to God, among us dwelling:
Praise the Spirit giving strength.

From: "Women's Uncommon Prayers" published by Morehouse Publishing, 2000.
To join any of our worship services via Zoom, here's what you need to do:

(1) If you have not already downloaded the Zoom application and if you have a laptop, tablet or cellphone that has a camera, then you can download the Zoom app at no charge. Just go to www.zoom.com to do this, following the prompts to set up your own 'account.' I would suggest doing this in advance of Sunday's service since the app can take a while to download to your device.

(2) Download a copy of the bulletin for the service by clicking the appropriate button above. You can then print and follow along with the service.

(3) Then, at the specified meeting time (or a few minutes before), click on the appropriate button to access the link to enter the Zoom service.

You will then be connected into the video meeting. All participants will be 'muted' upon entry so that we can begin the service in quiet; however, everyone participating via video can see the faces of other participants and will be able to hear the readers/speakers. At various times during and at the end of the service, everyone will be 'unmuted' and all the channels will be left open for a 'virtual' exchange of the Peace (most likely a noisy time!).

If you do not have a 'camera-enabled' device and/or would prefer to join the meeting by simply calling in with your phone, use 1-929-205-6099 as the toll-free number to do so, using the same meeting ID and password as listed above. You will be connected for audio only.